Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Chapter Eighty Three Part Two

A/N: As promised, here is part two of the chapter. I hope you enjoy and please let me know what you think :)


Within the hour, they were pulling up into the private alley behind the private practice of the Surgeon-Gynecologist to the Royal Family, Dr. Alan Farthing, who hadn’t faltered for a moment when he’d received a phone call at 12:30 at night from the Duke of Sussex.

Harry held tight to Alex as they stepped from the car and into the chilly air. Making sure she was steady, he turned and pulled Emma from the car, who was still in pajamas underneath her coat and boots, but had fallen right back to sleep in the car ride in that way that only children seemed to be able to do.

The door to the office opened as they climbed the steps, emitting soft light into the dark of the night. A nurse appeared in the doorway, a kind, warm smile on her lips as she ushered them in. The doctor was waiting on the other side of the door, somehow looking completely un-frazzled despite the late hour.

“Your Royal Highnesses,” the doctor nodded at all of them, including Emma, and then turned to focus his attention on Alex. “I’m Dr. Farthing, may I call you Alexandra?”

“Alex,” she nodded and smiled as much as she could, grateful for the immediate step he took to build a personal relationship with her. “And this is my husband, Harry, and our daughter, Emma,” she murmured, gesturing toward Harry and the little girl draped over his shoulder.

“Very lovely to meet you all, though I wish it could be under different circumstances, of course,” Dr. Farthing said, smiling at them before his concerned gaze moved back to Alex. “You can put Emma down in our waiting room if you’d like; there’s a comfortable couch in there. And then we’ll get you in a room, get some fluids in you, and do an exam.”


Emma hadn’t even stirred as Harry settled her into the private waiting room, accompanied by her female PO, while the nurse took Alex down to change into a gown and get settled. When he stepped into the room, Harry moved to the chair by Alex’s side and watched with wide eyes as a sense of relief as the nurse quickly inserted an IV into Alex’s hand, hooking it to the bag of fluids that would send the much needed hydration into her body.

“Is this weird for you?” Harry whispered to Alex as Dr. Farthing pulled Alex’s feet into the stirrups of the chair and then quickly began the pelvic exam while they waited on the fluids to start working.

Alex rolled her eyes and looked over at Harry with a tired, heavy gaze. “No,” she whispered in return. “He’s all business, don’t worry.”

Harry’s lips twitched but he shook his head. “You know what I meant, but I’m sorry. Just relax, love.” He watched as she took a deep breath and then let her eyes close once again, trying to relax as the doctor quickly went about his business. She looked tired; worn out and a little worried, even though Dr. Farthing had been reassuring so far.

“Okay Alex,” Dr. Farthing announced minutes later, sliding his stool back and standing from it. He snapped off his gloves, washed his hands, and then moved back over to them, helping to adjust Alex’s legs from the stirrups and back into a more comfortable position. “We’ll run all the normal screenings on the pap smear, but I’m not seeing anything to be concerned about tonight. Since I don’t have your records from your previous doctor yet, I’d like to go over just a couple of things before we do a quick scan.” Dr. Farthing flipped to a new page in her chart and clicked his pen open. “When was your last period?”

“Right before Christmas. December 18th was the first day of my cycle.”

Dr. Farthing did a quick mental calculation. “So you’re roughly about six weeks along. Did you have nausea during your first pregnancy by this time?”

“None at all during the whole thing. Emma was super easy,” Alex murmured, her eyes closing as she tipped her head back against the exam chair. She knew the this all needed to be done, she knew he needed to make sure things were okay, but between not being able to keep anything down all day and the tension and stress that was building, she wanted nothing more than to lay there, rather than answer questions about her pregnancy history.

“Not uncommon,” Dr. Father remarked with a smile as he made a note in Alex’s chart. “How about your emotions? How were they early on during your first pregnancy?”

Alex sniffed and opened watery eyes, finding Harry and his sympathetic gaze before turning to look at the doctor. She took a deep breath and her voice was tight and heavy when she spoke. “To be honest...I’m not entirely sure. My first husband...he died when I was barely six weeks pregnant. I was a mess, but I don’t know if it was heightened by pregnancy or not.”

Harry felt something click inside of him at her words; realization washing over him. He kept silent, knowing he could talk about it with her later, but he did reach out and tentatively lay his fingers on top of hers, careful to keep away from the IV inserted there. She didn’t push him away, much to his relief, letting him rest his fingers comfortingly on hers, his thumb stroking softly back and forth across her soft skin.

“Have you had any bleeding? Any abdominal pain?” Dr. Farthing continued.

“None,” Alex murmured.

“Any additional pregnancy symptoms? Breast tenderness?”

“Yes,” Alex answered honestly. “They’re much more tender than they usually are with my period. Especially my nipples. And I’ve had lower back aches, which I definitely did have with Emma.” Unable to help it, she risked a glance towards Harry as she finished answering. If she were at all feeling well, she would have been a tiny bit amused at the way his cheeks flushed with a bit of embarrassment with the question.

“Very good,” Dr. Farthing nodded. “I know it doesn’t seem that way, but symptoms are good. Though I’m glad you came in early if you’re not able to keep anything down. You made the right call there. Are the fluids helping at all yet?”

“A bit,” Alex nodded. “I don’t feel like I’m going to vomit all over you any second.” Both Dr. Farthing and Harry chuckled and a small smile pulled at Alex’s lips.

“That’s a good sign,” the doctor nodded as he stood from the stool and wheeled a machine close to the bed.

“What is that?” Harry asked, looking from the doctor to Alex.

“It’s an ultrasound machine,” Alex tipped her head to the side and smiled curiously at her husband. “You know, for the scan?”

Harry blinked and he couldn’t help the smile that began to spread across his face as realization dawned. “We get to see the baby? Tonight?”

And the upset and frustration towards Harry that Alex had been feeling for past few days began to melt away a little bit. He looked so happily stunned and instantly excited at the realization that he was going to get to see their child on the screen that was blinking to life, that she couldn’t find it in herself to hold on to those feelings in that moment. She blinked as the tears rose in her own eyes and she sniffed, her voice wavering as she met Harry’s gaze and nodded.

“I can give you a moment, if you’d like, “Dr. Farthing said kindly, reaching for a tissue and passing it to Alex.

“No, no. We’re ready.” Alex shook her head and wiped at her tears. She turned to Harry for confirmation and he couldn’t do anything but smile and nod; a little afraid if he said anything that he would break down into tears right along with her.

After pulling out a sheet to cover Alex from the waist down, Dr. Farthing pushed the gown up over her stomach. Alex sucked in a breath as he quickly applied to jelly to her abdomen, memories of doing this very thing when she was pregnant with Emma rushing back to her and making her want to cry again.

“Is it cold?” Harry whispered, catching her rush of emotion and wanting to talk to her, to pull her back from the emotional edge for the moment.

“A little,” she sniffed, blinking as she shifted her eyes to his. She smiled softly, feeling the tension between them fade even more as the doctor pressed the wand to her belly and the familiar-to-her “whoosh whoosh” sound began to pulse faintly from the machine.

“Oh wow…” Harry breathed, her fingers tightening over hers as his gaze shifted to the screen. “That’ weird looking.”

Dr. Farthing chuckled and pressed the wand into Alex’s belly as he moved it around slightly. “Alright, little one. Let’s see you…” he drawled slightly, reaching over to press a button on the machine. He suddenly peered closer, adjusting his glasses over his face as he pressed another button. “Well, would you look at that...”

“What is it?” Alex whispered, her heart tripping up in her chest.

“Is something wrong?” Harry’s voice rose a bit, his eyes flashing wide as he looked at the doctor. “Do you see it?”

“Oh yes,” Dr. Farthing turned a wide smile to them and shook his head. “Right here,” he pointed to a little round blip on the screen. “See that?”

“Oh wow…” Alex smiled wide, taking it in before turning to find her husband, his gaze still riveted to the screen.

“And this,” Dr. Farthing continued, his finger shifting just slightly to another small blip near the other.

Alex’s head whipped back around. “I’m sorry. Did you say AND? As in...another one?”

“Oh holy crap…” Harry breathed next to her, feeling his world shift around him a bit.

“Mhmmm…” the doctor nodded. “We’ve got two babies in here; twins. And see how they’re in the same bubble here?” he circled it with his finger. “Monozygotic. Or, identical if you’d like.”

A moment of stunned silence filled the room; both Harry and Alex stared at the monitor, watching the two little fuzzy blips.

“Twins?” Harry finally whispered, his gaze swinging to his wife before flicking back to Dr. Farthing. “Oh my...I just…” He could barely take a breath over the way his heart was going like a trip hammer in his chest. Finally giving up his quest for words, he just turned to his wife, finding her eyes just as wide as his. “Alex…”

“Twins…” she let out the word in a slow breath as her eyes searched his. “Ha! I can’t believe...twins! TWINS.”

Harry laughed, his eyes crinkling up at the side as he shook his head in disbelief. “Oh my God. Alexandra…” And then, forgetting that the doctor was in the room with them, he leaned forward and pressed his lips to her forehead, her nose, her cheeks, and then lightly to her lips, squeezing his eyes shut again the tears that surged forward.

“Oh God,” Alex breathed, pulling back and smiling up at Harry before turning wide eyes to the doctor. “Is that why I’ve been so sick?”

“Most likely,” Dr. Farthing confirmed. “Two babies can take a lot out of you. You could stop feeling nauseous tomorrow, or it could continue on throughout the first trimester, but we can always administer nutrients or fluids privately at home if needed.”

“Okay,” Alex nodded, laughing lightly as she swiped at the tears in her eyes. “Okay. I think we can deal with that.” She turned to Harry and he nodded, his eyes soft and happy and his grin wide as looked back at her.

The next few minutes seemed to pass by in a haze for both of them; the news having thrown both of them for quite the loop. Dr. Farthing took a picture of the screen, printing out one for them and placing one in the file. Then, after making sure Alex was cleaned up and situated comfortably again, he stepped from the room to give the parents-to-be a moment.

And then they were alone - just them and this incredibly, gigantic news that they were still both trying to absorb.

“Alexandra,” Harry murmured, turning to her just as soon as the door clicked shut behind the nurse. His eyes filled with tears and wonder and his hands moved to her face, sliding along her jaw as he pressed a kiss to her lips. “You little overachiever!”

“What?” she laughed and leaned back against the chair, tension flowing out of her by the second.

“Twins!” Harry laughed along with her. “Two babies! At once! One would have been fine, but you’re just...going to go ahead and give me two. I’m so fucking happy right now I could just…”

“Forgive your wife for being a completely crazy person this week?” Alex asked, her smile a bit shy as she looked up at him with wide eyes.

“Oh love,” Harry sighed, his head tipping to the side.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, her eyes filling with tears. “I didn’t realize why I was so frustrated by everything.”

“I get it,” Harry nodded, bending down to kiss her fingers. “It’s different this time...than when you were pregnant with Emma.”

“I did it by myself before,” Alex whispered, blinking at the tears in her eyes. “He was gone and I did it all by myself; loving my baby and taking care of her. I knew what was best and that was that and I…”

“But you don’t have to do that this time,” Harry smiled softly and his hand moved to her stomach, warm and comforting and protective as it rested there. “I’m here. I want to take care of you and Emma and our...babies. Our family.”

“I want that too...” Alex lifted a hand to cover his where it rested on her stomach, over the place where their children were growing. “I’ve never wanted anything more in my entire life.”