‹ Prequel: Insane Love
Status: Updated! New chapter is half-written and will be up in a few weeks (Apr-May 2016)

Don't Fall Back

Please read the prequel first. In this sequel, I tried to stress the sad process of taking anger out on the ones who love you, limiting contact with the ones you've known forever, and ignoring all the signs of drastic change that occurs in life. Guilt plays a major factor in the decisions Mia and Colton make.

Rated R for sexual content, mature language, use of alcohol and drugs, and trafficking. Some scenes may be disturbing. All characters, besides the NHLers and their real families, are my own. Do not copy this story, or its prequel.

One year ago, happiness was only the beginning of a rocky future. Now that thirteen months have passed by, more uninvited problems cross Mia and Colton's pathway. As the road divides in two, they experience the unimaginable. Salt is added to the wounds and time is needed to heal the pain. Mistakes will be made, promises will be broken, minds will be lost, fear will be implanted, and true love will define its meaning. "Because you could have loved me forever. And maybe in another universe, I let you."