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Hope You Don't Mind Me Coming to Join You

Let Me Just Cut It To Ya Straight

Perrentes smutty one-shot

I walked into the bus looking for my phone in the darkness. I cursed to myself for being stupid considering we were going out after the concert. We played a good show and were celebrating with the rest of the bands.

The bus was dark so I could only see a faint out-line of the objects around me but ended up whacking my hip on the sharp corner of a table. I cursed loudly and held my hip rubbing small circles in it to ease the pain.

"What wrong Tony?" I looked up to see Mike come in, the light hitting him nicely, before darkness encased us once again. It struck me as odd when he didn't turn the light on but I let it go considering I hadn't bothered to either.

"I hit my hip on the edge of the table." I said. His footsteps grew closer and I felt his hand encase mine own while his fingers slipped through mine messaging my hip bone.

"That feels really good." I whispered. My eyes closed slightly in the small gesture and my head tilted down. Little waves of warmth seemed to seep from his finger tips licking at my skin.

"You're so relaxed Tony." He whispered in my ear sending chills down my spine. I love it when people do that, it's such a turn on. Suddenly his arm snaked around my chest while he other one around my stomach holding me firmly to his chest.

"You’re excited." He whispered in my ear again. I didn't understand what he meant until I looked down to see the obvious bulge in my pants.

"M-Mike i-it's not, its n-not what..." I tried to stutter out but I knew he wasn't buying it. I struggled to get out of his grip but he had my arms locked to my side. My face was probably burning since I could feel the heat practically radiating off of it.

His arm wrapped around my chest moved but I still had no use of my arms. His hand lightly ran along the inside of my thigh sending tingles to my skin. The grip in my waist tightened causing me to bend over a little. He seemed to like this as I felt him smile against the skin under my ear before kissing it and licking lightly at the sensitive skin. He started rubbing my thigh going higher each stroke.

"Mike," I whispered. He hummed in acknowledgement but all coherent thoughts flew out the window when his hand ran over the front of my skinny jeans. I couldn't suppress the moan of ecstasy when he palmed me slowly. My breaths were coming out heavier as I rested my head on Mike's shoulder. I could feel his erection through his jeans as he pressed my body into his.

Mike's hand stopped palming me as he unbuttoned my tight pants and pulled the zipper down slowly. My pants fell down slightly past my hips revealing part of my boxers. A finger ran up the underside of my length causing my breath to hitch.

"You like that?" He asked before licking the shell of my ear. I pushed my hips against his hand hoping he would get the clue. He seemed happy with my response and finally slipped his hands until my boxers.

I was getting mad at his teasing and he knew that. He wanted me to beg to him, I knew him well enough to know what his kinks are. The tip of his finger swirled around my head before rubber over the slit and lightly dipping in. I gasped and arched my back a little at the pleasure.

"Goddamn Mike, fucking do something!" I finally cracked. I could just imagine the beaming smile on his face at my words.

I was thrown to the couch on my back with Mike on top of me. He locked both of my wrists above my head with one hand as the other trailed up my stomach riding my shirt up. His knee rubbed between my thigh and I grinded against him loving the friction. A whimper eft my throat as I pulled at his iron grip.

"Please Mike, stop teasing me." I tried begging him. He loved that and I kept at it till he gave me what I wanted. My shirt was pulled off my body, as was his, and he forced his fingers in my mouth. I didn't mind as I started to suck lubricate them. When he was satisfied he pulled them out and quickly discarded our jeans and boxers to the floor.

I opened my legs for him as he settled between them. I couldn't stop the smile that made is way to my lips as he smiled down at me before kissing me. His hands cupped my ass before one left and a finger slipped inside of me. My hips bucked up and I gasped. Mike took the opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. My hands rubbed against his chest before moving them to his back and lightly running my nails down his spine. I felt him shudder against me as his lips left mine and a gasped escaped his throat.

When he thought I was adjusted he added another finger and scissored them before adding a third. I was a moaning and whimpering mess as he curled his fingers. He chuckled and I glared at him but he gave my bottom an affectionate squeeze.

After a little more kissing and grinding are hips together Mike reached behind the couch and grabbed a hidden bottle of lube.

I put my hand on his chest and lightly pushed away so I could ask my question. "Were you waiting for this?"

"Doesn't hurt to be prepared." He smiled down innocently at me.

My attention was brought back to the situation when Mike opened the bottle with a snap. I snatched the bottle from his hands and pushed him to his knees. I don't think he was prepared for me to give him a hand job as he gasped and thruster his hips into my palm. I pressed my lips to his enjoying the way I was in control at this moment. Light moans were coming from him and I would be lying if I said that wasn't sexy. His head tilted back and I took the chance to make a love bite on his neck marking him as mine.

"S-stop, stop, t-hats enough or I won't be able to last." He groaned and buried his head into my neck peppering it with kisses. Just to tease him I rubbed my thumb over his slit applying pressure before removing my hand completely. He bit into my neck trying to stop the whimper from escaping him.

He pushed me onto my back again and rested his hands on either side of my head looking down at me. At times like these it makes me really happy were in the dark so he couldn't see the blush highlighting my face. His thumb caressed my cheek. I pulled him down by his waste so I could lift myself up a little and kiss him.

Mike lined himself up before pushing the head in. I don't think he we were prepared for the overwhelming pleasure as he slammed the rest of the way. He groaned loudly and lowly from the back of his throat and tangled his fingers in my hair tugging at it. My head flew back and my back arched as a moaned loudly.

"Ugh, you feel so good Tony," he gasped out, "so tight." He smiled down at me and pushed my hair back. Mike took a moment for me to adjust cause, it's not like this is an everyday thing for me. After a moment he rocked his hips back before gently pushing back in with each thrust of his hips he started getting rougher and harder. A steady rhythm was built up but I needed more.

"F-faster." I managed to choke out. He did something unexpected though. He flipped us over so I was riding on top of him. "W-what are you doing?"

"I want you to ride me." I could see the faint outline of a cheeky smile on his face. Before I could reply he brought my hips up and slammed them down bringing his hips up to meet mine. I threw my head back and let out a small scream. He moaned loudly and slightly arched his back.

"That feels so fucking good." He leaned up and placed kisses all over my chest and neck. I used his shoulders to steady myself as I bounced on top of him. At one point I stopped so I could grind and rotate my hips against him. He pushed my hips against him harder and started biting my neck to stop the groans of pleasure from leaving him.

"Holy shit!" I yelled out as he hit that sensitive spot. I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my head into his shoulder. My face burned from all the moans and whimpers that kept escaping me. I barely heard Mike tell me how sexy I was.

He grabbed a fist full of my hair giving him access to my neck but the whines he's enticed from me he knew I needed something else. His hand moved to my length. He pumped in time with me as I rode on him. The familiar heat was pooling in my stomach incredibly fast as my breaths were coming in short gaps. At least I'm not the only one close since Mike's breathing was turning faster and his thrust were getting sloppier as were his kisses.

"I'm about to cum." He gasped in my ear. I dug my nails into his shoulder. His thumb rubbed up the underside and over my slit before I lost it. With a small scream and a whimper I came hard into his hand and on our stomachs. I dropped onto him one more time and he groaned and threw his head back as I felt him shoot inside me. He rubbed me slowly as we both came down from are highs.

My body felt all tingly as I slumped against him. He wrapped his arms around my waist securing me to him. He fell back onto the couch and placed kissed all over my head before stopping at my lips. I responded immediately sharing his passion as he licked at my bottom lip before adding his tongue. We stopped, both breathing heavy, and stared at each other enjoying the others presence.

I finally got off of him and sat back on his legs. He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me to him causing me to gasp.

"That was awesome." He said with a lot of pep and pulled me under him while laying his head on my stomach.

I sighed in content. Mike got up and wrapped me up in his arms before wrapping a blanket around us. The happiness I felt was overwhelming and I was so satisfied and just... Happy. My mind began to wonder and with Mike's heartbeat in my ears I was drifting off to sleep.

I didn't hear the bus door opening. Jaime yelled something and I freaked out and fell on the floor. Mike, who was still holding on to me, fell and crushed me under him.

"Mike, cover your ass!" Vic yelled. I looked past his Mike's shoulder so see Vic shielding his eyes while Jaime was holding his stomach laughing.

"It wouldn't be the first time you've seen it." I heard him mutter as he got off me. The blanket was wrapped tightly around us again as he picked me up and sat on the couch with me in his lap. Jaime finally calmed down and made some smartass comment before going to the kitchen.

"Anyway, did you guys like... cleanup?" Vic asked. Mike groaned and Vic looked extremely annoyed before sighing and turning his attention to me. "You may be my band mate but if you hurt my brother I will hurt you." I could see his big brotherliness coming out.

I nodded my head in understanding. Mike glared at Vic and tightened his hold on me. "And if you hurt him I'll hurt you."

"Oh please, I could beat you any day little brother." Vic smirked and emphasized 'big brother'. I did not want to be in this and stood up from Mike bringing the blanket with me. His face turned red since he was naked and wrapped the blanket back around him. I made my way to my bunk hoping to get some sleep although since Mike was coming in with me I doubt that would happen.

"No sex on the bus!" Vic called out.

"I make no promises." Mike replied before he proceeded to remove the blanket.
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I feel like the more I write smut the less descriptive and simple my sentences become. Does anyone else feel like this?