Dad, what’s masturba- JOEY NOOO!


Attention to all my readers
This story is on an official hiatus...for more info read the comments page

Caught YOUR attention didn't i?


...eeerrrr sorry

ok so i should explain the origin of the title before you read more of what this story is about:

1. i was a stupid 15 year old crazy girl in a crazy mood when this title came through me...i dont know why or how i found it funny and i do regret it deeply

2. i do believe that it is the most stupidest title i have ever heard of, i would like to change it but because the story has been on for so long i dont want to (because im stubborn) not only that but also because most of the GSB and Mibba readers are familiar with this random, eye-catchy title >.>

Ok enough about the title, if it bugs you trust me i really dont care
i dont feel happy about the idea and i dont give a damn either


This story is about Green Day and Billie Joe's family and how he deals with situations such as explaining personal questions asked by his kids and what kind of dad and husband he is around the house.

This story is just as realistic as the actual lives of Green Day dealing with actual concerts, photo shoots etc + ITS GOTTA AN EXTRA HINT OF MY IMAGINATION...gotta write a story line somehow =).

It is roughly set during mid-2006. It is an interesting,funny,sad,romantic and happy story line...well at least i think it is.

I hate my story from chapters 1-10 i think for the following reasons:

1. In a lot of chapters during the beginning with Joey, sometimes i think (and so will you) that the boy is a bit of a drama queen lolol and Jakob can be a bit too emotional.. ok maybe i am over exagerating a little too much with this sentence but yes he does sometimes over react and i hate that *hits head with a shoe*
i just cant think of another way to bring it out >.>

2. Sex Scenes aren't as graphic and detailed as i like them to be (yes that does sound very perverted)

3. There are a few parts that just seriously get out of hand but i blame that due to writing the story line as i go, it's never been planned and i don't think it ever will be, (yes i am an idiot)

4. grammar and punctuation seem perfectly fine however there are times were i could have reworded the sentence and make it sound more appropriate >.<

and i don't think i have any more about that. However i am thankful for making so many stupid mistakes because i've realised (as ofcourse many writers would) that my writing techniques are gradually improving as every chapter continues (hahaha so optimistic) so hopefully it's not as bad as i am thinking

Oh and just to let you know the title will happen in the story (chapter 15) but first i gotta all reel you into their lives

*laughs hysterically*

Oh and before i go
my chapters are long
so sorry to the ones that hate long stories
my friend says its a bad disorder i have
and she nick named me happy quill
dont know why but i should just stop rambling
and let you read now


thank you to every single mibba and GSB individual who has:
- read,
- commented,
- favorited (thats not a word children),
- subscribed and
- still doesn't hate my guts for not updating after many months have passed
they would be the only people to thank for making this story popular
Thank You once again
and now indeed i will shut the fuck up and let you peace
  1. Welcome to the lives of the Armstrongs
    an introduction into one of the most realistic stories that you would expect from the armstrongs
  2. Man, is Jakob lucky
    personal views from both Billie and Joey, Jakob's birthday present is brought home
  3. Jakob's Birthday Party
    its Jakob's birthday party and everyone is in it
  4. An Oath is taken
    lets see...err Billie and Mike take an oath that will have great effect on them and Billie starts thinking about what he should tell Joey concerning 'the talk'
  5. School, coffee, sex and Joey
    this is quite an enjoyable chapter, mike struggles with the oath that he took, Billie get's an intrestring reward from Adie and well Joey scares his parents half to death
  6. Let the truth be told
    Is Jakob right about where Joey ran away to? How is Joey going to explain himself? How does Billie react?
  7. Mood swings
    Get a glimpse of Jakob's we'll all know why she's named the teacher from hell
  8. What's right, what's wrong
    How much trouble can Joey get in?
  9. That Look of Seriousness
    Home at last, Joey finds a way of letting his anger out.
  10. One thing and another
    Mike and Tré spend the whole day and night at Billie's house...lucky pizza boy
  11. The Sound of A Whisper
    Joey and Jakob remain under their parent's bed...not good
  12. Goodbye and Goodluck
    A little green day farewell party before leaving to london
  13. Abbey Road
    Green Day arrive to London and meet up with U2 for the photo shoot and practice for The Saint's are Coming, Adrienne discovers something new and finds it hard to come to terms with
  14. The Saints Have Arrived
    The performance by Green Day and U2 at New Orleans
  15. Slip Into The Tragedy
    Friday October 6th 2006 (a.k.a Adrienne's birthday) Adie's secret is out in the open and the afternoon ends with a shocking accident
  16. And Everything Will Be Alright...
    Friday night at the hosptial - Joey remains to be in a temporary coma, Jakob seems to believe his birthday wish comes true and both Adrienne and Billie are shattered by the news of their baby
  17. The Sensations Overwhelming
    Oh yeah the sensation must be overwhelming because the bittersweet taste of the cigarette is so invigorating and the child must wake up already, what will happen to the wife though?