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Hurricanes in Pittsburgh?


Chapter Thirty Three

"Hi Brian, Beau here?" I asked as I stood on the front porch of the first floor three bedroom apartment that Beau, Brian and Phillip were renting in Wilkes-Barre.

"Uh, yeah, he's in his room, come on in," he said and then moved out of the way so that I could walk into the house, "It's good to see you," Brian said and I smiled and gave him a hug, not seeing him since we went to Florida last year.

"Good to see you too, how have you been?"

"Good," he smirked, "Beau's room is right down the hall and to the left, he's gunna be happy to see you. I know he misses you."

I give him a small smile and then walk down the hallway, passing an opened door and see Phillip sitting on his bed playing video games. I waved, but he didn't notice me because he was in the zone. I smirked and then walked down to the last door on the left, Beau's room. I sighed and then clenched my shaking hand and knocked on the door. I heard a faint 'come in' before I grabbed the knob and twisted it, opening the door to see Beau on the ground doing pushups.

'...Oh my lord...' I smirked as I leaned against the doorframe and watched him.

"Brian, I am not in the mood to fuckin' go clubing!" Beau growled, not even looking up at me.

"That's all right, neither am I," I said and Beau stopped mid pushup and looked at me.

"Jen?" he said surprised and then went to his knees and pushed himself up, "What are you doing here?"

"I missed you," I said and Beau walked over towards me, I could tell that he was working out for a while, I guessed that he did it in his room since there was a little area with weights and even a treadmill, "I wanted to say that I was sorry."

"Jen-" he turned around and I looked at the ground.

"Please Beau, I'm really sorry," I said and looked at Beau's back. He was sweating, but I didn't care, I walked up to him, closed the door, wrapped my arms around his waist, laid my head on his back and sighed, "I miss you."

"Jen, this isn't something minor," Beau said and then turned around and looked at me hard, "You deliberately didn't tell me something- Something important!"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know how-"

"You didn't know how to tell me that you were attacked and almost rapped? You didn't know how to tell me that Crosby kissed you for the second time?! Jen, what the hell am I-"

"I was scared- OK! I thought that you would think that I let him- Which you did anyways!"

"Don't put the blame on me," he said and I shook my head.

"I'm not! I'm telling you that the only reason that I didn't tell you-"

"So wait a minute! You're attacked and everything- We'll get to that in a minute- Crosby saves you and you come home and sleep with me, acting like nothing happened," he growled and I sat on the bed and looked down, "And then just before I leave- We're standing in front of the fuckin' car, Jen- You tell me everything! How do you think that makes me feel?"

"It was a mistake coming here," I whispered as I stood and headed for the door. I opened it an inch, wanting it to go more, before Beau shoved it closed and leaned against it, "Beau, come on, I didn't come here to fight."

"I just need to know, Jen," he said and I looked at him sadly, "Do you even love me?"

My eyes widened and I slapped him across the face, he stared at me shocked, "How dare you doubt that?! Beau, I-" he cut me off by grabbing my face and pressing his lips against mine.

He didn't let me get another word in, pushing me back against the wall and moving his hands to my thighs, picking them up and griping them as I wrap them around his waist and wrap my arms around his head.

We pulled apart to get a breath, but that didn't last long, his lips were on mine again. I felt him push off of the wall and walk over towards his bed, laying my down and climbing on top of me. I gasped when he dug his teeth into my shoulder and started to unbutton and unzip my jeans.

It was Saturday, yesterday we won our home game against the Rangers, Marc was in the net. We didn't have another game until Tuesday, it was against Carolina, I was excited to see my brothers, not to mention play against them. I took Marc's advice and drove down to Wilkes-Barre to talk to Beau, he wasn't answering any of my phone calls or responding to any of my texts. I was worried, so I wanted to see him and ask for forgiveness.

Word had gotten around the team that I was attacked last week and the guys grew paranoid of me. Mario had hired me a bodyguard, he was a professional bodyguard that use to watch over Mario's wife and kids when they first got married. Andy was pretty cool, it was weird though, he followed me everywhere, and it took some major convincing for him not to follow me to Wilkes-Barre. He just started to follow me around on Thursday, and I could honestly say that it was nice for him to be with me when I walked Candy at night, I walked Candy with Geno until Andy came. Basically I had to call or text him before I was to go anywhere and he was going to take me there. I was told to hire someone to do my grocery shopping for me, which was weird, because I wasn't use to being this dependent on people.

Jen was tucked underneath my arm, her arms wrapped around my chest and her head on my shoulder, the sheets were wrapped around her chest and I had the comforter around my waist. Jen was drawing designs on my chest with her finger and I tried not to shiver at her touch. I glided my fingers back and forth against her back.

I leaned my head into hers and pressed my lips to her forehead, "I love you Jen," I said and Jen looked at me and smiled, reaching her hand up and tangling it in my hair before tilting her head back and pressing her lips onto mine. She pressed her body against mine and I felt her climb back on top of me and move her other hand down my chest.

I pushed myself up and leaned my back against the head board and sat her on my lap. My hands were on her thighs, rubbing them when I felt her slip back a little, dance her fingers from my shoulders, down my chest, my stomach and onto my lap. I sucked in a breath when she grabbed the hard on the was pressed against her stomach. She moved her hand up and down and I groan and pulsed in her hand. I felt her lean over and grab the box of condoms that were on the night stand, she placed the condom on my and then knelt up and slid on top of me, gasping and groaning as I had my hands on her wait.

"Baby," I breathed as she started to bounce on my lap.

Jen's hands were on my shoulders and I hand mine on her ass, she rocked back and forth, side to side, she bounced and then leaned back and grabbed my thighs. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her and dug my face in-between her breasts, breathing out a curse when we both came for the second time that afternoon.

Jen leaned against me, her arms at her sides, her forehead on my shoulder and her breathing heavy. She pushed herself away, cupped my face and then pressed her lips against mine, "I love you, Beau," she said in a matter of fact tone, "Only you."

I smirked and then pushed her body forward and pressed my lips against hers, gripping her butt and slamming it into my groin, both of us letting out a loud groan.

"Oh enough already!" we heard and looked towards the door, hearing Phillip yell from his bedroom across the hall.

Jen giggled and snuggled her face into my neck and I smirked and kissed her shoulder, "I love you too, Jen," I said and she looked at me, our noses were touching, "Only you."

Beau and I stayed in that bedroom for hours, the only time we came out was because we ordered pizza, something we knew wasn’t on the hockey diet, but I was craving it. We talked a lot, about everything actually, about Sidney, hockey, me being attacked, Sidney again, my new bodyguard and then back to hockey.

“I’m glad you have someone there,” Beau said and I nodded my head, “I know I didn’t act it when you told me, but I nearly had a panic attack when I got home. It took the whole drive for me to process what you told me and I- I don’t know what I would have done if something happened to you Jen,” he said as he leaned forward and captured my lips.

We were both sitting cross legged on his bed; I was wearing one of his t-shirts and one of my shorts. I loved wearing his clothes; I loved smelling him on me. I knelt up, my hands on his shoulders, his still cupping my face. I felt him then move his hands to my thighs, he slid me onto his lips and I moved my fingers into his hair and felt his move under my shirt, well, his shirt and he rubbed my sides.

I didn’t realize that we had left the door wide opened, so when I felt Beau jump back because something was thrown at him, we turned our head to the hallway to see Brian smirking towards us, “Give it a rest already!”

I blushed and hid my face into Beau’s neck and heard him chuckle, “Close the door then!”

“It’s your door!” Brian smirked.

“You’re closer!” Beau responded and I giggled.

“Too tired,” he stated and then turned around.

“Fine, then you can leave it open and see me and my girlfriend have sex!” Beau yelled back and then pinned me to the bed, took off his shirt and started to pull mine up.

“All right, all right! Geez! Bunch of horny bastards,” Brian said and then closed the door and I laughed.