Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Against the Odds - Chapter Twenty Five Part Three

Matt, Emma, and Alex spent a fun filled week together. When Alex was at work, Matt took Emma to do some touristy things, including a special private tour of Buckingham Palace that Harry had arranged. When Alex didn’t have to be at the office, she joined them and they played in the park, went shopping, and grabbed meals at all the favorite restaurants that Alex had discovered during the years she had spent living in London. Harry was starting engagements again that week, so he was busy, but he joined them whenever he could, as he loved spending time with all of them.

The weekend came quickly and soon enough Harry was picking them up to drive out to the country and to the polo club. He had been given the okay to drive, so Alex sat up front with him while Matt and Emma were in the backseat. They all chattered away and listened to Harry as he pointed out landmarks and told little stories about the towns they passed through.

As they got closer though, Alex could feel the anxiety creeping up on her. She knew there would be press there as Harry was playing. While she had accepted that she would be photographed, and Matt seemed to brush it off with no problem, she was still undeniably nervous about Emma being captured on film and the pictures published.

When they pulled up to the polo club in Tetbury and all slid from the car, Harry could tell something was up with Alex. She had faded into silence within the last half an hour and she alternating between wringing her hands together and wiping her hands on the skirt of her dress.

“Hey Matt,” Harry said quickly as they got out of the car.


“Can you and Emma give me and Alex a second?”

Matt glanced over at his sister, who was so lost in thought she hadn’t even heard the exchange. “Sure,” he said with a nod. “Come on Em, let’s go see if we can find some horses,” Matt said with a smile at Emma. Emma quickly agreed and, taking her uncle’s hand, they moved off to give Alex and Harry a moment.

“Hey,” Harry called to Alex as he walked around the car towards her. Her attention snapped from wherever it had been and her eyes focused on him. He had to give her credit; she gave a valiant effort to look like she wasn’t worried about something. He knew better though. “You okay?” he asked her softly as he moved in front of her.

She smiled. It was tight and he could see the lines of worry about her mouth. “I’m okay,” she said, taking a deep breath.

“Care to tell me the truth, Alexandra?” he asked, his eyebrows raised.

She peered at him for a second before she finally gave a resigned sigh. “There will be photographers here today.”

Harry nodded. “We talked about that.”

“Emma will be in the pictures. There is no way around it. They will be published, I know they will. Just…just tell me why I shouldn’t worry again?”

Harry’s eyes softened. “Oh love, come here.” He pulled her to him, wrapping his arms about her waist. She moved her hands to his arms and looked up at him, waiting for him to talk. “You shouldn’t worry because this is a safe, happy environment for Emma to be in. The pictures will show that. We have friends here, we have family here. Emma will be surrounded by people that know and love her. And…”

“And what?” she asked softly, her hands moving up to his shoulders, her body moving a touch closer to his.

He took a deep breath. “And you don’t have to worry because I would never put Emma in a situation where she wasn’t completely safe. Never.”

Alex closed her eyes for a moment, absorbing his words. She took a deep breath and when she opened her eyes again the tension and worry were gone, eased away by Harry’s words and her complete trust in him.

“Okay. Okay…I’m good,” she finally said with a soft, happy smile. She moved to slip from his arms and go to Emma and Matt.

“Wait, one more thing,” Harry murmured, tightening his arms around her. She raised her eyebrows and his lips tilted as he leaned down close to her ear. “You look beautiful today. I am so damn proud you are with me that I can barely keep a stupid grin from my face. And I love you. I love you so very much, Alexandra.”

She couldn’t help the huge smile that lit up her face as he pulled back and looked at her. “I love you too, Harry. And thank you.”

He winked. “You’re very welcome, love. Now, are you ready?”



Taking her hand he turned and found Matt and Emma, standing off to the side a bit chatting and waiting for them.

“Everything okay?” Matt asked once Harry and Alex had made their way over.

Alex grinned. “It is now,” she said brightly. “You guys didn’t find any horses?”

“Nah. They are all inside. Didn’t want to go in without you,” Matt answered.

Alex held out her hand for Emma, who immediately took it, moving in next to her mom. “What do you think Emma? You ready to go in and watch Harry play?”

“I’m ready to see the horses,” Emma said pertly.

“Oh!” Harry moaned, clutching his heart. “Tossed aside for the horses.”

“What?” Emma asked, bewildered. “They’re pretty.”

There was laughter from the three adults and Harry shook his head. “Yes Em, they are very pretty. Let’s go find you one.”

Harry led them all inside, nodding at people as they passed. Alex didn’t know if they were acquaintances or if he was just being his eternally polite self, but either way, she kept a polite smile on her face as well, making eye contact with everyone that he did. When they arrived at the tent, Harry introduced both Matt and Alex to the tent host and then asked if they wanted to go see the horses he would be riding while he got changed and started warming up.

Alex was about to agree when she spotted Charlotte across the tent talking to several people. She grinned.

“Actually, I’m going to go talk to Charlotte for a few.” She nodded her head in that direction and definitely did not miss the way Matt’s eyes immediately looked, searching in the direction Alex has nodded. He smirked a bit when he saw her and then looked back at Alex with a wink. Alex rolled her eyes but laughed. “And I’m going by myself,” she added.

Matt’s smirked. “Fine.”

Harry shook his head. “Alright guys, this way,” he said with a chuckle. He leaned over and kissed Alex on the cheek before moving away with Matt and Emma.

Alex watched them go with a content smile for a second before turned towards Charlotte’s end of the tent, weaving her way through the small crowd. The group of people Charlotte was talking to was stepping away and she was just taking a sip of champagne as Alex came up behind her.

“Well hello, Stranger.”

Charlotte jumped, startled, and turned to Alex, narrowing her eyes when she saw who it was. She daintily wiped spilled champagne from her chin with her napkin.

“Did I scare you?” Alex asked, her eyes dancing and her lips pulling up at the corners.

“Oh fuck. Just stop it right now,” Charlotte groaned with a roll of her eyes.

Alex held her hands out in front of her, fingers spread. “What? I didn’t say anything.”

Charlotte snorted. “You want to though.”

Alex grinned. She couldn’t help it. “So…should I start planning your wedding now?”


“What would you like? Big church wedding or a small destination affair?”

“You are out of your mind.”

“Neither? City Hall?”

“Oh for Christ’s sake, Alex.”

“I’m just saying. I know his family. They are nice people.”

“That’s it; I’m walking away now and leaving your ass alone in this tent,” Charlotte muttered.

Alex saw Charlotte’s lips twitching though and she giggled. “That’s fine; leave me here. You can go talk to Harry.” She stopped and pointed to where Harry was out on the grass. “He’s right over there, with Matt and Emma.”

Charlotte’s eyes snapped to where Alex was pointing. “Oh shit. He’s still here?”

Alex laughed. “Yes.”

Charlotte drained her glass of champagne. “Fuck.”

Alex grabbed two more glasses of champagne from a waiter, passing one to Charlotte. “Why do you say that?”

“Why do I say fuck?”

Alex nodded and took a sip of champagne.

“Because it was a one night stand and I didn’t plan on seeing him again.”

“Charlotte, relax. It’s not like you have to sleep with him again.”

Charlotte slid her gaze to Matt out on the grass laughing with Harry about something before looking back at Alex. “Yeah…I’m gonna sleep with him again.”

“But we’re going to Highgrove tonight.”

Charlotte laughed. “Yep. So am I.”

Alex’s forehead knotted. “I’m so lost.”

“Harry invited me to Highgrove, Alex. It makes sense; the cousins and some of the friends who come to the Polo matches sometimes go to Highgrove for the night after a match and make use of ‘Club H’…for old time’s sake. That shithead invited me and conveniently made it sound like your brother had gone home.”

Alex blinked. “Okay…while there are about seven things I don’t understand about that explanation, let’s start with this; why would Harry make it seem like Matt had left?”

“Ha! My guess is that your brother told him that he asked to take me out while he was in London. To which I promptly told him it was a one night thing and under no circumstances would I be seeing him again. So, he came up with a plan to help his buddy out.” She stopped and took a deep breath, glancing out to the field once again. “Oh well. Fuck it. It was the best sex I’ve had in…forever. Magic, magic hands. And his mouth…”

“EW!” Alex squealed. She clapped her hand over her mouth when several people turned to look.

“And now you understand,” Charlotte said, cocking an eyebrow.

Alex shuddered, trying to get the visual out of her head. “Understand what?”

Charlotte leaned closer, a smirk firmly in place on her lips. “How I feel when you talk about Harry like that.”

Alex’s eyes widened and then she shuddered again. “Oh God. Never again. I promise.”


Harry had assembled quit the cheering squad on the sidelines. In addition to Alex, Emma, Matt, and Charlotte, Mike and Zara joined the group along with Harry’s cousin Peter, his wife Autumn, and their two little girls Savannah and Isla. Peter and Autumn were the last of the adult cousins for Alex to meet, so she was delighted that they were there and she instantly liked both of them. They were friendly, welcoming, and they both had a warm air about them. Their little girls were darling and Alex talked with Autumn for quite a while, comparing little girl stories.

When the match finally started the group situated themselves on blankets spread out on the grass, and when the riders trotted out onto the field Alex spotted Harry instantly and beamed with pride. He looked incredibly happy and incredibly…sexy…on that horse.

“There he is Mummy! There’s Harry!” Emma shouted when she spotted him as well, waving her finger wildly in his direction. Her excitement drew good natured laughter from the group and a grin and a wink from Harry.

Alex watched the first part of the match intensely, and for once in her life, Emma sat still and in Alex’s lap for longer than five minutes and did the same.

When the riders took their first break to change out their horses, Emma’s attention span had waned and she climbed from Alex’s lap and ran off to Matt’s area on the blanket, throwing her arms around his neck and giggling when he tickled her before settling her on the blanket between him and Charlotte.

“So, how are you enjoying everything?”

Alex turned toward the voice, the accent that was so much like her own, and smiled when she saw Autumn there.

“It’s wonderful. This is my first polo match, but it’s been so fun,” Alex said, stretching her legs out on the blanket in front of her and smoothing down her skirt.

Autumn grinned. “It should be more popular in North America, shouldn’t it?”

“Absolutely. I’ll get my brother to work on that back home,” Alex cracked, nodding her head towards Matt.

Autumn laughed and looked out to the pitch for a moment before turning back to Alex. “How about everything else that comes with dating Harry? The press, the interest in your private life, the family…”

“Well…” Alex began, taking a deep breath. “It’s actually been okay. It’s something I almost feel removed from sometimes. I don’t read the articles or look any of it up online. The magazines are just starting to print pictures, and of course I see the covers…but it’s not worth it to pick it up and see what they say. And as for the family…” she drawled, mimicking Autumn’s tone, causing a giggle to pass between the two women. “Everyone has been…completely amazing. I feel like everyone I’ve met has welcomed me with wide open arms, no questions asked.”

Autumn nodded. “Surprised?”

Alex thought for a moment. “Honestly, and this is going to sound like such crap, but I didn’t really worry about it. I had a moment of weirdness literally thirty seconds before I met Charles and Kate, but other than that…it all just kept happening so fast I didn’t stop to think about it.”

“It doesn’t sound like crap,” Autumn said softly. “It sounds like a young woman who has more things to think about than what she’ll say to impress her boyfriend’s family, even if it is this family. I think the reason you’ve fallen into step so well with this group is that you are an extremely confident and strong woman, and you really can’t be anything other than that if you are going to be part of this.” She stopped and grinned, glancing back towards a laughing Emma. “Plus, that little one of yours, she’s got Windsor sass written all over her. I can’t wait until Philip gets to meet her.”

Alex blinked. “Philip…as in…”

“Philip as in Harry’s grandfather, yes,” Autumn grinned.

Alex let out a breath. “And here I just got through telling you that I didn’t worry about meeting any of the family.”

Autumn let out a soft chuckle. “Oh look, you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t get at least a little nervous about meeting Grandfather and Granny. But honestly, you’ll do fine…whenever the time comes.”

“I appreciate the vote of confidence,” Alex said sincerely.

Autumn smiled and winked at her and then then their attention was drawn back to the pitch as the riders came back on. Alex spotted Harry and he looked over to her, offering her a grin before moving into position, looking confident and ready to win.


Harry’s team did win. And after the Winner’s Trophy had been presented the first thing that Harry did was bound over to where Alex was, standing with Emma and talking to Zara while the group all waited to congratulate him.

Emma spotted him first and broke free from Alex, running towards Harry, ready to throw her arms around him. He laughed and bent down to halt her, his hands gently wrapping around her arms before she could launch herself at him.

“Hold on Em, I’m all sweaty and dirty. Your mum would skin me alive if I got that new dress you’re wearing covered in this mess,” he chuckled.

She looked down at her dress and her eyes got wide when she realized the mistake she almost made. “Yeah, she would be maaaaaad.”

Harry shouted his laughter and then took Emma’s hand, leading her back over to Alex.

As Alex watched him come toward her, she was almost shocked at how suddenly lust for him in that moment washed over her. He was hot, sweaty, and dirty; but full of swagger, confidence, and elation from his win. And the fact that he looked so perfectly at ease and normal holding onto Emma like he was…she just wished more than anything at that moment that they were alone and she could find a wall to shove him up against and have her way with him. But they weren’t alone; there were hundreds of people, his family, and of course the press watching them at that moment.

But when he stopped in front of her and offered her that huge boyish grin her fingers literally itched to reach up into that sweaty mess of red hair and pull his lips crashing against hers.

Of course, Harry saw it written all over her face and he wasn’t about to let that look go to waste.

“Congratulations,” she said with a big smile and a soft voice.

“That’s all I get? Just congratulations?” he teased her. He knew she wanted to plant one on him, and at that moment he didn’t give a fuck who was watching.

She smirked. “Oh…I thought you already got a kiss from the woman who presented the trophy?”

He raised his eyebrows in a silent challenge. “If you’re okay with that being the only kiss I get…”

It didn’t even take half a second before she was stepping closer to him, moving her hand to the back of his neck, and pulling his head down to press her lips quickly, but solidly, to his before moving back to let the others in the group in to congratulate him.

And with that, the world had its first picture of Prince Harry of Wales kissing his beautiful, American born girlfriend Alexandra Morgan. The kicker though, the piece of this picture that made it instantly iconic, was the little blonde headed girl, her little hand firmly tucked into Harry’s, looking up at her mother and the Prince with complete adoration on her face.

With that, once the congratulations had been given and Harry confirmed just who would be joining them at Highgrove, they were moving back to the cars to begin the drive over.

And although Alex had thought the weekend had been amazing so far, it was certainly nothing compared to what Highgrove had in store for them.