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Dark Openings


I opened my eyes… I think. At least when I think I did everything was dark, like, I couldn’t see anything, just pitch black. It was scary because it’s like one of your senses won’t work anymore and I don’t even know why. I didn’t help that my head was pounding either. I can’t remember the earlier events, just nothing. Panic started rising in my chest and, if I could move my body I’m pretty sure I would have fallen off what I would assume was a bed I was laying on.

Something touched my skin. My breath hitched immediately and whatever touched me chuckled. The cool fingers brushed over my neck and traced my collar bone before unbuttoning the first button of my shirt.

Whoever it was got on the bed and straddled me. The fingers tips brushed over my neck before something wet licked and nipped at the skin there.

“Kellin,” The, who I know knew man, whispered in my ear seductively before licking the shell. I let out a startled gasp as his hips rolled into mine.

“S-stop, please,” I begged. Another button was undone as the man kissed the corner of my mouth.

“You should know who I am.” He teased before undoing another button. I finally found the movement of my arms and pushed where I assume his chest was. He chuckled at me as I struggled. Something was wrapped tightly around my wrist as they were brought above my head.

The figure placed their hand on my cheek and forced me, to what I would assume would be to look at them but it was pitch black. He stroked my cheek affectionately. The weight shifted so he was leaning down and his tongue lapped at the salty tears I didn’t realize I was crying.

“It’ll be okay.” The figure told me in a voice I knew all too well.

“Vic?”I asked. I got my answer when he kissed my mouth slowly, are lips moving against each other. Okay, this was hot now that it’s not some stranger that’s going to fuck me.

He rolled his hips into mine again and I bit my tongue to stop the groan threatening to escape my lip. A couple more buttons were popped until my whole chest was exposed. My back arched off the bed as something wet was wrapped around the sensitive skin of my nipple. Oh god it felt so good, I could feel my erection press against my jeans and it fucking hurt.

“S-stop,” I breathed out. My heart was racing so fast I thought it would burst out of my chest.
“You love it.” I could hear the smirk on his voice as he twirled his tongue around the sensitive skin before nipping at the tender flesh and sucking hard on it. I pulled at the cloth holding my wrist back before gripping it tightly as Vic teased my other nipple by swirling his thumb around it before gripping it in between two fingers and pulling the skin.

“You’re so sensitive Kellin, it’s adorable.” He teased before switching sides to my other nipple and giving it the same treatment. I could feel the blood rush to my cheeks as a high whine left my throat. My hips bucked up involuntarily.

I felt Vic’s lips move back up to my ear before whispering “so sexy” and biting just underneath it and licking at the area making sure he marked up his territory. “You’re mine.” He growled, man that was such a turn on.

I arched my back again as my eyes went wide and my knuckled turned white from gripping at my restraints so hard. He KNEW that was my sweet spot! Fucking bastard. This isn’t fair! He fucking KNEW what he was doing to me and wouldn’t fucking do anything.

“Vic.” I growled. He chuckled and enticed a gasp from me as his hand pressed hard into my erection and palmed me through my jeans.

“I don’t think you want it that bad Kellin.” I could feel his hard-on through my jeans as he pressed his lower body to mine and rocked his hips making me buck mine up. “Beg me for it.”

He seemed to understand that I was giving him a look that said are-you-fucking-kidding-me. I wasn’t going to just give up and neither was he. He licked his fingertips and lightly drew them from my stomach to my chest and gripped my erect nipple.

I cried out and threw my head back in pleasure. “S-stop that V-Vic! You… you k-know that… ugh.” I could barely get a sentence out as Vic shoved his hand in my pants and gripped my length. I let out a cry of pleasure.

“God, you’re so sexy all tied up like this.” He said before crashing his lips onto mine in a rough needy kiss. My sucked on my bottom lip before forcing his tongue in my mouth. I pushed against him and he pressed himself to me twice as hard.

Out tongue continued to tango as Vic fumbled with getting my pants off. Something snapped off, the button to me jeans I would assume, as Vic growled in frustration before hastily pulling the zipper down and sliding the fabric, along with my boxers, off my legs and throwing it somewhere in the room.

My mind wasn’t prepared for the sudden feeling of Vic’s tongue as it licked up my length. He blew on the tip causing me to whine from the teasing. I don’t think my body could take much more of the teasing before I exploded. He kissed the tip before wrapping those fantastic lips around me and taking me on his mouth.

“Oh my god that feels so good.” I moaned out. Hr wrapped his calloused fingers around the base of my length and pumped what he couldn’t reach. His tongue drew up my length one more time before taking all of me into his mouth until I hit the back of his throat. A dirty moan escaped my lips as I thrusted upwards.

“Someone’s eager.” He teased as he pushed my hips downwards to stop my action.

“You should fucking know you dick! I’ve been sitting through your teasing this whole fucking time, of course I want it!” I gasped through shaky breaths. My chest was heaving by the time I was done.

“Calm down Kellin.” He leaned down and licked my chest to my ear leaving a trail.

“How can you expect me-“I was cut off as his lips met mine again in a heated kiss. His hands ran through my hair before tugging it back to give him better access to my neck. I felt his hand slide down my torso to my bottom.

He giggled before shoving a lubed up finger in me. Fuck how did I not notice that? Oh yeah, I was too busy focusing the blow job he gave me while he must have grabbed some. Where did he get it?

All coherent thoughts left as he added another and scissored them I pushed back on them try and fit them deeper in me while he added a third. His thumb caressed my cheek and the corner of my lips before he pushed it in my mouth and against my tongue. I nipped at it and heard him groan in pleasure; getting his fingers sucked was always a turn on to him.

Fucking FINALLY! I heard the bottle of, what I assumed was lube, open as he slipped his fingers out. A soft groan escaped him; probably from jacking himself off after spreading the lube on.

“You’re not the only one waiting here.” I said. He laughed lightly before bringing his lips to mine.

“You have no idea how much I want to do this Kellin.” He whispered against my lips and we both smiled into the kiss. Before I could reply he slammed in to me. A scream would have erupted from me but Vic pressed his lips down harder stopped the action.

He started rocking his hips gradually gaining speed as I didn’t have time to fully adjust to his size yet. “Ugh… Vic, I feel, so full.” I whispered. He moved down to my neck and started trailing kisses down to my chest.

“So tight, you feel so good Kellin.” I couldn’t stutter out a response except for labored breaths.

“Faster Vic, harder.” Vic sped up and slammed into me harder. It felt so good since he knew I loved rough sex. All of a sudden he stopped. His hands gripped my chest as he removed his mouth from my tender skin and shifted my body upwards. His hands trailed down to my butt cupping them and giving me an affectionate squeeze before slamming into me. I couldn’t hold back the scream of pleasure that left my swollen lips.

“Perfect.” He whispered.

“I-I’m s-surprised t-that you got i-it on the f-first try.” I barely managed to get out through my moans, groans, and gasp of pleasure. Every time he pounded into me he hit that amazing spot and gave my ass a nice squeeze before doing it all over again.

“Fuck Kellin, I hope your close.” He whispered as he leaned down again and groaned against my neck sending a warm tingling feeling throughout my body. He was breathing hard and I didn’t need him telling me to know he was close.

“You know I am.” I said shakily. He bit my neck before licking and kissing the spot.

His fingers wrapped around my length quickly jerking it. I groaned and lifted my chest up so he could get the hint.

“You really love that don’t you?”

“You know I do.” I heard him giggle softly before taking my erect nipple into his mouth and sucking hard on it making sure he swirled his tongue around the sensitive skin. I didn’t take too long for either of us to climax.

“Fuck Kellin!” I heard him yell before he spilled inside of me. I followed him quickly after groaning his name with one last thrust inside of me and spilled into his hand as he rubbed his finger over the slit slightly dipping in.

He thrusted in a few more times coming down from his high before leaning onto me and kissing my lips. We moved in sync as he slipped out of me and untied my hands. He smiled into the kiss before placing his lips to my temple and getting up. The lights stung my eyes when he turned the light on.

“Fuck, where the hell are we?” I took note of are surroundings. The room was fairly small. Vic started talking and I turned my focus back onto him.

“Where in the back of the bus.” He came back over to our makeshift bed and brought me to his chest. “How’s your head?” He ran his fingers through my hair. The act was gentle and I cuddled into his chest when a warm feeling came over me.

“I don’t really know. What happened?”

“You slipped walking off stage and hit your head and black out.” My eyes widened at the surprise.
“I don’t remember any of that.”

Vic cupped my cheeks and kissed me slowly. I closed my eyes immediately and moved my lips along his. He licked my bottom lip before pulling away. “You might have a concussion. If anything happens tell me, okay?”

I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around his neck pushing him back I could lay my head on his chest.

“What happened after I blacked out?” He slowly ran his hands through my hair kissing my forehead again before finally deciding to speak.

“I carried you off stage to our bus to take care of you.”

“Oh.” I thought about it seeing if I could remember anything. Something struck me. “Why did you like…” I felt my face flare up in embarrassment at our earlier events.

“I thought you looked really cute and I just love you a lot Kellin. I just couldn’t help myself.” He caressed my cheek and smiled gently at me. I blushed and smiled at him kissing his cheek.

“I love you to Vic.”

We stayed like that for a couple more minutes, Vic holding me while I relaxed in his arms in a comfortable silence. He broke it with a big sigh. “We have to get up and tell everyone you’re okay.”

I groaned a long with him as we detangled our selves. My knees felt like jelly as I stood up. A sharp sting came over my body and I couldn’t suppress the gasp of pain as I tried to take a step but collapsed onto the floor. Vic was at my side in an instant catching me right before I hit the ground.
“Damn Vic, you really took it out on me this time.” I smiled teasingly at him. A blush instantly spread to his face as he lifted me into his arms.

“It’s not my fault you like rough sex.” He set me down on the bed and collected my clothes off the floor so I could put them on.

“Only if it’s with you.” He casted a side glance at me and smirked. Next thing I knew he had my body pinned under him rocking his hips into mine. He gripped my wrist tightly locking them beside my head.

“I don’t think you’re ready for round 2.” He licked his lips seductively before kissing under my ear.
I held back a moan. Just to tease him I started rubbing my leg between his thighs. He groaned into my neck and started peppering it with kisses. Just to make him made I flipped us over and rolled my hips into his. He gasped loudly which turned into an unsatisfied groan as I rolled off him and continued to put my clothes on.

“You’re a real fucking tease, you know that?” He huffed and picked me up carrying me to the bathroom so we could fix ourselves up.

“Like you have any room to talk, you fucking teased me like, the whole time.”

“Don’t complain, you love it because I know your sensitive spots and weak points.” Just to emphasize what he means his hand trailed over my chest knowing that my nipple was a serious weak spot of mine. I moaned and my head rolled back a little. He seemed to take this as an invitation to kiss just under my ear, another weak spot, before nipping at the skin marking me up.

“Stop,” I said pushing him off me. He pouted adorably before looking back in the mirror of the bathroom and continuing to fix his hair.

After fixing ourselves Vic carried me on his back as we stepped out of the bus. Angry and embarrassed faces started at us. Alan’s face was completely red as he leaned into Austin who was trying to hide his laughter behind his hand. Tony was sitting next to the bus, face completely red down to his ears, holding his head, eyes wide in shock. My band mates had red faces and were holding in their laughter along with a lot of other people from other bands.

“Way to go Vic!” Mike patted Vic’s shoulder as he walked into the bus with a stupid smile on his face. The, usually hyper Jaime, had a red face with wide eyes as he walked onto the bus numbly and after Mike with Tony following looking at the ground.

I groaned and buried my, now completely red face, into Vic’s shoulder. “Vic, they know what we did.”
Austin came up to us with an arm wrapped around a stunned Alan. He ruffled Vic’s hair whispering, “don’t worry about it dude. Everyone heard me and Alan getting it on one-time so you have nothing to worry about.”

“Austin!” Alan hissed in surprise. If his face could get any redder, it just did. He started to walk away but Austin picked him up and threw him over his shoulder.

“Since Alan’s throwing a hissy fit, we’ll see you later.”

“Put me down you douche!” Alan pounded his fist on Austin’s back. It was cute how adorable they were with each other. Alan grabbed Austin’s butt so Austin smiled innocently and slapped Alan’s ass causing him to yelp.

Jesse, Jack, Justin, and Gabe all came up to me and Vic. “So, did you have a good time Kellin. Vic sure helped you didn’t he?” Jesse joked causing the others to laugh and make jokes.

Some other bands members came up to us so say stupid things before we finally had the chance to leave. Since I couldn’t really walk and mostly everyone knew what happened Vic carried me back onto his bus.

“Don’t hurt yourself there.” Mike teased as Vic set me down. I flipped him off and clutched onto Vic as I tried to walk. My legs could hold me after a couple steps but I soon fell into Vic again.

“Fuck, I can barely walk.”

“I don’t think you’ll be able to for a while.” Vic said with darkening eyes.

“I swear to god if you fuck on this bus again and don’t clean up were kicking you out.” Tony said as he checked the back room. It wasn’t even that messy!

“So that means we can still have sex if we clean up?” Vic asked hopefully.

Tony rolled his eyes as he eyed me before making his way back over to the main area with an extremely red face. Jaime was still shocked still and Mike didn’t seem to care.

“Whatever, just know we’re never going back there.” Jaime finally added in his two cents dismissing the thought.

This should be a fun tour.
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