The Agent

Chapter 3

The doorway opened to a long, wrap around balcony. Directly in front of them was four steps that went into a slightly sunken down floor, filled with ten desks. People were sitting around the the room, some at desks alone, and others with partners. The balcony wrapped around the room and off to their left was a series of closed doors.

" Come on, you need to meet our boss, Agent Hotchner. We call him Hotch." Derek said, leading the way towards the back of the balcony.

As they walked, Norman put his hands in his pockets and took in the room. The other agents had stopped their work to watch them. Norman smiled and waved a black haired woman and blond woman with glasses. She had her hair up in pig tails and was dressed in a loud, pocka dot dress. She blushed and spun around, giving them her back. The black haired woman started laughing and comforting her by patting her shoulder. Norman smiled to himself then turned looked ahead of him as one of the closed doors open. Tatum walked out, rubbing her hands together in front of her stomach. She took a step towards the walking group then stopped. She gave herself a shake then started towards them again.

" Hey Babycakes. You alright?" Derek asked when she reached them. Tatum took a deep breath then turned her entire attention to Norman.

" I am sorry that I started to swear earily and I'm sorry if I made you feel like you were not wanted." She said slowly. Behind her a tall, black haired man appeared in the doorway. He crossed his arms over his chest and had a small smile on his face as he watched her. It was clear he had instructed her on what she was to say, that much was written all over her face as she spoke, glancing at the ceiling every once in a while as she tried to remember the words. " It will be my pleasure, and honor, to teach you about our work and show you around. You have my word that I will teach you everything I know as well as explain anything you want in great detail." Then she spun around and hurried away from them. " Happy?" They heard her ask the man in the doorway.

" Yes, I am." He said before he dropped his arms and started towards them. " Hello, I'm SSA Aaron Hotchner." He said as he reached them. Norman's eyes shifted over to Tatum as she stood by another closed door. She was looking up a older, balding man who had his hands on her upper arms and was talking to her with a smile.

" I"m Troy." He heard his friend said. " I'm the one you actually talked too on the phone."

" Of crouse." Hotchner said, shaking his hand. " And this is Sean and Norman. You can call me Hotch." Norman looked back at the agent and smiled as they shook hands. " You will have to excuse Tatum. She sometimes forgets how to talk to regular people, as in non-victims or crimnals, but she's one of the best agents we have."

" She gets nervous." Derek said. " But once she warms up to you, it will be fine."

" We have a case we need to go over. Take them to the confence room." Hotch said before he moved to head back into his office. Derek started walking, forcing the four to follow after him. Tatum and the older man disappeared into a room, followed by the black haired girl, the blond woman and Spencer. Derek dropped back so he was walking with the boys.

" So check it out. You guys got here just in time. We have a new case we are going to go over. Robert, they signed all the legal papers, right?" He asked.

" Yeah. And they know they are not allowed to talk about anything they see." Robert said. Derek nodded and stopped walking as they reached the room with everyone waiting in it. He turned and looked at the young man.

" I'm sorry, Man, but you know I have to ask you to leave." He said, making Robert nod.

" Yeah, I know. Have a good time, guys. It was nice to meet you all." Robert said before he hurried away.

Inside the big room was a long table that the others were sitting around. Facing the door was Spencer and Tatum. Across from them was the older man, the black haired woman, and the chucky blond. Derek walked in and laughed as everyone looking up at them. He shook his head and pointed to three chairs in the back of the room, directly behind the table.

" You guys can sit there. Hotch will introduce everyone." He said.

As the boys took their seats, Derek sat down to the right of Tatum. She was mumbling to Spencer who was leaning down so he could hear her better and was nodding. Norman took a look around the dark room. There were two long but skinny windows on either side of the boys and directly across from Norman and the table, was two big dry ease boards. Every agent had a file closed in front of them and was waiting patiently. No one was looking at them directly. The blond was stealing looks but trying to not get caught. Norman tried to not smile so she didn't catch on that he knew what she was doing.

" Okay everyone, let's get started." Hotch said as he breezed into the room and closed the door. He walked to the end of the table, comanding everyone attention at once. " First, you all know that our guests were coming so let's introduce ourselves to them before we go over the case. JJ is running late so we have a few minutes." The older man they had seen talking to Tatum, turned in his chair and smiled at the boys.

" I'm Gideon." He said with a slight nod of his head. The chunky blond blushed as she looked back at them.

" Hi!" She said excitedly, pushing up her blue frame glasses. " I'm Penelope Garcia. I'm the techie and hacker. You can call me Garcia. Or Penelope." She said quickly. The black haired woman was next. She ran one hand through her shoulder length hair and smiled more confidently then Garcia.

" I'm Emily Prentiss." She said with her voice soft.

" You met me. I'm Derek Morgan. Most people call me Morgan." Derek said. Tatum looked up at Hotch then at the table.

" I'm Tatum Alexander. Most people call me Alex." She said. Spencer grinned and waved.

" I'm Spencer Ried but I'm called Ried." He said. Hotch nodded.

" So, let's get started." He turned and moved to one of the boards. He grabbed it and flipped it around.

Across the board were pictures of dead girls and the boys were surpised. They knew they would be seeing the dead but hadn't been ready to see them so fast. The photos were volient. The six victims were women and had been killed inside their houses or on the side of a street from what it looked like in the pictures. Norman's eyes shifted around the room to see if anyone was as shocked by the pictures as he was feeling but all the agents were just staring up at the board. His eyes landed on Tatum but her entire focus was ahead of her. Her eyes were moving quickly around each picture.

A few ideas started flying around the room with all members of the group listening to the others, whoever was talking. Only Tatum and Gideon stayed quiet. Norman noticed that Gideon was watching her while she continued to study what was ahead of her. Every so often her eyes would move to him than back to the pictures. After a few glances between them, Tatum stood up. The others continued throwing ideas back and forth as she moved to the board with a fat, black marker in her hands. She placed her hands on her hips and moved from one picture to the other. Every so often she would bring her left hand to her mouth and tap her bottom lip with her index finger. Suddenly, the room fell quiet and everyone focused on her. Gideon was grinning like he was watching his child walk for the first time.

" What do you see, Tatum?" He asked softly.

" Um...." She started tapping the marker against her right thigh. She frowned and dropped her other hand from her lips to her hip again. She exhaled then nodded, turning to face her team and the boys. " I think the unsub is copy catting other serial killers and I think we need to look at their unsolved case files." Derek turned in his seat so he would look at the boys.

" An unsub is what we called Unknown Suspect." He quickly filled in before turning back to Tatum.

" Right." She said, shaking her head quickly. She looked back to the board then to Hotch again. " So it looks like he or she is moving through a list of serial killers I'm willing to bet there are some cases that the local police missed because they looked like random killings but if you look at these," She turned back to the board and nodded to herself. " all of these crime scenes have been set up to look like a crime scene from another famous killer." She walked over to the first picture and used her marker to point at it. "The first victim, Connie Wilson, her throat was cut and her abdomen was open and she was a known hooker,"

" Like Jack the Ripper." Spencer filled in. Tatum nodded and moved to the second picture.

" Jennifer Corey, she was strangled and then her throat was cut, Boston Strangler." She said.

" The Boston Strangler didn't cut throats." Derek said, making her turn again to look at him.

" No, he didn't but this killer needed something that would link the crimes together." Tatum said.

" He's getting mad that his crimes aren't getting knowledged. He's cutting their throats so the victums are put together." Gideon filled in, making her nod again as she turned again.

" So the third victim, in her house her power was cut. She was found in her bedroom, tortured to death and bond. After death her throat was cut." Tatum said.

" Dennis Rader." Prentiss said. Rader's MO was to cut the eletric and phone systems in the houses of his victims. He would then bond the women and torture them until they were died.

Tatum moved down the pictures, all the agents picking out which killer the victum was modeled after. Tatum wrote each name down above each pictures. All the victims but the first one, had their throat cut after death which was how the police had decided that they had a seriel killer and turned the file over to the FBI. When they had moved through all the pictures, Tatum capped her marker then turned to face the group again.

" So I think we need to search their data base, look up at crimes that match other famous killers. I'm betting the other victims won't have their throat cut." Tatum said.

" This could take days." Morgan said.

" Not with me on it." Garcia said with a smile.

" Okay, we are in the sky in 30 minutes." Hotch said. " We are due in Maine in a few hours. Garcia, go through the list and send the information to our tablets."

And just like that, the agents rose up from their chairs and started to leave the room, all but Derek. The boys looked at each other, slowly standing as well. They had been prepared to leave and had bags packed in Troy's car. Troy wasn't going to be going with them, just Norman and Sean. Norman looked across the room as Sean and Troy started to talk quietly together. Tatum was headed towards the door while Derek was coming towards the boys.

" Tatum." Derek said. Her shoulders tense up but she stopped walking. She turned and looked back at the boys.

" Right." She said. " Sorry, I forgot." But Norman could see that she was lying. She hadn't forgotten, she had been trying to sneak away.

" So we have a private jet," Derek was saying. " We will fly out then head over to the station that requested our help. Once there, we will split up. Some of us will go to the crime scenes, some will talk to witnesses, others will work at the station." Tatum crossed her arms over her chest as she joined them. "You guys can ask us anything you want but don't talk to witnesses or the other officers about the cases. Do not touch anything at the crime scenes and stay beside us at all times."

" You two will go to the houses?" Sean asked.

" Yeah, we almost always handle the crime scenes, with Reid. When we set up a tip line, we always get the crazies, people that just want to be a part of the action and made things up. Tatum's not so good with weeding those out." Derek said, looking down at the petite girl who rolled her eyes. " She gets annoyed."

" Well who doesn't?" Tatum snapped. " Those people waste our time and they know it!"