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It's Only You and Me

Chapter Three

For the rest of the night everyone danced, laughed, drank, and enjoyed themselves.

No one worried about the performance that was in two days from now. No one worried about the steps. No one worried about John. All they worried about now was who was this amazing DJ and what song was he going to play next.

I laughed and joined the crowd of dancers every now and then when Damon needed to take a break and I was still up for another dance. However, that wasn't often. This time, when Damon went to go and sit down, most of the male dancers went with him. The girls and I stayed back and continued to dance.

When the new song came on, we danced in a circle of a sort and moved our hips in union until we heard some commotion coming on beside us. I smiled but was a bit confused and danced my way over with the rest of the girls and looked to see what was going on.

All of a sudden I heard the DJ switch the music and I realized why. There was about to be a dance-off.

I laughed and clapped my hands with the rest of the crowd as the four dancers came into the middle. So it was a duet kind of dance-off, two against two, I thought and watched. The song, Timber by Pitbull came on and the two females started. They danced pretty good but didn't always follow the beat of the music.

The two boys however, were a different story.

One of them had dirty blond hair with blue eyes while the other had blond hair with green eyes. These two guys went with the beat and had extremely good moves. After only two mini rounds of back and forth between them, there was no question that the guys would win. But only professional dancers could see the flaw with these two males.

The blue eyed guy was leading. And in a duet both dancers must be synchronized.

Everyone in the room began to clap and the girls were trying to stay in the shadow, feeling beat.

"Oh hell no." A voice behind me said and before I realized it was Percilla, she had taken my arm and dragged me to the middle of the dance floor to take the two girls place in the dance-off. I glared at Percilla for what she had done but she gave me a single look that said it all.

We needed to show these two guys who were in charge here.

Mentally, I groaned and shook my head. But I didn't have much time to think since Percilla had begun to dance. I shot her one last glare and began to follow her moves naturally. Why so naturally? Well, lets just say, working a whole year beside her had given The Walking Dance Company a secret weapon: Percilla and I were the best female duet dancers.

So when it came to having to follow the beat to the song and knowing certain steps that went with it, it was a piece of cake. Every now and then we glanced at each other to make sure we were following and then returned to our dance steps.

The crowd around us now went wild and screamed at the two of us encouragements. I laughed and smiled a bit when I heard the other dancers from the dance company cheer us on with words like,

"Go on!"

"Yeah! Teach them who's boss!"

"Kick their ass girls!"

I smiled and snuck a small glance at Percilla to see her looking back at me with a smile as well. Glancing at the two boys I only got one expression. And that was an expression of pure defeat. I chuckled with a smirk and finally let loose with Percilla and danced like we knew best.

From the noise beside us and the lame attempts of the boys, I knew we had won.

But I didn't want it to end like this.

Realizing the song was almost over, I waved my dance partners to come and finish the dance with us, and lets just say, it blew the club down! We were all dancing together with a new kind of energy and excited as can be. We didn't think, we just did. It was as simple as that.

When the song ended every single person was clapping and cheering. Damon came to find me and lifted me up in the air and I laughed shaking my head. "Damon! Put me down!" I demanded with a smile.

Gently placing me on my feet he smirked. "What go into you back there?" He teased but I knew he was complimenting me.

I opened my mouth to talk but Percilla had found us and rolled her eyes. "I was the one who dragged her into the dance-off. So if anyone deserves the credit, it should be me."

Chuckling, I shook my head and shrugged. "Yeah, shes right." I admitted and looked at her, seeing only surprise in her eyes. "Turns out Percilla has a soft spot for girls who seem down and beat." I added which earned me a glare from her.

"Whatever. Your steps were lacking by the way." She snapped and quickly joined the rest of the dancers.

"Well well well, look who's getting along?" Damon joked and held me close.

Rolling my eyes now, I wrapped my arms around his neck and shook my head. "Your definition of 'getting along' is a tad bit off Damon." But it was somewhat true. I knew why Percilla pushed us both into the dance-off: Because she wanted to show those two males that females were the better dancers.

And we sure proved Percilla right.

Damon smiled down at me and I let myself relax against him as a slow song came on. I began to rest my head on his shoulder and about to close my eyes until I saw a familiar pair of blue eyes and blond hair near by.

Blue eyes that stared back at me with a smirk that covered his entire face as if he had planned this all along.
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