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Can't Lose You

Chapter 11- Always Am

A few days on and everyone still been talking about mine and Lelands race,which I won! The boys like rubbing it in his face to wind him up and Beth and Baby Lyssa love to gloat that girls are the best; which I happen to agree with. Dog soon puts a stop to the banter for today's briefing on today's fugitive 'John Martin' better known as 'Jay'. Today's a boy/girls car day. Me,Beth and Lyssa in one, Dog, Leland, Duane Lee in the other. The co-signer is Jays partner who is currently pregnant, which is something fully taken into consideration when coming up with a plan.

It's not until later in the evening when we get a hot lead on his whereabouts. We quickly pull over and get geared up.
"Be careful, yeah?" Leland says handing me a new can of mace.
"I always am" I smirk at him whilst putting the can in place. His puts his hand under my chin to make me look at him.
"I mean it Jess, no heoric shit" he gives me a quick kiss and starts tightening his vest.
"Oh man, does that mean I better go take my cape back to the shop then ey?" he looks at me again and his lip twitches as he processes what I said. He places his hands on my waist whilst still looking at me.
"No don't take it back to the shop; I wanna see you in it later. Just don't even think about putting it on till then" I can't help but laugh which sets Leland off too.
"Are you flirting with me? On a hunt of all places Mr. Chapman"
"I can't help it babe!"
"Let's load up guys, we can't afford to miss him" Dog calls getting into the boys vehicle. Leland shuts the boot for me and opens the door for me to jump in. I quickly turn around and give him another kiss and climb in.
"You be careful too"
"I always am" he says winking at me through my wind down window.


When we reach the apartment where the fugitive is at, Dog tells me and Baby Lyssa to stay with the pregnant co-signer who's outside in her car whilst the rest of the team travel to the 20th something floor. A few minutes after they enter the building we hear Beth over the radios counting the floors. When they reach the fugitives floor I hear the co-signer informing Baby Lyssa that she sees John; he's walking out of the building and heading in our direction. I glance back at Lyssa and she nods at me. She radios the new information to the rest of the team who are feets above us and I hear Dog saying they're coming as we stand infront of him.
"Jay Martin?" I ask and his expression quickly shifts to fear and anger. Shit.
"Don't move!" I grab one of his arms whilst Lyssa tries pulling his other arm behind his back to join with the one I already have. I reach behind me to grab my set of handcuffs. Fuck, they're not there. I glance at Lyssa and she immediately shakes her head to say she doesn't have any.
"Stop moving! You're under arrest brudha" he doesn't stop moving, in fact he tries shaking off our grip even more. I faintly hear Beth, Dog and Leland over the radios at various times saying they're coming and to hold on; which is getting harder by the second. I can't even grab my can of mace without letting go of him, and if I do that he'll run for sure.
"Lyssa, get on the radio and tell them we need help now! Don't move! And Lyssa go grab a can of mace quickly. Stop moving you fucking asshole!" She lets go and runs over to the car speaking into her walkie talkie as she does. Next thing I feel in a sudden swing and the concrete underneath me. Big mistake. I'm up on my feet and sprinting after him. I hear Lyssa telling them he's running and that I'm in pursuit but I try blocking the voices and pain I'm feeling out and focus on the fucker in front.
"Freeze you stupid prick!" I'm right behind him now, but instead of grabbing him and trying to hold him again, I shove his back sending him falling on to the ground. Lelands quickly on top of him pinning him to the ground.
"What happened?" He says briefly looking back at me as I struggle to level out my breathing.
"He threw me to the ground and split"
"You think you can throw my girlfriend to the ground you motherfucker! Huh? You think you can throw her to the ground?"
Within minutes, seconds even, the rest of the team are here. Beth and Baby Lyssa leave the boys to take care of Jay and focus on making sure I'm alright. When I look over I see jay on his feet and heading towards the vehicle when rage overcomes me. I storm towards him and shove him in his chest sending him back a step.
"You asshole! You can't just fucking throw me to the ground! You fucking dick!" Beth grabs me by my waist and tries pulling me back but let's go as I whince in pain.
"Hunni I'm gonna take jess to the hospital, get her checked out" Beth's calls to Dog.
"Wait Beth I can take her?" Leland says once he's strapped Jay in.
"No Leland, I think you should ride with me and Jay. For one I don't want him anywhere near the girls and two it might do him some good for you to have a chat with him about his behaviour" Leland looks at me and I nod and smile back at him.
"I'm fine seriously you go. Tell him what a complete and utter asshole he is on my behalf" he comes towards me and kisses me. Not a quick kiss like before but a long, passion filled kiss which neither of us want to break apart from.


When we get get back to the office the boys are they, Dogs cleaning his white board whilst Leland is sat talking with Duane Lee; not that's he's listening as he's busy watching tv. When I walk in everyone gathers around to give me a light hug as it hurts if they squeeze me to tight. They all congratulate me and ask me how much damage was caused.
"Nothing to serious, little crack on my head and a dislocated rib but other then that just a cut on my elbow and bruises"

In the car Leland is driving us back to his place.
"Some hunt" he says glancing over at me and then back at the road.
"I'll defiantly remember it for a while" I say in return.
"I thought I told you to be careful"
"I always am" I retorted back at him with his phrase from earlier. He glanced at her again, chuckling and shaking his head slightly.
"If you're always careful, I'm always slow" he said in a sarcastic tone.
"Ha you said it!" Leland, realising he had just dug himself a grave from embarrassment decided it was best to bite his tongue, letting me win...this time.