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I don't really recall how I ended up in Austin's lavish car that smelled like his cologne and leather seats. My bag rested on my lap as he drove smoothly through the narrow streets. He looked so sleek and fresh out of a vogue catalog. He had a jet black leather jacket on with a flannel zip up on underneath and dark denim jeans. My eyes were drawn to the white V-neck he had underneath that showed his 'man cleavage.' His hair was slightly gelled and the black watch on his right hand was quite a sight. And how could I stop looking at his perfect profile and how his sunglasses look amazing on his straight nose.

I could go on and on about how great it was to see him so fresh in the morning, but then I'd have to stare more and that wouldn't be good. My cover would be blown and it'd seem obsessive.

"Do you want some breakfast?" he looked at me with his right hand still controlling the top of the steering wheel.

"No thanks. I already ate." I quickly said fidgeting with my bag zipper.

"Alright your loss." He said passing the last fast food place before pulling into the front gates of the school. We circled the parking lot like hawks until we found a parking spot near the front office.

I got out of the car, leaving that special smell behind me, with the cold air greeting my face.

People began to stare, not because they didn't know who I was or because I was considered an outcast, but because a girl was getting out of Austins car. That had only ever happened once before, and it was only because Sammi's car broke down. Even that little incident started disturbing sexual rumors that weren't even realistic.

Austin walked close behind me like a shadow.

"You don't have to walk with me, you've done enough." I said. I didn't mean for it to sound rude, but either way, it didn't seem to phase Austin at all.

"We have first together. I'm not walking with you. I just happen to be walking to the same class," He smiled and stood even closer to me, "Now I'm walking with you."

My face felt steamy hot and red as his arm swept mine still walking closely.

We walked through the school halls in silence, or more I did since he was saying hi to almost everyone in the hallways. He gestured stopped and let me go through the classroom door first and then followed behind me. I wondered if he was looking at my butt or something since that was something I'd always see guys do when they walk behind girls.

Everyone sort of shifted in there seats and followed my head of hair to my seat. Austin sat back with Patrick taking his intoxicating scent with him.

I filled my hands with my phone scrolling through nothing, looking at nothing, trying to make myself look busy. I wasn't good at the pressure scene. I began to wonder if this is what Austin felt like all the time, having eyes watching him. It was flattering to a certain extent, and then it got uncomfortable.

Sammi walked in with her friends, scandalous as ever, already whispering so early in the morning.
She looked at me as she passed with pursed lips and a snobby look. Her friends continued the look and took their own seats as Sammi took hers behind my own seat.

"Why are you so red today Emma? You look like a tomato." She snickered to herself since one of her four friends that were in that class seemed to absent.

I ignored her stupid comment because one, it wasn't funny and two, she wasn't worth the time to even talk to.


By lunch time, I had wanted nothing more than to be bundled up in the library since it had started to rain. I had called my mom to pick me up for lunch since Kristen had booked it to go eat with Patrick.

I walked out of my fourth period class and walked with my Chemistry book across my chest.
As I walked closer to the library entrance I noticed his black jacket at the door and when I got close enough, I could smell his cologne.

"Hey! I knew I'd find you here." He smiled pushing off the wall he was casually leaning against.

"Hi." I stopped.

He looked at me for a couple seconds, "I was wondering if you wanted to go to lunch, since it's raining and cold," He lifted up his hand to the rain, "Maybe a coffee or something, unless you're like really hungry. I don't know."

Kristen's voice popped in my head reaching out for this opportunity I was being given by the one and only Austin Riley.

"Sure." I half smiled holding my book even closer to me as a gust of wind hit my face. This thin cardigan wasn't doing shit, but Kristen said it was flattering to my frame.

"Lets go." He half smiled leading me to the correct hallway that led to the student parking lot.

He shifted in his jacket and held it out for me, "Here, I'm not that cold. You look really cold and pale." he chuckled.

"Austin, you really don't have to do all this."

"I'm being a friend, take it." He held it out still.


"Why are you all red? I'm not hitting on you Brooks. Take the jacket, I'm being a friend." His smile widened.

I could've died and came back to life with both the embarrassment and that big striking smile he shun at me.

I stopped and grabbed the jacket.

"Let me get your book." he grabbed the book from my hands as I put the jacket on.

It hung on my like drapes but damn was it warm.

He smiled at me before we kept walking. People began to look again, as we walked through the hallway where most of the cool kids hung around.

The sharp chirp of his car sounded and I slid inside the car warming my hands underneath my breath.

"Your hands cold?" he touched my hand.

My eyes snapped to his face, "Uh, yeah."

He turned on the heater and quickly flipped on his windshield wipers. The rain was pouring down hard by the time we left.

We went to a drive thru Starbucks and he parked across the street of the school. A hot chai tea and a croissant was my choice. He chose the same tea and a fruit cup.

The rain became heavier as we sat in his car. I had insisted that we went back inside but he stuck with staying inside the car.

I took off my seat belt and positioned myself comfortably in the seat.

"Thanks for buying me Starbucks." I smiled.

"No problem." He smiled. Of course it wasn't a problem, the guy drove a Porsche as his first car.
A three dollar drink wasn't even a penny in his pocket.

"You look smokin' with my jacket on." he smirked.

I laughed so hard, I almost spit my drink up.

"Why aren't you blushing, I'm hitting on you Brooks." he said continuing his smirk, playful as ever.

"Because we're friends and only friends."
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