‹ Prequel: Hurricane Jenny

Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Fifteen
Silence, that's what was heard in the locker room after practice. Everyone could feel the tension in the air, and it was all coming from Jen. She hadn't said a word to anyone, we could tell that she was beyond pissed, but no one knew why.

Everyone kept stealing peaks at her, but she never noticed, or if she did, she didn't look like she did. Jen kept her head down as she was gathering all of her things. She stormed out of the room and I watched as the door slammed close.

"Go after her, idiot!" Cooke yelled, "She's pissed about something!"

"Sid just went," Tyler said and I snapped my head towards the door to see that the door was closing again.

'...What the hell?!...' I growled and then threw my shirt on and I was out the door, running down the hall hearing Sidney calling Jen's name. I ran down the hall and turned the corner, skidding to a stop and then quickly jumping behind the corner again at the sight of Jen leaning against the wall and Sidney standing in front of her.

"What's wrong?" Sidney asked, but Jen stayed silent, "Jenny, come on, what's wrong?"

"I don't want to talk about it," she muttered and I leaned against the wall and listened.

"Is it the team? Did someone do something?" Sidney asked, there was no response, I wasn't looking at them, so I didn't know what was happening, "Did Bennett do something?" my ears perked up at hearing my name, "Then what is it? Why-"

"Just stop," she said and I turned the corner to see her pushing Sidney away and walking down the hall.

"What did you do?" I growled and Sidney looked at me and shook his head.

"Nothing," Sidney said and then glared.

"What?" I asked and then saw him nudge his head a little, I turned around to see Shawn Thorton standing at the other end of the hallway smirking. My eyes widened and I clenched my fists, '...I think I have an idea about what happened...'

"Don't," Sidney grabbed my arm just when I was about to walk over towards him.

"Why is he here?"

"Morning skate," Sidney answered, "Come on, he'd chew you alive."

Sidney started to pull me towards the locker room, he shoved the door open and threw me in, everyone was staring.

"What happened?" Geno asked as he placed his bag back on the bench.

"Did she say anything to you?" Pascal asked and we shook our heads.

"But we have an idea," Sidney said as he walked over towards the bench, "Thornton was smirking towards us when Jenny walked away, we think he said something- did something- I don't know."

"Staal!" I heard as I walked over towards my jeep. I had the door handle in my hand, I sighed and then turned my head to see Tyler Seguin walking towards me, "How are you?!"

"I've been better," I muttered as I turned around to see him looking at me.

"So are your refs better than ours?" he smirked and I rolled my eyes and leaned against the car.

"Not really, but they at least don't disappear when we need to play a game," I said and he laughed a little, "What's up? What do you want?"

"Just wanted to say hi," he said, looking surprised by my rudeness, "Everything all right?"

"Not really," I said and he looked at me confused, "It's nothing I can't handle."

Tyler sighed and then leaned against my car next to me. I blinked a few times, shocked that he's acting like we've been friends forever, '...Are we even friends?...'

"Personal or hockey?"

"Both," I said and he smirked.

"Your boyfriend?" he asked and I was a little surprised that he knew about Beau, "Sorry, the NHL is like hockey, gossip goes everywhere."

"Should have guessed," I smirked, "No, Beau didn't do anything."

"Then what?" he asked and I sighed and snapped my head up, hearing the door to the arena open and seeing some of the guys walking out.

"You teammate," I said as I open the driver's door, "See you tonight."

"Whoa, wait," he said and I hopped into my jeep and turned it on.

I rolled down the window and apologized, but I needed to get out of here.

"What the hell is that Bruin doing?" Tyler said and I looked at him and then followed his look to see that Tyler Seguin was talking with Jen.

"What the hell?" I growled when I saw Seguin smirk at something Jen had said. Jen looked over towards us and then we saw her quickly get into her car and drive off, '...What's going on?...'

"Beau! Wait!" I heard someone yell, I didn't care, I was heading over towards Seguin, who was already walking towards me.

"What the hell man?!"

"What?" Seguin smirked, "We were just talking."

"That didn't look like just talking," I growled and he laughed.

"You're way to paranoid!" Seguin laughed and I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"What's up, Beau?" I heard and saw Cooke standing there.

"Seguin here thinks it's all right to hit on my girlfriend," I barked and Seguin smirked.

"Can't help the fact that she's gorgeous," he smirked and I clenched my fists, "She's really too good for you, Bennett."

"Fuck you," I growled and he laughed and then took a step closer, getting in my face.

"I might fuck your girlfriend," he muttered in my ear and I growled and grabbed his shirt, ready to punch him, but my teammates came over and pulled me off of him.

"SEGUIN!" I heard and turned to see the Bruins Coach, "Get your ass in here!"

Seguin smirked towards me and then walked passed all of us, and when he was in the arena, that's when the guys let me go.

"What the hell was that?!" Sidney yelled and I turned around and jogged to my car, needing to see Jen, "Bennett! I'll bench your ass!"

I jumped into the car and sped out of the parking lot, heading towards Jen's condo.

"Can someone tell me what the hell just happened?" I asked as Beau sped out of the parking lot.

"Seguin said something to him, and the kid just freaked," Cooke said and I rubbed my face and sighed.

"First Jen, now Beau, what the hell are these Bruins doing?!" Brandon Sutter asked.

"They like to get in our heads," Pascal said and I nodded my head.

"We can't let that happen," I said and Kris sighed.

"Think that already happened, mon ami," he said and I growled.

"Just-Just go home and get ready for the damn game," I growled and then turned away from my team and walked towards my truck.

I know that I was suppose to get some sleep before a big game, but I couldn't fall asleep, I couldn't take my nap, I had too much on my mind. So when I got home, I decided to take Candy for a walk and think about what had happened today.

When I got back to the condo, I found my door opened and people yelling from inside, '...What the hell...' I picked Candy up and walked into the condo to see that Sidney and Beau were yelling at each other in my living room, "What the hell is going on?!"

Sidney had just grabbed Beau's shirt collar and I gasped, seeing that they didn't hear me. I placed Candy on the ground and ran over towards them. Beau was about to punch Sidney, but my face ended up being the target.

"Jen!" Beau yelled and I tumbled back into the wall, "Oh my god!"

"You idiot!" Sidney yelled and I looked up, holding my cheek.

"Jen! I'm so sorry, are you all right?!" I heard Beau ask and Sidney moved my hand and helped my stand.

"I'm all right," I muttered and then felt Sidney grab my face and tilt it towards him.

"No you're not, it's already swelling," Sidney said and I groaned.


"Get out Bennett!" Sidney yelled and I placed my hands on his arms.


"Out!" Sidney growled and I wanted to stop Beau, but Sidney wouldn't let me.

"Sid, I'm fine-"

"Stop," he said and then pulled me into the kitchen and grabbed some ice.

"What were you and Beau fighting about?" I asked as Sidney set me up on the counter and placed some ice in a towel and placed it on my face.

"Don't worry about it," he muttered, not looking at me.

"Sid," I placed my hand on his arm, "What were you and Beau fighting about?" Sidney sighed and then stared at the ground, I placed my hand under his cheek and made him look at me, "Sid-"