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Chapter Twenty Seven
"Oh V, even I think this is a little harsh, and he's done some pretty messed up shit," I said as I stared at the embarrassing pictures of a drunk Sidney Crosby making out with different women in a club. Something people never saw because Sidney wanted to keep his good boy image. Vero was going to post them online for the world to see, "I mean, I don't want the world knowing about his deep dark secrets, this will embarrass him."

"That's the point, fille douce," Vero said and I sighed.

"I really don't-"

"What are you two planning?" Marc asked as he walked over and looked at the computer in front of us and saw the embarrassing pictures that Vero was about to upload, "Oh man, V, I told you to delete those!"

"I'm glad I didn't," she smiled and I sighed, not really liking where this little prank was going, "We start with the pictures."

"You mean there's more?!" I asked and Marc sighed and then said something to Vero in French and she replied quickly. Marc shook his head and replied and I felt really left out, "Hey come on, speak English!"

"Veronique, don't do this, find something else- Something that won't hurt all of us," Marc said and I sighed, "Sid will find out who put the pictures up and will come after you."

"Well he needs to pay for what he's done!" Vero said and I sighed and nodded my head, "If this is too harsh, then what?"

"I don't know, I'm not really good at this revenge thing," I said and Marc snorted.

"Gronk and your bros probably just beat the shit out of who ever hurt you," Marc said and I nodded my head.

"Basically, but I can't let them do it this time, I'll get in trouble more ways than one," I said and Marc sighed and nodded his head.

"What about if we get a girl-"

"Stop," Marc said and Vero sighed.

"You're not going to let me have my fun, are you?"

"I'm kind of scared of you right now," Marc said and I laughed and nodded my head.

"I second that motion."

"Oh hush, I'll figure something out."

"What happened to slashing tires, smashing windows-"

"Jail time," Marc said, cutting me off and I sighed.

"Ding dong!" I heard and we all snapped our heads to the side to see Geno walking into the kitchen. I smiled towards him and then laughed.

"Wow, do you guys just let yourselves in?" I asked.

"I text Flower, he say 'just come in'," Geno said and I nodded my head, "Others here?"

"Not yet," Marc said and Geno walked over towards me and hugged me and then kissed Vero's cheek.

"How are you sweetie?" Vero asked and Geno nodded his head but then saw the pictures on the computer, '...Uh oh...'

"What this?" Geno asked and looked at us confused.

"A failed attempt to embarrass Sid and get back for hurting Jen," Vero said and Geno sighed and shook his head.

"He no get it, no wait to treat woman," Geno said and I smiled, "He no see it?"

"No, they won't let me post it," Vero said and nudged her head towards Marc and I.

"See, I say you too nice," Geno said and I scoffed and shook my head.

"Maybe I should just kick him in the balls again," I muttered and then heard Marc and Geno suck in a breath and step away from me, making me smirk.

"Oh shit!" Marc said and I saw him looking at his phone.

"What?" Vero asked and Marc looked at us scared.

"Sid's coming to lunch," Marc said and I looked at him confused.

"But doesn't he eat at Mario's?" Vero asked and Marc nodded his head.

"Usually, he just texted me that he's here," Marc said and my eyes widened.

"He's here?" I asked and Marc nodded his head, "Like right now?!"

"Outside," Marc said and I sighed and slammed the laptop closed and laid my head on the counter.

Today was the day of the game against the Jets, my first game back and I was excited and nervous to be in the net. We had a morning skate this morning and then Marc said that he was having a big lunch before our traditional pregame nap. I didn't know what Vero had cooked, but I knew it had to be a lot of food because a lot of guys came over, and it smelled so good.

I groaned again and then stood up and was about to walk into the backyard, but Geno wrapped his arms around me and pushed my back into his chest and brought his arms around my neck and his head next to mine.

"Just stay with me, no talk to him, ok?" Geno said and I sighed and nodded my head.

Sidney walked into the room and I was released to see that James, Brandon, Kris, Kunitz and his family, Pascal and his family, Tanner and his wife and then Brooks and his wife.

"Look who we met in the driveway!" Erin Orpik smiled and then walked over towards Vero and hugged her.

"I can't believe you all came at once!" Vero laughed and I sighed and felt Geno's head next to mine again.

"Just stay calm," Geno muttered and I nodded my head, because I tensed when I saw Sidney.

I don't know why I declined Mario's lunch invitation, I always go, but this time I wanted to go to Marc's, I knew that Jen would be there. When I walked into the kitchen and saw Jen leaning against Geno and his arms were around her, I knew I shouldn't have come. Most of the guys were still mad at me and what's worse, their wives were here, and no doubt they knew what had happened; now I had to deal with their judgmental eyes.

The traditional hellos and nods of the heads, kisses on the cheek to the wives and handshakes to the guys were given and I nodded my head towards Geno, not wanting to walk over towards Jen because that was like the danger zone. It was a trap, I knew it, someone was bound to say something if I walked over towards her and ask her if she was ready for tonight, that I was sorry about Beau, I had nothing to do with it, anything that could get me on her good side.

I knew I sounded like a spoiled brat when I tell myself that I was team Captain, so shouldn’t I get what I want, and I want Jen. Most guys would pouch me in my face and say that I was pathetic, hell; I would say it to someone if they said that.

“How ya doing, man?” Marc asked as he appeared next to me and handed me a bottle of water.

“I’m good.”

“Just stay away from Jenny, all right?” he said and I nodded my head.

“I figured it’s a trap,” I said and Marc sighed and took a swig of his water.

“Bunch of scheming woman,” he muttered and I looked at him confused and I saw the look on his face saying that he said something that he probably shouldn’t have.

“What does-“

“Nothing man,” he said but I knew it was a lie.

‘…They’re planning something? What the hell?...’ I thought and then sighed and looked down at me water, ‘…Is it poisoned or something?...’

I opened the bottle and smelled the water, stupid I know, but when you’re on the hate list of a lot of people, especially women, you can’t be too careful.

“What the fuck Sid, it’s not poisoned!” Pascal laughed as he came over and slapped my back, he way of saying ‘hello’.

I sighed and nodded my head, “I know, just wanted to be sure.”

“Pretty sure if it was poisoned, you wouldn’t be able to smell it,” I heard and turned my head to see Jen walk past me with a smirk on her face, she turned around and I stilled looked at her, “It’s been said that poison is mostly used by women, tell me Sid, have you pissed a woman off lately?”

I gulped and then watched as she turned around and walked away, heading into the other room where some of the wives were going into. I looked down at me water and then over towards Marc, ‘…Scheming?...’ I looked back at my water, ‘…She wouldn’t! Would she?...’

“What’s the matter, Sid?” Kris asked as he came over.

“Uh, here,” I said and then handed him the water and he looked at me confused.

“Man, you’re paranoid!” Marc said and I shook my head.

‘…Oh boy…’

I smirked into the other room and looked at the ladies sitting around talking about the latest gossip.

“Jen,” I heard and looked to see Vero looked at me confused, “What are you smirking about?”

“I came up with an idea!” I smiled brightly and Vero’s eyes lit up as she giggled.

“I’m intrigued, what do you have in mind?” she asked and Erin Orpik, Carole-Lyne Dupuis, Maureen Kunitz, and Emily Glass looked confused, “I was telling Jen on how she should get revenge on Sid- You all know-“

“Oh yeah, Chris told me,” Maureen said and I sighed when the other ladies nodded their heads.

“So what are you going to do?” Emily asked and their eyes were on me.

“You’ll see,” I smiled and they all looked disappointed to hear that I wasn’t going to say.