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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Twelve
"She's alive!" Marc yelled as he ran over towards me and hugged me, "Are you all right?!"

"I'm fine," I said and then held up my arm, "I'll be good enough to play in a few days."

"Where's Candy?" he asked and I nudged my head back to see Kris carrying Candy.

"They're grown attached," I laughed and Marc smirked.

"Hey! You made it!" I heard and looked past Marc to see some of the other guys walking over towards me.

"How's your war wound?" Cooke asked and I held my arm up, "Like I can totally see it," he laughed.

"Geno took a picture of it," I smirked and then the guys headed over towards Geno.

"Ok, ok, hold on," he said and then shuffled for his phone.

"Ooooooo, damn!" the guys yelled as they flinched away and I sighed, it was time to play pass the phone.

"Is it still pulsing?" Jess, Jen's trainer asked and Jen nodded her head, "Take a half of a pain killer."

"A half?" Jen asked and Jess nodded her head, "How long am I gunna be out?"

"I don't know," she said, "Not just yet, we'll get you in practice and I'll see how you move first. When do I need to take the stitches out?"

"Um, I don't know," Jen said and Jess sighed.

"The nurse didn't give you anything?"

"The packet you gave Sid," I said and Jen looked at me and nodded her head, "I'll go get it."

"Thanks," Jen said and I nodded my head and walked out of the room and headed down the hallway towards the room that Sidney and Geno were sharing.

The door was propped open and there were some guys in there, sitting on the floor playing with Jen's dog. I smirked and then shook my head when Cooke was playing tug-a-war with the small pup.

"How is she?" I heard and looked up to see Sidney staring at me from sitting on the floor in front of his bed.

"She'll be out for a few games," I said and he nodded his head, "Her trainers looking for the packet that the nurse gave us."

"Oh, yeah it's in my bag," he said and then stood up and walked over towards the other side of the bed.

"Cooke, don't pull too hard, you'll rip her teeth right out!" Kuntiz yelled and pushed Cooke's head jokingly.

"Here it is," Sidney said and then handed me the papers.

"Thanks," I said and then left the room just as Coach was announcing that we were leaving in twenty minutes to head towards the arena to get ready for the game. I walked towards Jen's room and handed Jess the papers.

"You better get dressed," she said and I sighed and nodded my head, "I'll be watching the game," Jen said and I leaned down and pressed my lips onto hers, "Kick ass."

"I'll try to get a goal for you," I smirked and she smiled and nodded her head.

I sat in the press box with Jess and watched the game from the balcony, in the first thirty six seconds of the game, James had scored a goal with Matt and Kris assisting. Seven minutes into the game, Toronto scored on a power play because Beau was in the penalty box for high sticking, the game was now tied. But then almost fifteen minutes later, Sidney scored a goal with Beau and Kris assisting, and then a minute after that, Paul Martin scored with James and Geno assisting. That was the end of the first period, so far the score was three to one, Penguins.

By the end of the second period, Pascal had scored with Paul and Brooks Orpik assisting, and then Toronto had scored two more times, the score so far was four to three, Penguins.

Toronto scored again in the third period, and the game was tied four to four, the game went into overtime, but no one scored. The game was going into a shootout. I sat in my seat and prayed that Marc would be able to do it, I was confident that he could, but I was still pretty nervous.

"It'll be fine," Jess told me and I sighed and nodded my head.

I cheered loudly when Marc blocked the first puck, and then even louder when he blocked the second. Chris and Sidney had both scored, and that meant that Penguins had won the game. Jess and I hugged and then decided that we were going to head down towards the locker room.

Just as I turned down the hallway, I was attacked with media asking why I wasn't on the ice, why Thiessen was up, asking if I was hurt, did I do something wrong.

"Ok, ok, guys, that's enough," Jess said as she placed her hand on my back and started to pull me along, "Vultures!"

"Good thing I had my arm covered," I said as I looked down to see that jacket sleeve over my arm, "They wouldn't have gone even crazier."

"I'll say."

"Jen!" I heard and then turned to see Beau coming over with a smirk on his face. He was still in his uniform, the boys were just walking off of the ice.

"Nice game," I smirked and walked towards him.

"Sorry I didn't make a goal, I tried," he said and I smirked and nodded my head.

"You assisted, close enough," I laughed and he smirked and bent down and pressed his lips against mine.

"Hm, no, go shower," I gasped as I pulled away from him when I got a whiff of his uniform, "Ew."

He laughed and then kissed my cheek really quickly and then headed towards the locker room just in time for me to see Sidney and Geno coming down the hall.

"There she is!" Sidney smirked and walked over towards me and held out his arms.

"No way! You probably smell just as bad as Beau! Go shower and then hug!" I said and they laughed but nodded their heads.

The guys showered, changed, did their interviews, and then came out into the highway to greet me with a happy high five. Sidney wrapped his arm around my shoulder and I laced my fingers with Beau's as we all walked down the hallway towards the bus that was going to take us to the hotel.

"We have another early flight tomorrow, so rest up!" Coach said as we pulled up to the hotel, "No parting!"

"Who do we play tomorrow?" I asked as my head was on Beau's shoulder.

"The Islanders," he answered and I nodded my head, "You gunna be in the net?"

"I hope so, probably not though," I said and he sighed and kissed my head and still had his fingers laced with mine, "Stupid dog."

We all got off of the bus and made our way into the hotel and towards our rooms. The guys that were hungry decided to order some room service, Beau being one of those hungry guys. Because Beau, Kris, Geno, Sidney and I came late, Sidney was roomed with Geno and Beau was paired with Kris, Beau was saying that he'd rather have Kris as a roommate than Tyler, because there was less mess.

"So what are you going to get?" I asked as I laid in Kris' bed and stuck his pillows under my chest to hold me up.

"I don't know, probably pasta," he said and I laughed a little, "What?"

"We're gunna look like pasta soon," I said and he smirked and I heard the bedroom door open and Kris walked in with Tanner Glass and Marc behind him.

"Guess the staff here doesn't even know how to make a bed," Kris said as he walked over, "I have a lump in my bed."

I laughed as Kris climbed onto the bed and then groaned when he collapsed on top of me, sprawling himself over my back, "Get off!" I laughed and he smirked and laid his head on top of mine.

"My lump speaks!" Kris said and the guys laughed and I heard a knock at the door.

Tanner opened it and more guys walked in, laughing when they saw Kris. Sidney walked in and smirked and shook his head, "You're gunna suffocate her, Tanger."

"I'm pretty comfortable though," he smirked against my ear and I laughed a little and shook my head.

"We're gunna head over towards the place across the street for some food," Sidney and Beau closed the kitchen menu and threw it next to him.

"Well, that changes that," he chuckled and then looked at me, "Havin' fun?"

"Blast," I muttered and heard Kris chuckle against me.

"You guys gunna come?" Sidney asked and we nodded our heads, "Then let's go."

"I'm havin' a little trouble moving," I said and then guys laughed.

"C'était amusant que ça a duré, ma chère," Kris said as he kissed my cheek and then got off of me.

"Because I so know what you just said," I laughed and then got up and followed the guys out of the room and out of the hotel, towards the restaurant where I was going to watch them stuff their faces.