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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Twenty Two
"Stop! Stop! Jordan stop!" I yelled as I pushed on my brother's chest to not have him attack Sidney, "Jordan, please! You promised!"

I was in the stands with Coach, Marc, Cooke and Pascal when we heard yelling, I knew exactly what it was, my brothers. I jumped out of my seat and ran past the boys, them not far behind. I stormed into the locker room to see Geno holding Jordan back and Kris and Matt Niskanen holding Sidney back. Beau and Eric were in a middle of a glaring contest, which was fine, as long as no one got hurt. Jordan ended up getting out of Geno's grip and was going after Sid again, but I ran in front of him and threw my weight on him.

"I didn't promise anything!" Jordan growled and I shook my head.

"Stop it!" I growled back.

"Jen, I-

"Don't Sid, just don't!" I snapped, not even wanting to hear what he has to say. I turned over towards Eric and saw him talking with Beau, they looked like they were quietly arguing, '...Just as long as no fists are thrown...'

"Let go Jen!" Jordan snapped and I pounded on his chest.

"Stop it!"

"Let him-"

"I told you to stop," I turned around and punched Sidney across the face, and then shook my hand because that hurt like hell. I glared at him and the room went quiet, "You've caused enough troubles, just shut up."


"SHUT UP!!!" I yelled, I was shaking because of how angry I was. I spun around and walked out of the locker room, heading out of the arena and towards my jeep. I cursed loudly and shook my hand, it felt like it was pulsing. I moved my fingers around to make sure that nothing was broken, I was all good.

"Jen!" I looked up to see Beau running at me, I've never been more happy to see him than I was now, "Jen are you-" I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my lips to his. I knew that he was worried about me, probably thinking that I was mad at him, I wasn't.

I felt Beau cup my face, push his body into mine and push me up against my jeep. I moved my hands over his shoulders, down his chest and gripped his shirt. He pulled away and wiped my teary eyes with his thumb, still holding my face.

"I missed you," he said and I smiled towards him and placed my hand on his arm and kissed his hand.

"I missed you too," I said and he pulled me in and wrapped his arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around his back and snuggled my face into his chest.

"I'm sorry Jen," Beau muttered into my hair and I only held him tighter, "I didn't want this to happen, I'm sorry I punched you, I swear I didn't mean to hit you."

"Stop talking," I muttered and Beau sighed and then relaxed against me.

"I love you, Jen," Beau said and my eyes widened and I pulled away and looked at him, hands moved to his chest. He cupped my face again and gave me a small smile, "I do, I've never felt this way with any other girl."

"Beau," I smiled and then reached up and pressed my lips onto his, "I love you too."

"Calm down, Gronk," Geno said against me as I tried to wiggle out of his grip.

"You come near my sister again Crosby, I'll kick your ass!"

"I'd like to see you try-"

"All right boys, knock it off," Dan said as he walked in-between us.

From the moment Eric and I walked into the locker room, Geno's had me. I managed to get out once, but just as I was about to hit Crosby, Jen shows up. I was proud of my little sister for punching Crosby, but I'm pretty sure that she hurt her hand. When she punched him, his head snapped to the side, but that wasn't good enough, I want him on the ground.

"Come on, Jord, Jen's already gone," Eric said and I sighed and shoved off of Geno. I took a step forward and Geno grabbed me again and Dan held his hands out, "Jordan!"

I glared at Crosby, who was still being held by Kris and Matt, the others were just standing around and watching, waiting to see if something was going to happen. I sighed in defeat and was about to turn, when Eric walked up to me and then over towards Crosby. He was the smart one, always thinking before he did something, so no one ever thought that when he walked up to Crosby, he was going to throw a punch.

I smirked when Eric just glared at Crosby, he looked like he was turning around to walk back away, but then snapped around and threw a hard one across Crosby's cheek, right where Jen had landed one. Crosby was on the ground and Eric was cracking his knuckles, "Guess we'll have to teach Jen how to throw a good punch."

I nodded my head and then glared towards Crosby on the ground. Eric grabbed my shirt and Geno let me go, we walked out of the locker room and headed back towards the jeep to find Jen and that Bennett kid holding each other against the jeep.

We walked over and Jen looked at us, "Are you finished?"

"I never promised anything," I stated and she rolled her eyes.

"Let's go," Eric said and Jen nodded her head and turned back to Bennett and kissed him. I sighed and then watched as he helped Jen into the jeep and shut the door. As Bennett was about to walk back towards the arena, Eric stopped him, "You keep an eye on her, if we can't be here to protect her, you better."

"I will," he said and I walked back over towards the jeep and hopped into the back, seeing Eric nod his head towards Bennett and then walked over towards the jeep and jumped in.

"Let's go home," Eric said and Jen nodded her head and started the jeep up.

I walked back into the locker room to see that Sidney had ice on his cheek, '...Guess Jordan finally got him...' I walked over towards my locker and started to clean up all of my practice hear. Coach was talking to Sidney about controlling himself in front of older brothers, '...He should know better, he is an older brother...'

"You and Jen good?" Tyler asked and I nodded my head, "Good, you missed Eric punching Sid."

"Eric? Not Jordan?" I asked and Tyler shook his head.

"Eric did."

"Oh," I said and looked back to see the trainer going over to Sidney and looking at his cheek, "Guess he got 'em pretty good."

"Yeah," Tyler said and I sighed and shook my head.

"He should stay away from other people's girlfriends then," I stated, loud enough for him to hear, as well as the others. Sidney glared at me, and I glared right back, "Especially those who have a lot of older brothers."

"You do realize you're in the wrong here, Sid," Pascal said and Sidney scoffed and turned his head away.

"You need to apologize to Jen," Cooke said as he sat down on the bench and sighed, "You screw up big time, and you're making us pay for it too."


"She's not talking to us either," James said, "She's our friend too, you pissed her off so much, she doesn't even want anything to do with us- She even ran to New York!"

"Yeah to bring backup!" Sidney yelled and Coach sighed.

"Do you really think that she went there to bring back her brothers?" Coach said and I sat on the bench, "You know that she likes to fight her own battles," Sidney sighed and then winced when he moved the ice on his check, "We have a game tomorrow night, you fix this! Or I'm sending Jen down."

"What?!" I yelled as I jumped up, "You can't do that! She's done nothing wrong!"

"If this situation isn't fixed by the time we step onto the ice tomorrow, Jen is going to be sent down to Wilkes-Barre," Coach said and I growled and glared at Sidney, "And I can do it."

"Sid, if you ruin her career, I'll kill you myself!" Pascal yelled before I could, "It was your idea three years ago to have her here! You know her skills! You really want to do that to her? To us!"

"Forget about your shitty pride, you get on your knees ad beg her forgiveness," Kunitz said and I just glared.

"Sid, just apologize," Marc said as he looked at his friend.

Sidney just stared at the ground, ice on his cheek and a guilty, angry look on his face. I growled and dropped my bag to the ground and walked over towards him, grabbing him by the shirt and glaring, "So the great Sidney Crosby got turned down by a nonavailable woman, big fucking whoop. Now your pride is hurt too much and you want to ruin this girl's career, just to save your own. You're a real piece of shit, you know that," I growled, "Captain."