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It's Only You and Me

"Its Only a Dance Step"

Those were the words that brought these two people together. Desera used to believe that dance was her everything. And it was.

Until she met Damon. A boy who appeared to have no interest in dance.

But boy was she wrong.

Now that high school is over, and that Desera is finally in The Walking Dance Company, she is able to continue her life as a dancer and enjoy it. With Damon helping her and being by her side as her boyfriend.

Yes, its true, high school is over. But that doesn't mean life will get easier for Desera. Now shes faced with real life complications. Things like: where will she live? Will she ever see her two best friends again? Will there ever be enough time to practice for these dance competitions!

And things only get more complicated when people try to get in between Damon and Desera.

Will these two people, who are drawn to each other with each heart beat, be able to surpass all these obstacles in their lives and truly be with one another? Will the pressure be too much for either of them?

And will both Damon and Desera be able to hold on to what brought them together in the first place.

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  1. Chapter One
    “Relax…” That soothing word would never get old. A word that I longed for every night when I was stressing for whatever reason. A word that came from the one who was able to make me forget it all with a single kiss. Damon
  2. Chapter Two
    This kiss was a bit more than the usual.A kiss that he expressed desire for also.A desire that we needed to be reminded of.And of course,a desire that soon enough, could not be tamed.
  3. Chapter Three
    We were all dancing together with a new kind of energy and excited as can be. We didn't think, we just did. It was as simple as that.