The Agent

Chapter 2

One year earlier:

Sean, Troy, and Norman waited by the check in desk of the FBI headquarters in New York. They were going to be meeting a Supervisory Special Agent Tatum Alexander and SSA Derek Morgan. Troy had wrote another movie and the boys were teaming up to play FBI agents and the studio had arranged for them to follow agents and their team for the next few weeks to months. They were going to be getting a taste of what real FBI work was like. That day, they were going to be meeting them for the first time.

" Hey, wow, you are really here!" A young man said excited as he hurried towards them with one of his hands out. " I'm Agent Sky. Agent Robert Sky." Quickly introductions were made but Robert knew just who they were and could barely keep his excitement in check. " So you got your visitor badges, that's good. We can just head right up BAU. I'm excited to go up because I hardly ever get to go there." Robert said, leading them towards a group of elevators.

" Why don't you go up?" Sean asked.

" Oh, I'm not allowed. I don't actually have the clearance expect for today to take you there. See the team in the BAU are like the celebrities around here. They handle everything and they get things done but they are really hard to get into you. You have to be really, really smart." Robert said as he hit the call button for the elevators.

Together the four men entered the elevators as soon as the doors open. Robert scanned his ID then hit the button for the fifth floor, all the while talking about SSA Alexander and her team. It was clear that the young man was completely taken by the unit and the boys were trying hard not to snicker and laugh at him. He was grinning and almost bounching around. Until the elevator stopped at the third floor and the doors opened. Robert's breath caught loudly at the sight of the three people in front of them.

" There is an excusion tomorrow and you owe me, Derek Morgan." Tatum said as she scanned over the file open in her hands.

" How does he owe you?" Spencer Reid asked as the three stepped into the elevator and turned to face the doors.

Derek was a tall, very well build black man with a shaved head. Tatum was small, only reaching the middle of Derek's chest. Her long, dark hair was pulled up into a messy bun. Printed across her back, on her black shirt, was her name. SSA Alexander. Another member of the team had had shirts made up with all their names on it but only Derek and Tatum ever worn them. Spencer Reid was a tall, young, very thin guy with wavy, light brown hair that reached his chin. He had it tucked behind his ears, accenting his too thin face. He was wearing cargo pants, a white collar shirt and a grey sweater.

" Because I went to the excusion he was supposed to go to a few months ago, and he nelected to tell me it was death by the eletric chair." Tatum looked at Spencer and shook her head. " You know I hate those."

" Well I don't think anyone likes going to excusions." Derek said. Tatum whipped her head around to the left and glared at her friend and team member.

" You owe me and you know it!" She snapped. Derek smiled and shook his head.

" Yeah, yeah. I'll take your excusion." He said. Tatum looked back down at her file and nodded.

" You're damn right you will." She said.

" You guys don't actually like going to those, do you?" Spencer asked.

" I like them about as much as I like water sports in the bedroom." Tatum muttered. Spencer placed his hands in his pockets and frowned, looking down at his best friend.

" Why would you play watersports in your bedroom?" He asked. Slowly Tatum's head came up and both she and Derek looked at the young man. " And what kind of watersports could you play?"

" Pretty boy, " Derek started. " please tell me you're joking right now." Spencer frowned and shook his head.

" No. I don't understand why or how anyone could water ski in their bedroom." He said. Tatum shook her head and sighed.

" I was talking about pissing on someone." She said.

" What?" Spencer asked in shock.

" Watersports in the bedroom means you piss on your partner." Tatum said.

" No! Why would someone do that?" Spencer asked.

" After everything we have seen, you really wonder that?" Derek asked as the elevator reached their floor.

" You have never done that, right?" Spencer asked Derek.

" Hell no!" He said with the doors opening. Tatum looked back to her file.

" I had a boyfriend ask me to piss on him once." She said.

" Let me guess, Shawn?" Spencer asked.

" Shawn." Tatum confirmed as they stepped off the elevator together and started down the hallway.

" You didn't, did you?" Derek asked.

" No!" Tatum said quickly, flipping the page of her file. " I kicked his ass right out. That's fucking weird. And I'm pretty sure, if I had to piss on someone, I'd laugh like crazy. And that would kill all the sexiness."

" Hey, you need to give yourself a point." Derek said. Tatum looked at him and smiled. She reached behind her and yanked out a small notebook from her back, right pocket.

" A point for what?" Spencer asked. Tatum and Derek exchanged a look before they stopped walking and both looked at Spencer, Derek standing at Tatum's back.

" It's nothing." Tatum said.

" Really, Pretty Boy, it's nothing." Derek said.

" Well it's something." Spencer said. " You two look like your guilty, so what is it?" Tatum sighed and shook her head slowly.

" Look, it's sort of a game we play." She started. " Everytime you miss a sarcastic remark from one of us, we....sort of keep score."

" You keep score?" Spencer asked in shock.

" Yeah, Kid, sorry." Derek said.

" How many points do you have?" Spencer asked Tatum.

" Around 650 points." She said. Spencer's mouth dropped.

" And that's just since January first of this year." Derek said.

" That's almost 10 points a day." Spencer said, making her nod slowly.

" You know I'm sarcastic, you just don't always get the remarks." Tatum rushed to say. Spencer opened his mouth to comment again when laughter at their side caught the threes attention. They looked to see Robert, Troy, Norman, and Sean standing in the hallway with them.

" Ah, sorry, SSA Morgan, Alexander, and Reid." Robert said quickly.

" It's okay, Man. Who do you have with you?" Derek asked.

" Ah, this is Troy, Sean, and Norman, the guys that will be following you guys around." Robert said.

" Ah fuc....." Derek's arm shot around Tatum's shoulders at the same time his hand clamped down on her mouth, cutting off her words. He yanked her back against his chest and smiled.

" Nevermind her." He said. " She's cranky in the morning." Tatum's eyebrows knitted together as she pushed Derek's hand away from her mouth.

" I'm not cranky." She snapped. " I just....forgot that I agreed to this." Spencer frowned and looked down at her.

" You didn't agree, remember? Hotch said you had to let Norman follow you and you said no then he said it was not up for disusscion. Then you said you were a horrible teacher and he said..."

" I know what I said!" Tatum snapped, looking her young friend.

Spencer Reid was a genius who could hear a conversation once and repeat it word for word. He had an eidetic memory and was able to remember everything he saw and heard, in his entire life. He had graduated high school at age 14 and while he was the smartest guy she knew, he had no street smarts and Tatum took to him like he was her younger brother.

" If you knew what you said then why did you say that you agreed to it?" Spencer asked. They stared at each other while she shook her head slowly, and almost sadly. Something dawned on Spencer's face because the boys watched as it fell and his shoulders dropped. " You just got another point, didn't you?"

" Yes." Tatum said. She spun on her heel and headed into a large room. Derek smiled and shook his head, looking back to the boys.

" Look, ignore her. Come in and I will show you around." He said.