Jolly Good

It's crazy really, how I wound up in this situation, laughing like right idiots with my new friend Tom. I guess it really does pay to make a scene sometimes, but it wasn't even that that put me where I am now. I'm actually here because my best friend and roommate, bless her heart, thought I needed a vacation. I guess one would say that I was blissfully unaware of the amount of stress I had been under for quite some time now, but of course, I wasn't unaware. In fact, I was quite aware of all the stress that I had been subjected to as of recently. Now I have found myself in a hotel room in London putting make up on Tom's face trying to figure out the perfect disguise for him if he ever decides to come play in my backyard, which I highly doubt he will.

Anyways, moving on, back to what I was saying. I was under a lot of stress all the while wondering how my career had turned into more of a job lately. I had needed a break from the crazy world I lived in and I was thankful to Cary and I's other best friend, Jessika, for inviting us to stay with her in England. Of course, Cary being Cary, we weren't going to stay in Jessika's how for our relaxing vacation. No, we were going to stay at the best hotel we were able to find and just enjoy two weeks of no phone calls from managers, family members, publishers, agents, or editors. We were cell phone free for two weeks and the money we had saved since high school was finally burning a hole in our pockets.

London, England, here we come!

This is just a fun story I decided to write when the story came to mind. It probably won't be very long, but I do hope everybody who reads it enjoys it.

Disclaimer:I obviously do not own Tom Hiddleston. If I did I wouldn't be writing this, and I wouldn't own him per say either. I do, however, have rights to the characters I have created for this story. Thank you and enjoy!

© Lynnete 2013