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Slow tunes soothed my ears and chimed around me rhythmically. My eyes opened, my mascara sticky to the ends and batted against the pillow. I stretched my legs letting them sprawl across the bed. I sat up and in an instant I jumped out of it only to realize where I had been. I was at Austin's and I fallen asleep in his bed, in his clothes.

I patted down my unruly hair and stepped carefully around the room. Austin must've gotten home.

His backpack was set by his desk and his lap too was open, being the source of the music. These were the only things that seemed to show any resemblance of life. Everything else was so neat.

The windows were covered in darkness and the blinds were shut. I peeked out the door and looked out the hall. Empty.

I creeped downstairs and slowly walked to the entrance of the kitchen. Austin was there at the marble island preparing himself a sandwich. His eyes caught sight of mine and he flashed a crooked smile.

"Hey." He stood there in a white muscle shirt and black Nike sweats that hung low on his waist.

"Hey." I looked around catching sight of the digital numbers reading 6:23 PM. "Oh my gosh, it's late."

"No it's not." He muttered. "I like your clothes by the way." He chuckled smothering his toasted bread with jam.

"M-My clothes were wet so..." I trailed off.

He continued on, slick with his moves like he'd made sandwiches a thousand times a day.

He grabbed his sandwich and glass of milk and went upstairs.

I followed him reluctantly, not sure if I was allowed back up there, now that I was awake. My feet followed him, almost walking in the same exact pattern as if we were playing follow the leader as our feet creaked beneath the wood as we walked back to his room.

"I should probably get home." I said uncomfortably rubbing the back of my calf with my other foot.

"Your mom isn't home yet." He said sitting back at his dark desk setting the white glass plate down carefully.

I didn't say anything back seeing that I had just woken up and weirdly still tired and achy.

I had been sitting in a trance for so long I barely noticed Austin staring at me blankly still eating his sandwich. It looked funny in his big hands and it made the corner of my mouth twist upwards.

"Why are you staring at me?" I asked returning to my usual face.

"Because you are very attractive." He said coolly shifting back in his chair.

"Well stop," I laid back down, "It's creepy."

"You're really going to be mean to me even though you're in my clothes and in my bed and I just complimented you?" He smirked.

I was unsure of what to respond. My eyes were glued to that damn gorgeous smirk of his and how it playfully looked at me. He had the smallest mole beautifully placed to the side of his mouth that complimented his smirk even more.

"It's either your clothes or no clothes buddy." I said.

"Do I get to pick?" He chuckled and got up from the black leather swivel chair, walking over to his dresser.

"I'm not like your other girls. You don't get to flirt like that." I looked at him through a small opening of the blanket that I had thrown over my head.

He shifted his weight uneasily, as if I'd hit a sensitive subject or if I maybe shouldn't of even said such a silly comment assuming such things. Even though I knew my assumptions were partially true.

I covered my face even more hoping he wouldn't catch me looking at him.

Even though this bed was ridiculously comfortable and made me feel like I was in Austin's arms, I still felt tired.

Austin sat at the foot of his bed finishing his sandwich looking around the room.

He got up and pulled the blanket off me so that it only covered the bottom of my feet.

"What are you doing?" I froze in the open air.

"You have homework to do and since Ms. Payne thought me speaking up for you was unnecessary, I have detention with you tomorrow." He flashed a fake smile exposing the little dimples he had.

"I'm not doing my homework. I'm tired." I pouted reaching for the blanket but he snatched it away before my fingertips could even brush the material.

He threw the blanket off the bed, grabbed our bags, and sat on the bed.

"Come on let's do it."

"What?" My eyes almost bulged out.

"Homework Emma." He lowered his head holding up a paper.

I readjusted myself farther from him and sat still. Sitting too dangerously close would lead me to believe that there would even be some sort of sexual chemistry or tension even.

"I don't bite." He smirked.

"Why do you think you can just throw on a smirk and say some cheesy thing like that?"

"It's just me Emma, you know that already." He clicked the top of his lead pencil and began scribbling his name at the top of his paper. The small piece of lead broke and he threw the paper aside already in frustration from the flimsy pencil.

"Okay homework break." He laid down.

"You just started." I laughed.

His cool smell all again ambushed my nose and tingled my toes. That smell I'd get once during school, if I was lucky, was now all over me, entangled in my hair and stained on my fingertips.

His eyes lazily looked at me, "Do you ever stop looking at my muscles?"

I laughed out loud, "Oh Austin, you just think you have it all."

"Well yeah," he looked at me and shyly smiled, "right now I do."

Why did he have to have such a charming look? He knew the perfect words to say. His look was shy yet his words were confident, like he knew what he wanted all the time without acting like some aggressive prick.

If I said anything now it'd be stupid so instead I anxiously shuffled papers around which probably gave him more of an ego boost knowing how flustered he could make someone.

"Those papers were already in order."

"I'm gonna go get some water." I stood up from the bed without even waiting for the okay to drink his water.

I walked down the stairs carefully and quickly hoping I wouldn't trip over air. I grabbed a cup from where I had seen him grab one earlier. I pushed the cup against the water machine attached to the fridge.

Hands slithered around my backside and I turned around to see Austin's face so close to mine I could smell the peanut butter he had just eaten.

"I stare at you because you're more than beautiful. You're breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking." His lips found mine and took the water from my hands. His arms flexed beneath my touch as he ran his hands through my hair. His touch ran trails of chills leaving me astounded with his soft touch.

He wrapped his arms tightly around my waist slightly lifting me keeping his lips on mine.

"I want you." He whispered so softly then kissed into the croak of my neck.

He lifted me, wrapping my legs around, we leaned against the cabinet. His tongue brushed softly against mine as we traveled the stairs and back to his room. We'd stop through out the hall, panting, leaning against the solid walls, kissing like there was no tomorrow. This prolonged tension was driving me nuts and the last thing I wanted to do was break our lips, break this passionate thing that was happening.

He laid my back down on his bed gently removing his shirt off of me stopping his kisses for a split second to remove it completely. This was going to happen. I was going to do what I had sometimes fantasized about. I was scared, but I'd never live with myself if I walked away right now. So I did what I felt what right even though it was probably so wrong.

He kissed my forehead and tossed me further more onto the bed. His hands traveled to the waistband of my panties so desperately, he had ripped the lacy detail of them. His rough hands had so gently pursued the curves of my body roaming his hands. It felt good in more ways than one. It was filling to know Austin wanted me as much as I wanted him.

His breath was rugged like we had already began clashing bodies. His hand was brushing the side of my thigh with the other cupping the side of my face. Austin's lips were so full and passionately skimmed the structure of my neck down the middle of my chest and stomach.

Our legs intertwined and rubbed smoothly against one another. My fingers lightly glided across his back feeling the grooves of every muscle twitch with every move. Everything was perfect about Austin and everything about him made me feel like belonged with him, even I it wasn't true. In that moment, I felt exhilarated; deeply mesmerized with him.

"Don't hurt me Austin." I panted, placing my hands against his broad shoulders lifting his head from the croak of my neck.

His eyes searched mine and without hesitation he spoke so softly, so close to my own mouth, "I won't, I promise."