Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Against the Odds - Chapter Twenty Part One


Nobody except for a few high ranking officials in the Army and Harry’s father knew that Harry was supposed to be in the Apache that went down with Geoff in it that night. Harry did not want that getting out and the Army respected that.

Of course, back in England, Alex had heard about the death in Harry’s regiment. William had called and told her, as he didn’t want her to hear on the news and worry that Harry had been involved at all. She was heartbroken for Harry, that one of his men died, and wished she could talk to him about it. However, she knew his calls were limited and understood why William had to tell her. Besides, it was only two weeks until he came home. Two weeks until she could jump in his arms, kiss the lips off his face and then talk to him until she was blue in the face.

However, this particular day wasn’t being spent by Alex missing Harry and counting down the days until he was home.

This morning Kate had called Alex from King Edward VII hospital and asked her if she would come in that afternoon and meet the new little boy that had been born into the family just yesterday. And because that is an invitation that nobody would refuse, Alex had rearranged her schedule and was now just waiting for the driver that was being sent for her so she could leave her office to make her way to the hospital.

She had been given strict instructions on how to get into the hospital to see Kate. As she still needed to go as under the radar as possible, they were sending the driver for her that would have the clearance to take her to the back entrance of the hospital. They had the street blocked off that led into the alternative entrance, and the paparazzi would be none the wiser of anyone sneaking through. Besides, the press was all camped out up front, snapping pictures of Kate’s family and of the various Royals who went into to visit the new heir. Once inside they would lead her up through the hospital to the secure floor where Kate was staying with the new baby.

Alex was giddy when her driver arrived. She said goodbye to everyone in the office before running out, throwing the driver a big smile as he opened the door for her. She slid into the backseat and then struggled to contain her excitement on the twenty minute drive to the hospital.

It wasn’t that this baby was in line for the throne. It wasn’t that this baby was famous already. It was that she had gotten to know these people over the past four months, and not only were they her boyfriend’s family, they were her friends as well.

Plus, Alex loved new babies. The smell of them, the look of them, cuddling them…it sent her heart into pitter patter overdrive. She had never been like that until she had Emma; until she held her own baby in her arms. Now, any baby made Alex’s heart melt.

Finally, they made it to the hospital, and sure enough, they had secured the street leading into the back entrance enough the no one was around to see the car pull in. When they came to a stop the driver immediately got out and opened her door. She slid out and had to force herself not to bounce up and down in excitement as she walked to the door to greet the woman who was obviously waiting for her there. For the millionth time since she met Harry she had the thought that everything around these people lives was so choreographed and timed completely perfectly.

“Ms. Morgan?” the woman asked with a smile.

“Yes,” Alex said, returning the smile.

“Very good. I’m Paula Hawkins. I’ll be taking you up to visit the Duchess.”

“Thank you, Miss Hawkins” Alex said with a smile. Then the woman turned and Alex followed her through the door and down the hall to a small elevator. When it opened and they stepped inside, Miss Hawkins slipped a key card into the control panel and the elevator immediately began moving upwards.

“Secure floor,” Miss Hawkins said to Alex with a small smile.

“That’s what they told me. I had no idea that such a thing even existed,” Alex said, returning the small talk.

Miss Hawkins raised a brow. “For the Royals they do.”

Alex gave a small laugh. “Now, that I don’t doubt.”

The elevator pinged as they hit the top floor and the doors opened. There were two Protection Officers standing in front of the elevator and they nodded to Alex and Miss Hawkins as they existed. Alex followed the older woman as she briskly led her down the hallway before finally stopping in front of a set of double doors with another Protection Officer waiting out front.

“Ms. Alexandra Morgan,” Miss Hawkins announced to the Protection Officer standing to the side of the door.

“Very good. You may go in Miss Morgan,” the PO said with a smile.

Alex almost clapped her hands together with joy, but managed to keep herself together…just barely…as she knocked softly and then entered the room.

It was a huge suite, with several couches, a table with four chairs, and big screen TV set up in the corner which was on, but the volume was turned down low. Alex peeked grinned as she saw Kate sitting on the bed…with something very tiny wrapped up in a blue blanket cuddled in her arms. She had a grin that stretched from ear to ear, and Alex immediately found herself with one too as she saw the new mom and baby together.

“Hi,” Alex whispered, mindful of the sleeping infant.

“Hello,” Kate whispered back and then she chuckled lightly. “He’s not sleeping,” she said in a voice that was still soft but above a whisper. “It seems that it’s automatic to whisper though doesn’t it?”

“See? What did I tell you? Learning to be a mother already,” Alex said with a wink.

Kate nodded. “You were right,” she said with a sweet smile. She looked down at her son and then back up at Alex. “Do you want to hold him?”

“Oh my, I thought you were never going to ask,” Alex said as she quickly put her purse down on one of the chairs and moved over close to the bed. Alex sighed as Kate gently passed her son over to her. She made sure she was supporting his head and then adjusted him so he was cradled in her arms.

“Wow,” Alex breathed as she took him in. He had a head of dark blonde hair that Alex was sure would become dark like his mother’s. He had his father’s nose and a perfect little mouth. His eyes were open but looked sleepy.

“Kate…he’s beautiful…just amazing,” Alex said. She had tears in her eyes when she looked up at Kate.

“Thank you,” Kate said with a grin. “Do you want to know his name?”

“Oh, yes please,” Alex said with an excited giggle.

Kate took a deep breath and reached over to run her finger along her son’s cheek. “Henry Phillip Michael Charles.”

“Henry?” Alex breathed.

“It’s a nice name,” Kate shrugged nonchalantly.

Alex laughed, reaching up to wipe a tear from her cheek. “It’s a wonderful name. I assume he will be called Henry and not Harry.”

“You would assume correctly.”

“I love it,” Alex grinned. She rocked Henry back and forth in her arms, watching as his eyes drifted closed.

“You can sit down with him,” Kate whispered, motioning towards a comfortable looking chair on the other side of the bed.

Alex nodded and moved slowly around the bed to sit in the chair. “Where is everyone?” Alex asked when she was situated.

“Most everyone came to visit this morning and William went to pick up something. He should be back any minute.”

“Good. I was hoping to say hi to the new daddy,” Alex grinned.

“Well, today is your lucky day then,” Kate said softly, a twinkle in her eye.

“So how are you feeling? Did everything go okay?” Alex asked.

“I’m great. Everything went easily. It’s amazing how a pregnancy that started so rough ended so smooth.”

Alex chuckled. “It works out that way. My pregnancy with Emma was easy from the beginning. No morning sickness or anything. But, oh boy…that girl gave me trouble when she arrived.”

Little Henry stirred in Alex’s arms then and started fussing. “Oh little man, I’m sorry,” Alex whispered. “I was too loud.” She stood and started rocking him gently again, lulling him back to sleep.

Then door to the suite opened and Alex looked up, smiling as William appeared.

“Alex,” he said warmly, his face full of excitement.

“Did you find you what you were looking for?” Kate asked with a sly look on her face.

“What are you two up to?” Alex asked with a grin, assuming the look on Kate’s face had to do with some inside joke.

And then William stepped inside the door and another form filled the doorway. A form dressed in full camouflage with a shock of bright red hair.

Alex gasped and her eyes went wide. Her heart skidded to a halt. She blinked several times, trying to assess if this was real or if this was some kind of dream or figment of her imagination.


“Alexandra,” he said gruffly, his eyes searching hers, that smirk of a smile playing on his lips. He looked just like she remembered him. Maybe a little thinner, maybe a little tired. But he was still Harry. He was still her Harry…and he was here.

“Will, can you please take our son from Alex before she drops him shock,” Kate said with a giggle. William immediately moved forward and lifted his son from Alex, moving off to the side by the bed.

As soon as her arms were free they were moving towards each other, their eyes never losing contact. He opened his arms and she flew into them, wrapping herself completely around him as he lifted her off the ground. In that moment she didn’t care that she was in a room with two future Kings of Great Britain and a future Queen Consort, she didn’t care that she was probably being at least ten kinds of improper with the way she had her legs wrapped around him, and most of all, she didn’t care if anyone in the room cared about either of those things.

Harry was here and she was in his arms. That’s all she cared about.

“Oh my God, you’re home” she whispered against his neck just before he pulled her back to look at the face he missed so much.

“I’m home,” he whispered as eyes swept over her face. He brought a hand up and laid it against her cheek, rubbing his thumb against her lips. He was desperate to kiss her. He had been desperate to kiss her since he was told he was going home yesterday. But the kiss…the many kisses…he wanted to give her, he couldn’t do it here; not in front of his brother and Kate and his brand new nephew. He wasn’t going to sacrifice that kiss for anything.

“You’re early,” she said, leaning her face into his hand. She didn’t fight the tears that pricked at her eyes. She blinked quickly and they fell, sliding down her cheeks.

“Surprise,” he whispered, causing a giggle to escape her lips. His eyes searched hers as he fought the urge to pull her mouth down to his, to kiss the hell out of her. Struggling, he finally gained control and took a deep breath. “Alex, I have to set you down now. I’ve got…I want to, but…” He struggled to get the words out.

“You need to meet your nephew,” she said, nodding her understanding. She knew that she wasn’t the only person in this room Harry was here to see. She knew that soon enough she would be alone with him. She had waited three and a half months. She could wait just a little bit longer. She didn’t want to sacrifice the intimacy of that moment any more than he did.

He pulled her tight to him one more time, loving the feel of her against him, loving the smell of her – a smell that had stayed in his nose for months and months and that he had never once forgotten.

“I love you,” he whispered before lifting her off of him and setting her on the floor.

“I love you too,” she whispered back, wiping the tears from her face.

He grinned then, that fun loving, sneaky grin he had; the grin he gave when something made him really happy. Alex couldn’t help the way her heart sped up when he did that, and how that grin really got it through to her brain that he was here, right in front of her. So, she grinned right back at him, just as happy as he was.

Harry reached for her had then, taking it in his and threading his fingers through hers before he stepped forward towards his brother and Kate.

“Wait,” Alex said softly as they stepped up to the new little family. “You all planned this,” Alex laughed, pointing at Will and Kate, who were taking in the reunion scene with big smiles and knowing looks.

Will chuckled lightly and Kate held her hands up in the air. “I was going to ask you to come see the baby this morning with the rest of the family, but when we found out that Harry was coming home today, I just delayed it a bit. We just took the decision of where to go first away from him,” Kate said with a wink at Harry.

But Harry wasn’t even paying attention to Kate; his eyes were completely focused on the baby in Will’s arms. He still had Alex’s hand in one of his, but the other was laid against his heart while he looked in wonder at his new nephew.

Alex released his hand, smiling softly at him, wanting him to meet the baby. He returned her smile and then, being the gentleman he was, moved to greet Kate first, giving her a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“We’ve missed you,” Kate said, the tears shining in her eyes. “Welcome home.”

“I missed you too. Thank you for everything,” he said, looking back at Alex.

Kate nodded and patted Harry on the arm before he turned his attention back to his brother and his nephew.

Harry took a deep breath and grinned as William passed his son into Harry’s arms.

“Oh man,” Harry murmured. “Look at you…” He looked up to Will and Kate. “Are you going to tell me the name now? Or do I have to guess all four names?”

Alex put her fingers to her lips, excited that he didn’t know yet and she got to watch him find out.

“Ah yes,” Will said, his eyes dancing. “This little guy here,” he stopped place his hand on the top of his son’s head. “This is Henry Phillip Michael Charles.”

A slow smile spread across Harry’s face and his eyes welled up. “Henry, huh?” He looked down at the sleeping baby in his arms. “Well, little guy, that’s a lot to live up to,” he murmured, his voice catching with emotion. He slowly began to sway, rocking Henry as he spoke softly to him. “I think you’ll do just fine though.”

Alex tore her eyes away from him for a second and looked at Kate, who looked just as emotional as she felt as she watched Harry. She glanced at Will, who was every bit the proud papa watching his brother with Henry.

And Harry…he was perfect in that moment; back with his family, back with Alex, and so happy to be an uncle and ready to love this little boy with all of his heart.


An hour later, Harry and Alex said their goodbyes to Will, Kate, and Henry. Henry needed to be fed and Kate was tired, but Harry promised to come back the next day. Alex would sit that one out, but promised to go visit them all soon at Kensington.

Harry took Alex’s hand as they left the room, throwing her a huge grin. Alex spotted his POs immediately, giving them a smile and a wave, and then they were walking; back to the elevator that would take them down to the exit.

“Harry?” Alex asked quietly as she leaned into him in the elevator.

“Hmmm?” He was content; having met his unbelievable nephew, being home with Alex, having her up against his side again.

“Where are we going?” she asked, looking up at him with wide eyes.

His hand immediately tightened on hers. Okay, so he was almost content.

“Where’s Emma?” he murmured.


“We can go get her now if you want.”

Alex opened her mouth but quickly shut it again, thinking over the words she wanted to say. “I really, really want Emma to see you. I want you to see Emma. But…”

The elevator opened and they stepped out.

“Your place it is then,” Harry decided with a grin.

“Oh thank God,” Alex sighed, a look of relief on her face.

Harry laughed as they moved out into the alley behind the hospital. The ever present Range Rover was waiting and they both slid in. She moved over instantly, tucking herself under his arm as she always did.

His finger’s found hers and he toyed with them, bringing them up to his lips for small kisses that sent shivers through her body. She looked up at, hardly believing that his handsome face was so close.

“Why are you home early?” she asked softly, reaching up to run her fingers across his lips, wishing that they were the only people in the car, wishing she could just move into and remind them both of the way they were together.

His hands moved over her back, touching her in all the places he could as the Range Rover moved through Central London. He swallowed. “You heard about the death of the soldier?”

Alex nodded, her eyes growing sympathetic for him. Harry steeled himself, not wanting to bother her with it, with just how close he was too Geoff, with just how close Harry came to being in that Apache himself. He was home now and he wasn’t going to do that to her.

“Normally there is an overlap, where a new group of soldiers arrives and takes a couple of weeks to take over for the outgoing regiments. They had debriefed us all, had us talk to people about the death, and we were winding down. The Army made the call to send us home a bit early. It happens every once in a while, especially when there is a casualty like that.”

“It wasn’t due to the baby then?” Alex asked with a small smile.

He shook his head slowly. “No, it was just a spectacular coincidence. Although, I did fly back separately so I could get home a little bit earlier. Usually they fly you somewhere to decompress for a couple of days and then you go home.”

“You didn’t decompress?”

He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers. “I’m decompressing now. I needed to see my family and meet my nephew. I needed to see you and Emma. I needed to see my girls, Alex.”

“I’m here,” she murmured, the tears filling her eyes. “Like you said, we can go get Emma right now…”

He chuckled. “No, I think I’m going to be selfish for just a couple of hours. Is that okay?”

“Yes,” she whispered; her heart pounding. The Range Rover pulled up to Alex’s building then and she looked up at him with big eyes and a tilted smile. She tugged at his hands as the car doors opened.

“Come on, Harry. Let’s go be selfish.”

And he always did, he followed her where she led him.

To Be Continued….