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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Thirty One
‘…Holy shit!...’ my eyes were wide as I watched as Sidney fell to the ice holding his face. I propped my helmet up onto my head and looked up towards the jumbotron to see what happened and gasped and shot my eyes back at Sidney, he was lying on the ice, Geno and Pascal around him, Doc running over towards him.

It was Saturday night; we were playing a home game against the Islanders. We were two minutes into the first period, Brooks Orpik tired to make a shot to the Islander goal, but somehow the aim wasn’t even close, and Sidney took a puck to the face, hard. Brooks looked like he felt horrible, it was an accident, we all watched as Sidney was helped up and off of the ice, I was disgusted when the Islander fans cheered. I might be pissed at the guy, but I would never wish this upon him, and nor should anyone else.

The whistle was blown, the lines were changed, it was time to get this game started again. I pulled my mask back down and got myself ready, hoping that my Captain was all right

By the end of the first period, the score was tied zero to zero, when we got back into the locker room we learned that Sidney had a broken jaw and even lost a few teeth. I sighed and then rubbed my face, ‘…A broken jaw, he’ll be out for a while…’

I looked over and saw that Brooks was staring off into space; he looked miserable, not meaning to hurt his Captain. The guys were telling him that it was an accident, that it was just a slip of the puck. Sidney was brought straight to the hospital to start surgery on getting his jaw back into place. A frozen rubber object going ninety miles an hour, it’s going to cause some damage.

“Yo man! You all right? You’ve been off ever since you came back from ‘burgh? You and Jen have a fight or something?” Phillip Samuelsson asked, a good friend of mine, he was one of the guys that came on the trip to Florida with Jen and I this past summer.

“Don’t worry about it,” I muttered as I walked into the room of the house that Phillip, Brian and I rented. I saw Brian Dumoulin bending in front of my bookshelf looking at my movies, “What are you doing?”

“Looking to see if you have the second Iron Man movie,” he said, not looking at me or moving from his spot. I sighed and then collapsed onto my bed face down and groan, “I take it you don’t?”

“Third row, somewhere in the middle,” I muttered and Brian snorted.

“Ah awesome! You do, thanks man!” he said and then stood up, “You all right?”

“That’s what I asked him!” I heard Phillip say, “You do know you can talk to us right-“

“He fuckin’ kissed her AGAIN!!!” I yelled as I jumped up and looked at the shocked faces of my roommates, teammates and friends.

“Who- Crosby?!” Brian asked and I nodded my head, “Whoa! What do her brothers say about this?! Jared would kill him! Pretty sure Jordan and Eric would too.”

“They tried once, the first time, Duper and Cooke were holding me back and I watched as Eric punched Crosby,” I said as I sat up and rubbed my face.

“So why are you upset?” Phillip asked.

“Because she didn’t fuckin’ tell me! Well, she didn’t tell me right away,” I growled, “She came home and we did stuff-“ the guys snorted and I blushed, “But right before I’m leaving, she tells me that she was attacked when she was out walking her dog and Crosby comes out of the blue and scares the guys off and then kisses her!”

“He came out of the blue?” Phillip asked and I nodded my head, “Dude, you don’t just come out of the blue, luck like that just doesn’t happen, not with Jen, at least not since she got here.”

“I know,” I muttered, ‘…She hasn’t had the best luck since she moved to Pittsburgh…’

“You think Crosby was following her?” Brian asked.

“We had come home from the club, it was about two- three in the morning, she went to walk her dog and then came right back,” I sighed and then groaned, “God, I wanna kill him!”

“Beau calm down!”

“I wish I could play against him so I could kick his ass!” I growled and then punched the wall and then groaned when I left a hole, because I would have to fix it since we’re only renting the house.

“Nice going Einstein,” Brian said and Phillip patted my shoulder, “You won’t be able to play against him, not for a while at least.”

“Why?” I asked as I pulled my arm out of the wall and looked at the damage.

“Crosby’s out for a while,” he said and I snapped my head back towards Brian, “Broken jaw.”

“What?!” my eyes were wide, and I had to bite back a smirk.

“Orpik shot the puck and accidently had it collide with Crosby’s face,” Phillip said and then handed me his phone, already pulling the video up.

“No way,” I kind of laughed and then felt bad because as a fellow player, I wouldn’t that to happen to me, “It sucks, but the asshole gets what he deserves, karma’s a bitch.”

“You’re horrible,” Brian laughed and I shrugged my shoulders, “You’re already a little happier.”

“The asshole kisses my girlfriend ‘twice’! Now he’s like following her around! Has my ass sent back down so that he can spend more time with her!” I growled and then clenched my fists.

“Calm down, you’re getting yourself worked up again,” Brian said and I sighed and then sat on the edge of the bed, “Get some sleep, we got practice in the morning.”

“Then we gotta go to the store,” Phillip said and we looked at him confused, “How else is this gunna fuckin’ get done?” he asked nudging his head to the hole in the wall.


“Yeah whatever,” he said and then he and Brian walked out of the room.

The afternoon game against the Islanders was over and we won two to zero, my nonscoring streak was back on and when we played against the Bruins, or any other team, I planned to keep it that way.

Some of the guys went to the hospital to see Sidney because he had gotten out of his surgery; I guess he was going to be out for four to six weeks. I wanted to go see him and show him my support, but only because he was my Captain, I wasn’t there for my friend, he lost my friendship the day he basically told me he wanted to separate Beau and I.

“How is he?” I asked Marc as I walked into his home.

“Sore, kind of dazed- I think it’s the meds,” Marc said and I nodded my head and walked into the kitchen to see Veronique cooking.

“Oh hi sweetie! Marc didn’t tell me you were coming over,” Vero playfully glared at Marc.

“That’s all right, I didn’t tell him I was coming either,” I giggled and Marc kissed my head and walked over towards Vero.

“What’s up?” she asked and I saw at their island.

“Just wanted to ask Marc how Sid was,” I said and Vero gave me this disapproving look, “Not what you think-“

“She’s concerned about her Captain, V,” Marc said and I smiled towards him.

“Thank you,” I said and Marc nodded his head, “So V,” I started, trying to change the subject, “When’s the big due date?” I asked, staring at her pregnant belly.

“Two months,” she said and I smiled brightly, “We’re still picking out names, but we’re have a girl-“

“Hey! That was supposed to be a secret!” Marc said and Vero groaned and I laughed.

“Sorry sweetie,” Vero said and Marc groaned.

“Won’t tell anyone, I promise,” I giggled, already looking down at my phone.

“Put it away!” Marc said and I groaned when he grabbed my phone, “And she was gunna put it on Twitter!”


“Sorry,” I looked down ashamed, but Vero laughed and walked over towards me and rubbed my shoulder. The two of them started to speak in French and I groaned, “Hey, hey, hey! What did we talk about last week?!”

“Not to speak in French in front of the nonFrench speaking people,” Marc recited and I smiled and nodded my head.

“You’re breaking the rules!”

“That’s because he my little rule breaker!” Vero smiled brightly and kissed her husband.

“Ack, ok, if that’s gunna happen, I’m heading home,” I laughed.

“So how are you and Beau, Jen? You talk to him?” Vero asked and I sighed, my good mood instantly turning bad.

“No, he’s not returning my texts or calls,” I muttered and Marc sighed, got up and hugged me.

“It will get better, Jen.”

“Aw, fille douce,” Vero said and then placed her hand on my shoulder.

“What does that even mean?”

“Sweet girl,” Marc answered and I sighed and leaned my head into his chest, he was a good friend and a good replacement for an older brother.

‘…I miss my brothers…’