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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Twenty Three
We had a home game against the Capitals today, Jordan and Eric left this morning because they had a home game against the Panthers tonight. Beau came over last night and told me that if Sidney didn’t apologize to me, then I was going to be sent down to the Wilkes-Barre/ Scranton Penguins. My brothers and I were pissed, and I knew that they wanted to kill Sidney. I kept on asking if Coach could do that, apparently he could.

When I walked into the locker room this morning for the morning skate, all eyes were on me. I acted like I didn’t know about anything as I walked to my locker and started to get my practice gear on. When Sidney walked into the room, I waited for him to come over towards me to apologize, but that never happened. I sighed when we walked out onto the ice, but I was pulled back just as I was about to step on. I turned around, hoping to see Sidney, but saw Marc.

“Did Sid-“

“No,” I said and Marc sighed, I knew what he was going to ask.

“So you know-“

“Yup,” I said annoyed, looking on the ice to see Sidney skating around, “I’ll be dropped down if he doesn’t apologize.”

“That’s what Coach said,” Marc said and I sighed and nodded my head.

I turned around and skated onto the ice and over towards one of the nets, while Marc skated over towards the other net. Practice began when Coach stepped out onto the ice and blew the whistle, the guys practiced their shots and Marc and I practiced our saves. We did some drills and then after an hour or so, we were back in the locker room, showering and changing.

The whole three hours that we were at the arena, Sidney didn’t speak to me, didn’t even look at me. When we were on the ice, he was shooting at Marc, not even coming over towards me. I was annoyed, kept on looking at Coach to see if he would say anything to me, but he didn’t.

When I was finished in the locker room, I headed for Coach’s office and saw that his door was opened and he was talking to someone. I peeked through the little window in the wall and saw that Mario was sitting in front of Coach’s desk. They were talking about Sidney and I, wondering what was going to happen to me. I sighed and then knocked on the door and looked to see Coach look up and Mario turned around.

“Jen, how are you?” Mario asked as I walked into the office.

“I’ve been better,” I said as I closed the door and sat in the seat that was next to Mario.

“I heard about our little, uh, predicament,” Mario said and I sighed and crossed my legs, “What’s going on? Has he apologized?”

“No,” I stated plainly and then looked at Coach, “So what’s going to happen to me?”

“I guess you heard?” Coach asked and I nodded my head. He sighed and then rubbed his face and leaned back in his chair, “Jen, I only said that to guilt him.”

“Obviously he thinks that he isn’t guilty of anything,” I growled and Mario sighed.

“All right, all right, calm down,” Mario said as he tried to be the referee, “This gives me an idea,” he said and then smirked, “Call Ray and have him bring Thiessen up, let’s give the boys a little scare.”

I smirked and then nodded my head, “I’m in.”

“Beau, calm down! Calm down!” Tyler growled as he held me back from punching Sidney again.

When Thiessen walked through that door, I knew that Sidney had never apologized to Jen. I was angry because she was going to be sent back down to the AHL because of him. Tyler, Geno and Pascal were in front of me, holding me from going after Sidney again.

“You need to calm down-“

“I’ll send you back down to Wilkes-Barre!” Sidney growled as he pointed towards me.

“Go ahead! At least I’ll be with her! At least she’ll be away from you!” I spat and growled, not realizing that if he did that, I’ll be the one winning. I shoved the others off of me and glared at Sidney, “Go ahead Sid, send me back down, I’ll gladly go! You screwed her, why not screw me too.”

“All right, enough!” I heard and turned to see Coach walking in, “Sit down and shut up!”

We were playing against the Capitals tonight, a team that Sidney hated, but at this moment, his own teammates hated him more. Coach went on and on talking about what we should do tonight, acting like nothing was wrong. He wanted Sidney to say some words, but the guys just stood up and headed towards the door, not wanting to hear it.

We did our warm up, took some trash talk from the Capitals, and ignored the fact that Sidney wanted to talk to me. I looked in the net and saw Marc there, happy that it was him and not Thiessen, he was never going to be as good as her. I didn’t understand what Coach was thinking, not having her here.

‘…Maybe if we lose, he’ll see that we really need her…’ I thought, but didn’t plan on purposely losing.

By the end of warm up, we were walking off of the ice and heading back towards the locker room; Coach grabbed my jersey and pulled me off to the side, telling me to go see the trainer. I looked at him confused, because I wasn’t hurt, so I didn’t know why I needed to see him.

“Go see the trainer,” Coach said slowly and I sighed and nodded my head, turning around and walking past some of the guys and heading into the trainer’s office.

I walked into the room and saw that no one was there; I looked around the room confused and then felt someone’s arms around my waist. I quickly turned around and smiled brightly when I saw Jen standing there.

“I thought you were-“ she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips onto mine. I wrapped my arms around her waist and picked her up off of the ground, holding her tight and not wanting to let her go.

Jen breathed my name as she pulled back and smiled towards me, “You need to get your head in the game.”

“But Crosby-“

“Don’t worry about him, or me,” she smirked and I looked at her confused.

“You’re not really being brought down, are you?” I asked and she smiled and shook her head ‘no’, “Oh, thank god!”

“This is a chance to show Sid that he screwed up and needs to fix it,” she said, her hands on my chest, but with all the gear, I could barely feel her touch, “Don’t worry about me, Beau,” Jen said and I sighed and nodded my head, reaching my hands down towards her jean covered thighs, picking her up, and placing her on the table.

“I don’t want you to be brought down, I don’t want to be away from you,” I said, leaning my forehead onto hers.

Jen smiled and cupped my face, pressing her lips against mine, “I love you, Beau.”

“I love you too, Jen,” I smiled as I then closed my eyes and felt her fingers through my hair. I leaned my head on her shoulder and breathed in her scent, not really wanting to let her go.

“You have to go, Beau, you have a game,” Jen breathed into my ear and I sighed, knowing that she was right.

“I know,” I muttered and then turned my head, pressing my lips onto hers one last time.

The door opened, “Hey Coach said-“ I turned around and saw Marc there, I pulled him in and shut him up, “You’re here?”

“No one can know,” Jen said and Marc nodded his head and then looked at me.

“She’s not going down?” he asked and I shook my head, Marc breathed a sigh of relief and then walked over towards Jen and hugged her, “Everything will be all right.”

“I hope so,” Jen said and then waved to us as Marc and I walked out of the room and headed back over towards the locker room.

Coach and I made eye contact, but made no move to say or do anything, he knew what I was thinking, and he only showed my Jen to make me feel better, which I do.

We ended up beating the Capitals, two to one, Paul Martin and Matt Niskanen both getting the goals. When the boys came back into the locker room, I was in Coach’s attached office, sitting on the floor against the wall, listening in on their conversations, or lack thereof.

They had just beaten the Capitals, a team they can’t stand, and they were all quiet, not saying a word. I sighed and leaned my head back against the wall. I heard someone messing with the door handle to Coach’s office, so I got up and moved out of the way, hiding behind the cabinet, only to see Coach walk in and quickly close the door and lock it.

“Nice game,” I muttered, moving to the chair in front of his desk as Coach covered the window and moved to his chair.

“It was,” Coach said as he sat down and smirked.

“Thanks for letting Beau and Marc in,” I said and Coach snorted and rubbed the back of his head.

“I didn’t want them plotting, so I kind of had to,” Coach said and I smirked and nodded my head, “They played better knowing that you were here and not brought down.”

“No one else knows?” I asked and Coach shook his head, “What if he doesn’t do anything? We can’t keep this up, I need to play.”

“He’ll figure it out, he has to, Crosby doesn’t want his own teammates hating him,” Coach said and I sighed, rubbed my face and nodded my head.

“I hope you’re right, I wanna come back.”