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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?

A lot has happened for Jennifer Staal in the past three years, she graduated high school, moved to America, was drafted to the AHL, went to Disney and Universal for the first time, got herself a boyfriend, even though it's a long distance thing, three of the four brother were close to her, played for two months in the NHL, and after being back in the AHL for almost a week, she's being traded, by her choice of course.

For two and a half seasons, Jennifer played for the Charlotte Checkers, during the middle of her third season, the Carolina Hurricanes needed a goaltender since their other ones were all injured. She played for the NHL for two months, only to be brought back down to the AHL, once everyone was cleared to play. Trade rumors were going around, Pittsburgh Penguins were interested, her boyfriend was there, it was a done deal.