Status: Alive and Kicking!

The Ripple Effect

Sophie lost everything as the result of one horrible night: she lost herself, and her parents disowned her for the child she carried. Instead of telling them the truth about the disgusting man in the forest, she took off running for as long as her legs would carry her. She could deal with them hating her, but she couldn't handle them pitying her.

She sacrificed everything for her new son, toiled away at a going-nowhere job, let him sleep in the only bed in their tiny one-bedroom home, and devoted herself to being only a mother. He would be her world, and she would never hold his creation against him.

But when Rein makes a new friend at school, she begins to question her past. The boy looks so much like Rein, so much so that they could easily pass as brothers. And the boy's uncle stirs up feelings she thought she could no longer possess. But there is something all-too-familiar about him...

And not in a good way.

It was rock-bottom for Luca. Having been rejected by his mate, he fled southward with the hopes of making himself forget. But two years pass, and his wolf just cannot let go of the grief and rage he directs toward Sophie.

During his travels he hears a soft sound, a little girl whimpering in pain. A little girl who insists she is on her own and perfectly fine with it. She provides a distraction, to both Luca and his wolf, and he finally starts to let go.

And when the girl's past starts to creep up, Luca is forced to make a choice to face his own demons, or to turn around and keep running.

But for a man who Fate ignored, his choice could have serious consequences.
  1. PART I: Prelude
    We were all alone in this world.
  2. Like a Time Bomb
    That bastard rapist had been good for something after all.
  3. His New, Second Home
    He furrowed his brow, but then this sorry look crossed his face. I growled at it.
  4. Just One Intellectual Conversation
    I smiled for just one second before crossing the floor to stand beside the poor fool who was being too damn likeable.
  5. A Family Portrait
    “Please, Mama?” Rein cut in, aping Jonathan. These boys would kill me! “Please, Papa?”
  6. It Only Took One Night
    “Sophie, of what are you afraid?”
  7. Home was Nowhere
    Not even the moon was worth waiting around to see who had followed me here.
  8. Guessing Games
    I had just bawled my eyes out like a baby in front of Orion; obviously all interest in me would be gone now!
  9. Something about Brian
    For the family feel I so desperately wanted for myself—but mostly for Rein.
  10. What's One More?
    His hands were suddenly tangled up with mine, and his soft eyes bore into mine with an intensity that made my face burn bright red.
  11. Electricity
    His eyes were wide open, and they were this electric blue as he smiled a toothy smile down at me.
  12. Parent-Teacher Conferences
    “I assume you’re here for the short conference? Boy, do I have a lot to say about Jonathan and Rein.”
  13. The Last Photo
    “What are their names?” I whispered, my voice breaking. This couple…
  14. An Episode
    His eyes were that intense colour again, and his chest heaved with rasping breaths.
  15. Meet My Mother
    “Well? Where is my new daughter?”
  16. His Son
    I wanted to believe so badly that there was a misunderstanding and that Luca was innocent.
  17. A Distraction
    To have a family again… It meant the world to me.
  18. Well, There's Secret Number One
    Dear God, please tell me that is an Alaskan malamute!
  19. We're Human
    “My mama’s human,” Rein drawled, grinning up at me as his tiny arms wrapped around my neck.
  20. The Price of Invincibility
    Why did it feel so safe here? It was like...I was untouchable.
  21. A Lifetime Spent Sleeping
    "You can't order me around like that; I'm not one of your dogs!"
  22. Just an Animal
    Orion... I'd never heard him sound like that before. I was almost afraid of that voice in my head!
  23. My Compassionate Wolf
    He was just another man, the one my mother had married after losing her true love.
  24. Officially
    I glanced shyly to Orion. "And a mate, whom I love very much."
  25. The Beta
    In fact, they almost could have passed for true brothers; they looked enough alike!
  26. Not Like You
    "Nan says you're one of those dogs," he accused, turning his back to me.
  27. Orion 2
    Orion whipped around, but it wasn't exactly Orion.
  28. Iah
    I rolled my eyes at her. Of course it was Orion.
  29. Just a Dream
    "I'm picking up my duties tomorrow," I mumbled into his shirt, staring at the cotton.
  30. Alpha Duties
    Before I could even think to response, he cut the connection and resumed paying attention to the dull discussion before us.
  31. Brothers
    "Maman, Rein and I look a lot alike as wolves," Jonathan told me, smiling innocently despite the way the blood rushed from my face.
  32. A Cracked Mirror
    But that same evil was not present.
  33. The Only Monster
    I had already decided I would sneak away at night to speak with him.
  34. Lunch Date
    "Orion just didn't seem too interested in the politics of it anyway."
  35. Something Odd
    Wait a minute... Daniel said he had yet to find his mate.
  36. Grey Skies
    "I do this because I love you, Lillian."
  37. Firstborn
    He laughed, but it was harsh and such a sad sound. "Abandoned indeed."
  38. The Long Way Home
    My ears perked up. Regina?
  39. After Death
    She became translucent for a fraction of a second, and I had to look away.
  40. The Wounds That Time Couldn't Heal
    Luca glanced down to me, and I cringed. This poor man...
  41. Run Away with Me
    "That would be great, Sophie, but...I can't be here when he gets here."
  42. PART II: Prelude
    I think Papa hates me.
  43. The Reject
    I suffered every second, just as I had suffered every day since officially losing her.
  44. What Makes a Home?
    Her eyes were horribly wide and terrified, like she recognized the men personally.
  45. Warrior Princess
    If I had the blessing of a pup, what would I have named her?
  46. Summer Home
    It would be the perfect place for Zeya to grow up...
  47. Everything
    She wasn’t saying anything, and her eyes stayed on the ground as we walked.
  48. The Immortal Battle of Right and Wrong
    But her harsh upbringing was also going to make things even trickier.
  49. Little Runaway
  50. The Artist's Pen
    And by her insults of me as a man, it was surely a male who had hurt her.
  51. Laughter is the Angel's Symphony
    Her smile was a nice change of pace, but her laugh was something else.
  52. There, There
    “It’s not you that I hate,” she muttered quietly, sighing.
  53. The Messenger
    Failure was not an option.
  54. Acquaintances
    I could not speak two words with the woman without upsetting her!
  55. Things Remembered
    Perhaps the mystery surrounding her would be enough to keep my interest piqued and my temper at bay.
  56. The Ambush
    Zeya was whimpering and crying, and panic was in her eyes.
  57. Her Story, Part I
    “My mate is an Alpha,” she told me quickly, staring into the flickering fire.
  58. Her Story, Part II
    “What did he do to Aylin?” I whimpered, my voice breaking mid-sentence.
  59. Would You Take Her Back?
    I guess I just wanted one of us to be able to let go, to give us all incentive to finally forget the world of what-ifs.
  60. For Her Sake
    The crimes were so pointless, but I was always the victim!
  61. Nightmares
    It was just a dream... Just a dream, nothing more.
  62. Coming to Terms
    How I loathed her stupid, stupid face...
  63. Sophie
    But she was just as beautiful as I had remembered...
  64. Beauty in the Eyes of the Beholder
    “You’re beautiful.”
  65. Two Cups Flour
    “Ara likes you, too,” she whispered, her face red.