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My Jealousy and Your Truth

Jordan Terrell, a.k.a. Charlie Scene, is buff. He’s intelligent. Strong. Conniving. Calculating. Cunning. But he’s not buff, intelligent, strong, conniving, calculating, and cunning for the reasons your thinking. He’s this way for a multitude of reasons. But all these reasons lead up to one person.

~Him and his girlfriend, Randi, haven’t been as close since he started dating George on the side. Jordan has been thinking heavily on whether or not to break up with her. Especially since she started dating other men.

~His relationship with George has fallen as well. They haven’t been close since February 14th of 2013. George has gotten cuddly with previous ex, Asia, who he started dating late December. Jordan has overheard George and Asia talking things over, and he’s worried George might leave him. He can’t let him go. Since George is keeping him on Earth and not on a killing spree.

~He’s gotten jealous of Dylan and Jorel’s relationship. They’ve been fucking like bunnies since they admitted to being in a real ‘side’ relationship. A.K.A., telling the other bands members that they’re a gay couple. But the public doesn’t know. Jordan wishes he had that kind of relationship, but he know’s there is someone standing in his way.

~Secretly, he hates the fact that Danny and Matt have fucked. He’s been hiding his feelings from everyone since they came clean earlier that year. He can’t stand the fact that they’ve been hiding this for so long. But then again, it is his fault for telling them they should get together for ‘experimental’ purposes. So he should blame himself. But he blames Danny.

~Jordan doesn’t know how long, or why, or even if he should, but he has feelings for Matt. He’s known him since high school. But he hated Matt in high school. He doesn’t understand when these feelings of hate turned into likeness. He doesn’t understand why he has to taunt him. Or why his heart skips along a broken path when he thinks of him. Or why he gets goose bumps when Matt says his name. Or why he gets a hard-on when he thinks about Matt touching himself. All he knows is that his fantasies need to be brought to the real world. And NOW. He needs to feel Matt’s body against his. He needs to hear Matt scream his name. He needs to feel his penis slide into Matt’s body. He NEEDS to know if Matt is even willing. But something is stopping Jordan in his tracks.

~Danny and Matt have gotten closer since revealing the truth. They disappear for hours on end, and come back disheveled and out of breath. Everyone is so happy on the outside, so happy that everyone else is happy with someone else. Except Jordan. He hides it well, though. He’s been tempted on more than one occasion to follow Matt and Danny to see what they do, but he’s never had the guts. He doesn’t want to know what Matt and him might be doing. He can’t comprehend the way they might be touching, the way they might be kissing, the way they might be rubbing, the way they might be fucking, the way they might be saying I... He doesn’t want to think about it. For him, there’s only one way to get what he wants.

And that’s to kill Daniel Murillo.


OH SHIT! Hiya Saavilites, and welcome to the last(MAYBE) installment of Yaoi Undead! This one is more centered around Jordan’s/Charlie’s POV, but will also contain POV’s of other people in his life so you get an outside view of how he is couping. I’m not sure how long this one will be, but I’m hoping about 30. I hope you are ready for one fucked UP ride! P.S., I don’t own HU, any of their albums, their girlfriends, or anything else that’s not mine. (Sorry if I forgot anything. MURP!).
Please enjoy and tell me your thoughts! :)


(P.S. There will be even MORE Undead series in the future! Like... one... two... three... maybe even four. Story wise... MUR... six... tweleve... eighteen... maybe even nineteen. GET READY SAAVILITES! SHIT’S ABOUT TO GET CRAZY! UBER-MOTHERFUCKING-UNDEAD CRAZY!)
  1. Chapter 1~Oh, What A Relief It Is
    Where the hatred begins.
  2. Chapter 2~Suspiciuous Behavior
    Wait. That's not supposed to happen.
  3. Chapter 3~Filling The Blanks
    Just a short filler chapter.
  4. Chapter 4~Final Decision, Part 1
    Jordan makes his life changing decision.
  5. Chapter 5~Jordan's Devil Night
    That beautiful little moment when Danny is under his knife.
  6. Chapter 6~Jordan's Devil Night, Part 2
    That night there was blood on the sheets and cum on the freaks.