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Chapter Thirty
"Are you ready for tonight?" Marc asked during the morning skate.

"Yeah," I muttered as I started another lap around the rink.

"Something wrong?" he asked and I shook my head, "Jen, something's wrong, did you and Beau have a fight?"

"No," I said and then saw Sidney skate past me and flinched. Before Beau left to head back to Wilkes-Barre, I told him what had happened, I told him about the four guys, Sidney, everything, he wasn't happy.

I lied to Marc, Beau and I did have an argument, he accused me of having feelings for Sidney because I didn't tell him what happened as soon as I got home. I know I was at fault, I should have told him, but I was angry with him for thinking that I would purposely allow this to happen.

"Sauterelle, you're obviously upset about something," Marc said and I growled and skated away, not wanting to talk about it.

I decided that I was finished for the morning and skated off of the ice and headed back towards the locker room. Just as the door closed and I made it to my locker, I heard it open again and turned to see Veronique walking over towards me.

"I didn't realize that you were here," I said and started to strip my gear off.

"I just came along for the ride," she said and I nodded my head, "I like to pop in sometimes."

"You coming to the game tonight?"

"Of course," she smiled and I nodded my head and sighed, "What's wrong, fille douce? I can see that something is troubling you."

"It's nothing I can't handle," I muttered and was about to head towards the showers when Vero grabbed my wrist and pulled me back to the bench.

“You, ma chere, need to tell me what’s going on,” she said and I sighed and rubbed my face, nodding my head and telling her everything, the four guys, the attack, Sidney saving me, Sidney kissing me, me telling Beau, Beau and my argument and then Beau walking out on me and said that he couldn’t handle this right now, “Oi, that’s bad.”

“Too much drama,” I said and Vero placed her hand on top of mine, “I don’t know what else to do to make Sid see that I don’t want to be with him, that I don’t like him like that.”

“What do your brothers say about this?” Vero asked and I sighed.

“My brothers want to talk to Sid,” I said and looked at Vero sadly.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“With their fists.”

“Oh,” she said and I nodded my head.

The locker room door opened and I shot up and walked towards the showers when I saw Sidney walk in. I placed my stuff in the shower section and then hung my towel and undressed in the separate section, hearing Vero talking to Sidney about his behavior.

When I heard Sidney tell Vero that he was in love with me, I bit my lip and choked back a sob, I couldn’t deal with this, this was too much. I stepped into the shower section and turned the water on, feeling the warm water hitting my back. I wrapped my arms around me, pressed my back against the wall and slid to my butt, feeling the water rain down on my body.

“What do you want me to do, V?! I love her!” I growled and Vero shook her head.

“If you love her, then let her go, you’re clearly hurting her!” Vero snapped back and I sighed and turned around, starting to change out of my gear, “Don’t ignore me Sidney Crosby!”

“I’m not ignoring you! I’m just choosing not to listen to you!” I said and Vero glared at me and shook her head.

“I’m disappointed in you Sidney, you’re purposely ruining a good relationship between Beau and Jen,” she said and I snapped around and looked at her.

“What?” I asked and bit back a smirk.

“Wait- Is that your plan? You think that if they break up she’ll go to you?” Vero asked and then snorted, “You’re unbelievable, I hope Jen releases all four of her brothers on you.”

Vero finally left the room when some more guys walked into the locker room. We all headed to the showers and I heard Jen’s going from the stall that I chose across from hers.

“What’s wrong?” I asked as I walked towards my car and saw my upset wife.

“You’re Captain is trying to sabotage Beau and Jen’s relationship! That’s what’s going on!” Vero growled and I sighed and shook my head.

“He’ll never learn,” I muttered and then looked around the parking lot to see that Jen’s jeep was still here.

“She didn’t leave,” Vero said and I nodded my head.

“Her stuff was in the locker room, but I didn’t see her anywhere,” I said and then turned to see the guys heading to there cars.

“Flower,” I heard and turned to see Pascal walking over towards me, “Will you two come with me?”

I threw my bag in my car and then Vero and I followed Pascal back into the arena, looking around to see who was around, “What’s up?”

“I noticed when I got out of the shower that there was one still going on,” Pascal said and we walked towards the locker room, “I was the last person off the ice and in the showers, most of the guys were already gone. Once the locker room cleared, I heard the shower still on and saw Jen’s things in her locker.”

“You think she’s still in there?” I asked and Pascal nodded his head.

“Well she was the first one in the shower,” Vero said and I sighed as we walked into the locker room and heard the shower going, “It must be ice cold by now.”

“What happened now?” Pascal asked and I sighed and heard Vero tell Pascal what happened as I walked into the showers and over towards the stall that had the only door closed and the water running.

I knocked on the door, “Jen?”

“Not here,” I heard her mutter, barely above a whisper.

“Come on Jen, you’re gunna look like a fish,” I said, just to get some humor in there. I pressed on the stall door and she had it locked, I sighed and then saw Pascal and Vero walking in, “You should go home and get some rest for the game tonight,” she didn’t answer me, “Jen?”

“Sweetie, come on, open up,” Vero said as she placed her hand on the door.

“Sid did this?” Pascal asked and I sighed and nodded my head. He shook his head and I nodded my head.

“Bend down,” Vero said and I looked at her confused.


“Bend down,” she repeated and I bent over and then braced myself when I felt her knees on my back and then felt her bare feet.

“Don’t fall,” Pascal said and I looked up when I didn’t feel her feet to see that she was climbing over the top of the stall.

“Oh sweetie, you’re going to freeze to death,” we heard Vero say and then heard the shower being turned off.

‘…Gronk’s gunna kill Sid when I tell him…’

“I’m serious Marc, that poor girl looked broken when I walked into the shower,” I said as Marc and I walked into our home, “She had her knees pressed to her chest, head on her knees and arms around her.”

“I need to call Gronk,” Marc said as he pulled out his phone and I nodded my head and walked into the kitchen to start to cook a lunch for Marc and some of the guys that were going to come over before their pregame nap. I could hear Marc’s voice in the other room, but I could quiet hear what he was saying.

After I had helped Jen out of the shower, I got her changed and helped her to her jeep. Marc drove it back to her condo and I followed behind them. We brought her to her condo and Marc said that he would be in the net if she wanted, but Jen said that she would be fine, she just needed some sleep. The poor girl looked depressed.

Brandon, Tyler, Kris, Geno and James showed up and walked into the kitchen, smelling the lasagna that I was baking.

“Smells good V,” Tyler said and I smiled towards him.

“Who’s Flower talking to?” James asked.

“Jordan,” I said and Geno looked at me.

“Staal?” Kris asked and I nodded my head.

“Jen all right?” Geno asked and that seemed to get the other guys’ attention.

“Vero,” I heard and looked to see Marc walking into the kitchen, “Gronk wants to talk to you.”

“All right,” I said and then took the phone, “Keep an eye on the food,” I said and Marc nodded his head as I walked out of the kitchen, up the stairs and towards our bedroom, “Hello Jordan.”

“Hi V, you’re on speaker with my brothers,” he said and I sat on my bed, “What’s going on with Jen?”

“Sidney’s just being an asshole and trying to break up her and Beau’s relationship,” I said and heard one of the Staal brother’s sigh.

“Where’s Bennett now?” Eric, well I thought it was him, asked.

“Back to Wilkes-Barre, he came up Thursday night to see Jen play and then left yesterday morning. I guess something happened-“

“Like what?”

I sighed and rubbed my face, “You didn’t hear this from me-“

“Oh that’s never a good sign.”