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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Twenty Nine
'...Are you kidding me?...' I thought when I first caught a glimpse of Jen. I heard the guys calling her name, so I knew that she had arrived a few minutes ago. I was standing with Pascal and Kris talking about something, because when I caught the sight of Jen, I forgot about everything, '...How is she with Bennett and not me?...'

I watched as one by one the guys went up to her and hugged her, I heard Tyler tell her to put her girls away because the shirt that she was wearing looked unbelievably good on her. When she made eye contact with me, my heart stopped. Beau had his arm around her waist and was leaning into her ear, telling her something, she laughed and then grabbed his hand and headed out the door, probably towards the dance floor.

Now when I come to the club with the guys, I usually just drink and talk to the guys, sometimes a girl, rarely do I bring her home, but I've never come here to dance. I walked out onto the balcony that overlooked the dance floor and watched as Jen drug Beau into the sea of people. My eyes were always on here, I never lost her, well, not until I felt a hand on my back an turned to see Marc standing there.

"You're only hurting yourself," he said as he came up next to me and looked down at the dance floor.

"I can't help it," I said and then took a swig of my beer and looked to see Jen was grinding up against Beau and I sighed, wishing that it was me that she was dancing with, wishing it was me that she was with.

"Sid, just stop, she's not into you," James said as he came up from behind me, "You're wasting your time, go find some nice bunny for tonight."

I growled because I didn't want a bunny, I wanted Jen, and it pissed me off that I wasn't able to have Jen, '...I'm Sidney Crosby! I should get what I want!...'

"Thanks for the ride guys!" Beau said as Marc dropped us off at my apartment and then drove off, "Ugh, I have to leave for Wilkes-Barre soon," he said and I looked at my watch to see that it was about three in the morning.

"What time?" I asked as we walked into the lobby and towards the elevator.

"Probably leave around eight or so," he said as the elevator door opened and I sighed as we walked in. I had forgotten to get my flats back from Vero, and my feet were killing me from all the dancing, so I was walking barefoot and holding my heels, "You made it through dancing in the heels."

"I'm so proud of myself," I laughed and Beau reached down and pressed his lips against mine.

We got off at my floor and I headed over towards my condo, Beau grabbed his keys because I didn't feel like digging for mine. We walked into the room to see Candy jumping off of the couch and running over towards us.

"Hi baby!" I smiled and then bent down to pick her up, "Did you miss us? Do you need to go out?" I watched as Beau walked down the hallway and towards my room and I walked into the kitchen to grab Candy's leash, "Come on baby."

So here I am, walking down the streets of Pittsburgh at three in the morning, walking my dog and looking like I just got home from a party, which technically I did. Instead of throwing my heels back on, I threw my black Ugg boots on, they're so ugly, but they're so comfortable.

I was about two blocks away from my condo, almost at the park, I could see it from where I was, when a black low car with tinted windows pulled up next to me. I tensed because I didn't recognize the car, I kept walking, acting like I didn't see them, but I heard the engine stop, the car doors open and close. I mentally cursed when someone yelled out 'hey baby'.

'...Just keep walking, just keep walking...' I thought as I pulled Candy along.

"I'm talkin' to you!" I heard and then felt a hand on my arm and I was being spun around.

Candy yelped, I must have stepped on her paw. I looked up to see four black guys standing around me. I gulped and backed up a little, '...Shit! I should have waited for Beau!...'

"What's a nice piece of ass doing here?" the one asked as he walked up and brushed the back of his hand against my cheek.

"Little busy," I said as I bent down and picked Candy up, "Have a good night," I started to walk away, still holding Candy, but one guy came up behind me and placed his hands on my hips and rammed my body into his chest, "Don't touch me!" I cried out and tried to push away, but the other three stood around me.

"She smells rich," one said.

"Naw man, she would have someone else walking this little rat," another said and then grabbed Candy out of my arms.

"Give her back!" I hissed and went to go after him, but another guy grabbed my wrists from behind me and pulled me back into his chest, "Let me go!"

"Grab her legs!"

"Boy she's a nice piece," the guy said as he tried to reach for my legs, but I picked them up and kicked him in the face, "Bitch!"

"Let me go!" I yelled and tried to wiggle myself free, but I wasn't going anywhere, "HELP!!!"

"Shut the bitch up!"

I felt a hand over my mouth as I tried to scream and kick myself free. I heard someone yell and then felt the grip on my wrists being torn off and I fell to the ground.

"What the fuck are you doing?!" I heard and looked up to see Sidney pushing the guy to the ground, "Give me the dog!"

I watched, still on the ground as Candy was placed on the ground and she ran over towards me. I placed her on my lap and watched as one guy tried to go after Sidney, but he's a big guy, he can handle these little wannabes.

When Sidney chased these four off, he walked over towards me and bent down, "You all right?"

"How did-"

"I have to go this way to get home, TK was drunk, so I brought him home and saved him from some STD with legs," Sidney said and then held out his hand. I took it and he helped me up and I made sure to hold my shaking puppy, "Here," he said and then took off his jacket and placed it over my shoulders because I didn't even see that the one sleeve was ripped and if my arms weren't up, my breast would have been popping out.

"Thanks," I muttered and then held Candy close and kissed her head, "For everything."

"You probably would have been gang raped if I didn't show up," he said and I sighed and nodded my head, "Come on, I'll take you home," Sidney said and placed his hand on my arm, but I jumped away, "Are you still mad at me over the-"

"How could you think that I wasn't still mad at you, Sid?! You-" my eyes widened as Sidney jumped forward and covered my lips with his own. His arms on my neck and his body pressed up as close as he could get without squishing Candy, who was in my arms between us. I held Candy with one hand and pushed against Sidney and backed out of his arms, "You did that!"

"Jen, come on-"

"No! You come on! This is getting ridicules, I'm dating Beau! You remember Beau right?" I asked as I shook my head and took a step back, "Our teammate, my boyfriend- Beau!"

"Jen please, just hear me out," he said and I rolled my eyes.

"Then talk Sid, but from over there, no kissing, no touching, no coming near me- You talk from right there!"

"I'm in love with you Jen, I have-"

"Stop, just stop, please, you're not, you can't be. Sid, I really appreciate the fact that you saved me, I really do, but no. Just- just- Ugh, I'll see you at practice," I growled as I gave his jacket back to him and made sure to fix my shirt as I walked back to my condo.

When I got back to the condo, I was lucky and heard Beau in the shower. I placed Candy in her bed and walked into my room and undressed, looking at my ruined shirt and deciding to see if Vero could fix it. I walked towards the bathroom and walked in, smirking when I saw Beau's back to me. I walked over towards Beau and wrapped my arms around him and kissed his wet back. He turned around and smirked towards me and then pulled me into the shower, pressing my back against the wall and kissing my neck before pressing his lips onto mine.

I felt the water hitting my back and felt Beau's hands roam my body. I placed my hands on his chest and then moved them up to his head. I pulled away and gasped when I thought that I saw Sidney's face where Beau's was suppose to be. I blinked my eyes and when I opened them, Beau was smirking towards me.

"Didn't mean to make you speechless," he chuckled and i laughed nervously and laid my head on his shoulder.

'...Why did I see Sid?...' I thought as Beau leaned his head on top of my and then kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around Beau's chest and sighed, I kept thinking about what happened only a few minutes ago, '...Should I tell him what happened? Should I tell him about the four guys? Sid saving me and then kissing me?...'

"You're quiet," Beau said as he turned off the water, "Something wrong?"

"Just tired," I muttered and then looked at him and pressed my lips against him, "Let's go to bed."

"All right, I have to be on the road in about four hours anyways," he sighed and I climbed out of the tub, rubbed myself up and threw the towel towards him and watched as he rubbed himself off and I smirked when I saw his hard on.

"Not to sleep," I smirked and grabbed Beau's wrist and pulled him out of the bathroom and towards the bed, pulling him on top of me and pressing my lips to his, '...I can't tell him...'