Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Chapter Thirty Four

The drive to Alex’s parent’s house in the suburbs of Houston took about thirty minutes, but it was quite a role reversal for Harry and Alex. Usually it was Harry pointing out things as they drove by; places that he had been, landmarks that had particular meaning to him. But now it was Alex who was busy pointing at things as they passed, telling stories or anecdotes about why they meant something to her.

And Harry listened. He soaked it all up. He loved hearing about her and her life before London; her life before him. He committed it all to memory; the waterpark right off the freeway that her and her friends used to visit every single day in the summers before they could drive, her favorite restaurants, the place on the freeway where she had gotten in her first car accident.

“It was just a small fender bender, but I cried for two days. I was in my brother’s car and I felt terrible,” she said with a sheepish smile.

A smile that made Harry smile even wider.

And soon enough they were pulling off of the freeway and into the suburb Alex’s parents lived in. It was quiet and the roads were lined with trees; hardly anything visible from the main road.

“Where is everything?” Charlotte asked Alex. “I mean, you gave the impression that this was a pretty busy place. I see cars; quite a few cars. But where are they going? I just see trees.”

Alex laughed. “It’s part of the charm of this place. Right beyond these lines of trees there are shopping centers and so many houses it will make your head spin. But from here, it just looks like woods. Our turn is right up here actually,” she said, a huge smile breaking across her face from her excitement. “Once we turn you will see.”

Alex’s extreme excitement to be here, to be home, calmed Harry’s nerves for this moment quite a bit. It was obvious to him how much she loved her family and it put him at ease. Even though he hadn’t officially met her parents yet, he had only spoken to them briefly on the phone, their friendly and welcoming voices told him that this wouldn’t be like meeting the aristocratic parents of former girlfriends. He had always hated those times; feeling like he had to put on an act, a show, and play his up own aristocratic background up just to feed their egos.

Alex was right, once they pulled off of the main road, the neighborhoods and shopping centers came into view and they saw that it really was a bustling place. And then they were turning again, pulling into one of the neighborhoods. Their driver laughingly turned off the GPS, not needing it at all with Alex pointing out the directions from the backseat.

And then they were there. The two black Range Rovers pulled up in front of the sprawling house on the big green lawn and they were there.

Alex was home.

A flurry of activity started as soon as the doors were opened on the Range Rovers. The front door of the house opened immediately after and Alex’s parents came rushing out, both with big smiles on their faces. Alex’s breath caught and she teared up as she stepped from the car, overcome with emotion at not having seen her parents for such a long time. She wanted to run into their waiting, open arms and hug them both for hours, but she resisted the urge. She not only needed to get Emma out of the car, but she wanted Harry to be by her side when she greeted them with all of the hugs and kisses she wanted to give.

“Come on, Em,” Alex smiled as she lifted her daughter from the car from under her arms. Emma’s smile matched hers and the little girl’s feet were barely on the ground before she was flying towards her Mimi and Poppy, her long gangly legs just flying in all directions as she tore across their lawn.

Alex laughed as her mom caught Emma first, enveloping her in a big hug and smothering her in kisses, making Emma squeal in delight. Harry slid from the car next to her then and Charlotte joined them from the other side. Both of them were grinning at the reunion happening in front of them as they waited for Alex’s lead on going to meet her parents.

“You ready?” Alex turned to Harry and whispered, her eyes swinging up to meet his.

His smile softened and he reached for her hand, entwining their fingers together. “Absolutely, my love. Let’s go meet your family.”

Alex smiled wide and proud and she moved forward, tugging Harry along with her and nodding for Charlotte to follow. And Alex tried to be calm. She tried to remain collected. But when they were only about ten feet from them, Donna Emerson caught her daughter’s eyes, eyes so much like her own, and they instantly filled with tears. Her arms opened wide and Alex couldn’t help herself. She dropped Harry’s hand and ran forward, flying into her mother’s open arms and letting her envelope her into a huge hug.

“Mom,” Alex cried and laughed at the same time. “I missed you so much.”

“Oh honey, I missed you too,” Donna answered, her own voice hoarse with emotion. She pulled back after a few moments, wanting to hug her daughter forever, but knowing there were other hellos to be had and introductions to make. Alex smiled wide at her mom one more time, tears shining in her eyes before turning to her dad, standing so strong and tall beside her mom, just like he always had.

“Daddy,” Alex whispered, moving into his arms for a hug. His arms closed around her and she was unable to help the tears that slipped from the corners of her eyes.

“Good to see you, Boot,” he said gruffly, squeezing her tight.

Harry hung back with Charlotte, watching the reunion scene with a pounding heart and a soft smile.

“Wow,” Charlotte breathed. “That’s a family right there.”

Harry grinned. “Yeah.”

And then Alex was moving out of her dad’s arms and turning to Harry with a wide, excited smile. She held her hand out for him and he instantly moved, stepping forward, nervous but excited to finally meet her parents.

Her hand found his instantly when he got to her and she turned back to her parents. “Mom, Dad…this is Harry.” Her smile was proud, her face completely lit up with love for him.

Harry gave them both a warm smile and moved to hold his hand out to Alex’s mom. “Mrs. Emerson; it is so nice to finally meet you.”

And Harry was completely taken by surprise when she bypassed his hand completely, pulling him instantly into a big hug, wrapping her arms tightly around him. “I told you on the phone to call me Donna, Harry,” she said warmly as she squeezed him tightly. When she pulled back from him Harry had to swallow the lump in his throat, he had to breathe through the emotion at being pulled right into Alex’s mother’s arms.

“My apologies,” he grinned. “Donna it is.”

“Wonderful,” she beamed before turning and gesturing to Alex’s father. “I know you two spoke on the phone as well, but officially I’d like you to meet my husband, Michael.”

Harry grinned as Michael immediately put his hand out and he took it, both men shaking firmly. “It’s nice to meet you, sir. Thank you for having us this week. Really, thank you both. It’s a lot of…inconvenience.”

Michael laughed and reached up to clap Harry’s shoulder with his free hand. “Nonsense. We’ve got plenty of room. I’m only sorry that we couldn’t accommodate Matt’s lady friend, which I think Matt’s completely fine with,” he laughed as his eyes fell on Charlotte. “And I’m thinking that you must be her. Charlotte, right?”

Charlotte stepped forward then, a smile on her face, biting her tongue at being called Matt’s ‘lady friend.’ “Yes, I’m Charlotte Blakely. It’s lovely to meet you.”

And just as Harry was, Charlotte was pulled into a warm hug, first by Michael and then by Donna.

“We’ve heard so much about you from Matt,” Donna said, smiling warmly at the pretty brunette. “It’s lovely that you could come with everyone.”

“He told you about me?” Charlotte asked almost incredulously. She pretended not to hear Harry chuckle and Alex giggle off to the side.

“Of course, dear,” Donna said. “Matt’s not shy.”

Charlotte laughed then, she couldn’t help herself. “Oh, I’m aware.”

“Ha!” Donna laughed. “He certainly doesn’t hide it.”

“Not at all,” Charlotte grinned. “Where is he by the way?”

“Work,” Michael offered. “He should be here in a couple of hours.”

Charlotte nodded and was about to respond when Emma came running over, tugging on Alex’s hand.

“Okay! Come on guys!” Emma cried out, growing tired of all the adult interactions. “Let’s go inside!” She turned and looked at Harry as she tugged on Alex again. “Harry, did you know that Mimi and Poppy have a movie theater in their house? It’s the best thing ever.”

“Yeah?” he laughed. “Sounds like Disney movie watching Heaven.”

Emma sighed as the rest of the adults finally decided to follow her inside, laughing at her banter with Harry. “It really is, Harry. It really is.”


Once the cars had been unloaded, Michael volunteered to show Harry’s security team upstairs to the rooms that they would be occupying. While he did so and went over the technicalities as far as the patrols and surveillance they would have to do periodically during the week with them, everyone else convened in the kitchen, which was quite the norm for the Emerson home.

The kitchen was big, open, and bright. There was a large granite topped island and breakfast bar in the center of the room and that is where Harry, Charlotte, and Emma ended up; each perched on a stool while Alex helped her mom pull out an impressive array of snacks she had made for their arrival.

“Wow,” Harry commented as the spread was laid out. “Donna, this all this just amazing. Are you sure you don’t need any help? You went through all this trouble and…”

Donna laughed and waved him off as she pulled the plastic wrap from a tray. “Don’t you dare you get up, young man. This is no big deal. You’ve been on a flight for hours and I just wanted you to be able to eat before dinner.”

“Mimi, what about me?” Emma piped up. She was up on her knees on her stool and leaning on her elbows on the counter.

“What about you, Bug?” Donna asked with a smile.

“Can I do anything to help?”

“Absolutely!” Donna answered. “You can sit your cute little behind right on that stool and tell me all about these horse riding lessons you’ve been taking.”

Emma smiled big and clapped her hands together. “Harry’s cousin Zara is teaching me, Mimi. She’s so pretty and funny and did you know that she’s been to the Olympics?”

“Yeah?” Donna looked impressed. Her eyes flashed to Harry for confirmation.

He nodded and grinned. “She won a Silver Medal in London last year.”

“Very cool,” she grinned. “Well, Miss Emma Rose, it sounds like you are very lucky to have Zara as your instructor.”

Emma nodded. “I am.”

Alex came around the island then, having finished helping her mom, and she took the open stool next to Charlotte. “How’s work going, Mom?” she asked as she took a sip of water from a water bottle.

“It’s great,” Donna smiled. “I’ve made some good progress with my kids so far this year.”

“What do you do?” Charlotte asked as she reached for a baby carrot from the vegetable tray.

“I’m a Special Education teacher. I work with Elementary School students. Mostly kids with Autism.”

Charlotte grinned. “That’s amazing.”

“It really is,” Harry agreed. He had a wide smile on his face and he leaned forward on the counter, focusing his attentions squarely on Alex’s mom. “How long have you been working with Special Education children?”

Donna took a sip of her water before answering. “About thirty years. I took three years off when I had Matt and then Alex, and even though I didn’t really have to work due to Mike’s job, I really wanted to go back. Plus, I was able to have both my kids at the school I work at up until fifth grade, and that was really nice.”

“And Mike, he works in the oil business, right?” Harry asked.

Donna nodded. “He does. He is working a lot with newer technologies lately. He’s really interested in how his company can work with Green Energy and keep up with the changes it is making. You should ask him about it, he’d be glad to tell you all about it.”

“Tell him all about what?” Mike asked, walking into the kitchen. He walked over and put an arm around his wife and looked down at her with a smile.

“I was just telling Harry about your interest in Green Energy,” she replied.

“Ah yes!” Mike said, his face lighting up. “What do you know about Green Energy, Harry?”

Harry’s face lit up. “Quite a lot actually. My father is really interested in it himself…”


The next couple of hours passed quickly for everyone. The conversation flowed wonderfully in the big, open kitchen and Harry found himself grinning several times just from watching Alex interact with everyone. She had always been open and funny and warm with him, but seeing her let down her guard so completely made his heart swell. She was so instantly at ease in this place where she grew up.

The laughter was free flowing in the room as well, and it was just as the laughter died down in the room at a story that Mike had told that they all heard the front door open.

“Ah, that would be Matt,” Donna said happily.

“Hello?” Matt’s voice rang out into the foyer of the house as he opened the front door. His voice trailed closer as he continued to talk, “I see two scary looking black SUVs out front which can only mean one thing…”

“We’re in here, Matt,” Donna called out with a smile. She winked at Charlotte who, surprised by the playful action by Matt’s mom, let a smile and small laugh slip out before she even realized it.

Matt appeared in the doorway then, still clad in his dark suit from work, with a wide smile on his face. They all slid from their stools to greet him, but Emma beat them to the punch and bolted from her own, squealing and she ran towards Matt with wide spread arms.

“Uncle Matt!”

Matt grunted as Emma’s little body hit his own, but he laughed, clearly tickled at her excitement.

“Hey Bug!” he called happily, pulling his niece into his arms and smothering her with kisses, chuckling at the tiny squeals of delight she made.

He put Emma down and then greeted Alex with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Then he turned to Harry and grinned as the two shook hands. Matt told Harry how glad he was that they had come for the holiday and of course, that he had been practicing and he was definitely going to kick his ass at FIFA sometime during the week.

He turned then and spotted Charlotte. A wide grin spread across his face and Harry and Alex looked at each other knowingly.

“Ah! My houseguest for the week.” Matt teased Charlotte. He stopped then, narrowed his eyes slightly, and pointed at her. “Charlotte, isn’t it?”

Her lips twisted up into a smirk and her head tilted up to him as his moved closed to her. “Only out of necessity, Matthew.”

His eyes crinkled and he chuckled low as he leaned into her, pressing a warm hand around her back and a soft kiss to her cheek. “It’s good to see you,” he said to her in a soft, warm voice.

She leaned into him before she could help it, before she realized what she was doing, and pressed herself just lightly against him; chest to chest, stomach to stomach. She heard his breath suck in and she flushed, suddenly remembering where she was. She pulled back and back into herself, moving slightly away from him and clearing her throat.

“Thank you for letting me stay with you this week,” she said politely.

Matt laughed, recognizing that her sentimental moment was over and she was back in proper lady mode. “Anytime,” he said with a wink before he moved away from her and around the island to his parents.

“Pop,” Matt said with a grin as he patted his dad’s arm affectionately before laying eyes on Donna. “Mama,” he greeted cheekily. He leaned down to kiss her cheek and then stood back up and looked out at the room. “Okay,” he grinned, rubbing his hands together. “I’m officially on vacation for the week. It’s time for a drink. Who’s in?”


“Alright, Wales,” Alex grinned as she sauntered out on to the pool deck with a bowl in each hand. “Chocolote Chip Cookie Dough ice cream courtesy of Blue Bell Creamery. The best ice cream in the world.”

The night was warm for November, even in Texas, and Alex had decided that it was the perfect time to introduce him to the wonder that was Blue Bell; the first of her childhood favorites that she was letting him in on during their week-long visit. Emma had long ago been put to bed, Matt and Charlotte had left for the night back to his house, and her parents were fast asleep in their room on the other side of the house. Alex had been too wired, too excited to go to bed, so she had suggested they come out here for a bit and enjoy the warm night. Harry had only been too happy to oblige.

Harry couldn’t help but grin at her excitement as she moved toward where he sat, spread out on one of the big loungers by the pool. He took her in as she walked; the sway of her hips, the flush on her face from the wine they had been drinking. She was happy and sexy and so at ease in this place; this place where she grew up in.

“Scoot,” she ordered with a tilt of her chin.

“Bossy,” he replied as he moved to the side, making room for her.

“You like it.”

“Ha! And sassy too.”

She slid in next to him and smiled, handing a bowl off to him. “Where do you think Emma gets it from?”

Harry laughed and shook his head. “I’ve always known where Emma gets it from.”

Alex nodded and giggled as she took her spoon from her bowl and held it up in the air. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Harry mimicked, holding his spoon up like hers.

Her lips curved up at the sides and she arched an eyebrow. “Are you ready for this?”

“Absolutely,” he winked at her.

“Alright. Dig in.”

They both dipped their spoons in then, scooping up a bite and bringing it up to their lips at the same time.

“Ohhhh…this is good…” Harry groaned, quickly spooning another bite into his mouth.

“Told you,” Alex said smugly as she watched him eat.

“I never doubted you.”

Alex smiled and took another slow bite, savoring it. Harry, on the other hand, took his down faster, cleaning his bowl in a hurry.

“It looks like you enjoyed it,” Alex teased.

“I did, is there more?”

“Nope,” she laughed as she shook her head. “We got the last of it.”

“You still have more.” He lifted his brows and pointed his spoon towards her bowl.

“What? You think you deserve some of mine?”

His eyes danced and his smile was cheeky. “I do. Come on…give me a bite…”

“No way!” she exclaimed as she spooned another bite and moved the spoon towards her lips.

Harry grinned; a completely playful and silly grin, and then he reached up and his fingers wrapped around hers on her spoon before it made it to her mouth, taking her by surprise. And then, with the cocking of an eyebrow he tilted her spoon back and turned her hand, causing the bit of ice cream to slide ride off the spoon…and onto her chest.

“Harry!” Her eyes were wide as she put her spoon down, looking around for something to clean up with.

“Relax Alex, I got this,” he said in a low, throaty voice, his eyes flashing up to hers as he leaned forward.

“What…ohhhh…” Alex moaned as his lips and tongue found her skin, found the sticky, cold, ice cream that had fallen there. “Harry.” The spoon clinked against the glass bowl as it dropped from her hand.

“Mmm?” He smiled against the soft, pink skin of her cleavage. He tugged at the fabric of her shirt, revealing more of her, and his tongue dipped even further below.

“Harry…” A soft, tipsy giggle pushed from her lips, her free hand tugging into his hair; unsure if she wanted to push him closer or pull him away. “I think you got it.”

“I don’t know,” he leaned back a few inches, his eyes wild as he reached for the spoon. “I think I missed just a bit…” Alex watched with baited breath as he scooped up another spoonful of ice cream and without taking his eyes from hers, dropped it—quite purposefully—between her breasts.

“Oh!” She gasped at the sensation, cold ice cream against her skin—hot from the Texas night. On reflex her chest arched out to him and his grin pulled wide. “What are you doing?”

“I…” He sat up, his hands reaching for the bowl. “…am helping you…” He moved the bowl to the stand beside them and flashed the most cocky, smug look she had seen from him in some time. “…clean up.” His hands worked quickly, pulling her t-shirt up and over her bra, holding it there as his mouth returned to her skin; hot and wet in search of the creamy deliciousness he had just put there.

“Jesus!” She gasped, her hands moving to his head. And though she knew that maybe she should pull him back—they were at her parents’ house, in the wide open backyard—she simply couldn’t bring herself to do that. His tongue was warm and with every long, lap he took at her, he was sending wave after wave of the most tingling sensation over her skin.

“You taste amazing,” he assured her, his fingers moving to pull back the thin lace of her bra; his tongue slipping underneath it; causing her to hiss and press closer.

“It’s…the ice cream…” Alex breathed.

“No,” he shook his head; tugging her bra lower and lower until he exposed one pert nipple to the night air. “There’s no ice cream here…” His thumb ran over the sensitive nub and Alex had to bite her lip to keep from calling out.


“But I can fix that,” he grinned and reached to the bowl. Bypassing the spoon altogether, he dipped two fingers into the ice cream, bringing it quickly back. When he smeared it over Alex’s nipple, her head fell back against the chair. And when Harry’s tongue darted out to lap it up, she moaned into the still night air and pushed his face into her chest—no longer caring in the least that they were in a lounge chair, in the open, at her parents’ house. She only wanted more.

And when he gave her more, when pulled her nipple into his mouth, sucking it sharply between his lips and skimming his teeth along it, she shuddered. “Yes…” she moaned softly.

“Mhhmmm…delicious,” Harry moaned around the tight, hard nipple in his mouth.

The vibrations from his voice immediately shot sparks directly to Alex’s core. Her fingers tightened in his hair and her entire body reacted, arching toward him, asking for more of what he was offering to her.

He couldn’t help the cocky grin that hit his lips when she did that, when her body reached for his like that; when she wanted him like that. And maybe most other times he would have moved into her and pulled her body tight against his and given her the contact and the pressure she craved from him in that moment. But this time, right now, with the sweet taste of the ice cream and the even sweeter taste of her mixed together on his tongue, he wasn’t ready to give in just yet.

He wanted to play.

He pulled up and away from her then. A little moan of disappointment left her lips and her eyes fluttered open, finding him as he moved his body above hers.

“Where are you going?” she called out, reaching for him.

“Shhh…” he whispered as he pressed an ice cream flavored finger to her lips. “I’m not going anywhere.” His mouth pulled into a smug, cocky smile as his fingers left her lips and found her shirt again, still bunched up above her exposed breasts. Gathering the material in his hands he tugged and she immediately raised her arms so that he could pull it from her. Bending down slightly he reached a firm hand around her and unclasped her bra, pulling it with him when he sat back up and tossing it to the side.

“Alex…you look good enough to eat,” he said, his voice soft and deep as he stared down at her.

“Then come back,” she beckoned, her voice whisper soft as her body arched into the compliment her gave her, her chest thrusting up into the night air towards him.

He could see the stickiness of the ice cream left on her and the wetness from where his mouth had been and it sent a wave of lust running through him. His cock surged in his pants and he forced himself to take a deep breath, to calm down, to remember exactly what he wanted to do here.

His lips tugged up at the corners. “Patience is a virtue, Alexandra,” he chided.

She moaned, her eyes growing heavy and her body flushing at the meaning behind his words; at the teasing that was sure to come.

A light, growling sort of laugh left Harry’s mouth at her reaction to him. Then, reaching down, he grabbed the bottom of his own shirt and pulled it up over his head, tossing it into the pile he had started with her clothes. “Things are about to get a little messy, baby…”

Her eyes widened as his fingers dipped back into the bowl beside them. He reached up and smeared the half melted ice cream over her lips, and before she could tip her own tongue out to catch any of it, his mouth swooped down on hers.

With a groan her mouth opened under his and his tongue thrust in immediately, bringing the sweet taste of the ice cream and the spicy taste of him with it. The way they moved was fluid. What could easily be mistaken for a well-choreographed dance gave tell to just how in synch Alex and Harry had become. As he took place between her knees, she made room. As her neck stretched up to kiss him closer, more fully—he pulled back—just enough to drive her mad without losing the kiss altogether. Her eyes pulled open as Harry sucked the last bit of ice cream from her bottom lip and released her.
With lust filled eyes Alex watched as Harry took her in, his eyes twinkling in the moonlight as he moved his focus to the previously unattended breast. As one warm, rough hand moved to cup it, to hold it firm in his palm, his other hand was quick to the bowl of melting ice cream. Alex’s breath sucked into her lungs as she watched him scoop a dollop up onto his fingers and brought it across her bare chest to her other nipple—now aching for the attention he was about to provide.

Her hands wrapped around the stiff fabric of the lounger she sat in and her chest pushed up into his hot, welcoming mouth and she could feel the heat pool between her legs; she could feel her nerves awakening underneath his touch.

“Mmm…” He moaned against her breast as his mouth sucked her in, pulling her out with a grin. “It looks like I made a mess,” his eyes flickered to the tiny droplets of ice cream that had fallen from his fingers as he moved. “Just let me…” His lips descended to the soft, sensitive skin just below her breasts, just at the bottom of her ribs. And as his tongue licked up the trail he had left, a laugh—a giggle that spoke of tickling and desire—burst through her lips. And it only spurred him on.

His hand returned to the bowl again but this time, it wasn’t just a finger full, this time it wasn’t just a dollop. Alex gasped when his hand flattened out at the top of her chest and ran straight down her middle, between the peaks of her breasts, to her belly button.

“Harry!” She gasped.

“Alex!” He mimicked and met her eyes. And when he licked his lips, when he offered a wink and that damn crooked smile of his, Alex had no idea what it was inside of her that kept her from tackling him and jumping him right then. And then his head lowered and his tongue swept out of his mouth over the soft curve of her stomach; dipping into her belly button and her hips arched off the lounger and Harry smiled wide. “There we go.”

“Shhhh…” Was all she could manage as her eyes pressed closed and her hands shoved back into his hair. Harry made no haste as he licked up the sweet trail he had smeared across her. He sucked up the cool liquid, he licked at the hot skin underneath and when he finally reached the top of her chest, Alex had been worked into a frenzied sort of ecstasy. His eyes flicked up to hers and he saw fire there and his entire body moved towards her. With one finger, he dipped into the ice cream and brought it to her lips; parted and panting.

And Alex, not to be underestimated, moved her lips around that finger and sucked it all the way into her mouth. Every single nerve ending Harry had stood at attention while he watched as Alex, with wide innocent eyes, sucked and licked all of the sweet ice cream off his finger. Pulling it from her mouth with a pop, she smiled at the stunned look on his face, at the way his cock was pulsing against her and she knew—she had him just as much as he had her.

“Harry…” She spoke in a soft purr of a voice.

“Hmmm?” He swallowed, summoning his blood back to his brain.

“I think maybe…” She reached over and ran two fingers through the now mostly melted bowl of ice cream. And then Harry watched with a boiling desire as Alex, his sweet, beautiful Alex, ran a line of ice cream up the inside of her thigh, stopping just at the bottom of her shorts. “You might have missed a spot.”

With a deep, shuddering breath his eyes followed the line her fingers had made before they flashed back up to hers. He almost faltered at the look there. Her eyes were full of love and lust and…an unashamed confidence he had never seen there before.

“Alex…” he groaned as his hands moved down over her hips to the outside of her thighs. His fingers flexed there as his eyes held hers, totally hooked on the look he saw in them.

“Harry…” She reached up and rubbed his lips with her fingers. “You missed a spot, baby. You should really get that…” Her eyes flashed down to her thigh and her hips rolled upwards towards him and back down to the lounge chair in a move that Harry found so fucking sexy he almost forgot how to breathe.

Taking a deep breath and shaking his head slowly at her he moved down her body, keeping her eyes held with his. He gently pushed the leg that Alex has applied the streak of ice cream to up so her knee was bent up into the air and her foot rested flat on the lounger. Then, with firm fingers he pushed her leg out just a bit. And then, not being able to wait any longer, not sure that he could; his mouth descended on the soft, smooth skin of her leg.

“Oh fuck…” Alex hissed as her entire body jerked at the sensation. His mouth was hot and wet and it felt so amazing against the stickiness of the ice cream that was drying on her thigh. He was licking and sucking a slow, torturous path and her senses were alive, completely on fire with it. Her heart was pounding fiercely and she was almost sure that she had never wanted him as badly as she did right then. Her entire body ached with it; with the need he was arousing in her.

“You taste…” Harry breathed against her skin as his lips and tongue moved higher and higher, almost to the edge of her shorts. His voice, his breath against her, brought goosebumps to her skin and made her own breath catch. “So fucking sweet…I could taste you forever…”And just as he was getting to the last of the mess she had so purposefully made on her thigh, just as his tongue was licking away the last of the sweet desert from her skin, his other hand, still placed on her other thigh, started sliding upward until his fingers were moving under the material of her shorts. He ran his fingertips over the line of her panties along her hip. She moaned and turned her hips, trying to get closer to his teasing hand.

“Please…Harry…” she panted, her eyes turning down to his. “Please touch me, Harry. I need you to touch me.”

“Alexandra…” he growled with a shake of his head. “I am touching you, baby.”

“No, Harry…” She surprised him then by pulling from the lounger and sitting up. His eyes widened but he followed, sitting up with her but keeping one hand on her thigh and the other still teasing under her shorts.

“What, Alex?” he whispered. His fingers dipped under the edge of her lace panties then; just enough to feel the softness of her skin at the juncture of her thigh, but not enough that would bring her any real satisfaction, any real relief.

Her eyes pulled up to his and her bottom lip pulled between her teeth. “Harry. Touch me.” Her voice was a bid louder; a bit more demanding.

His fingers slipped a bit further under her panties.

She moaned and her eyes slid closed for just a moment. When they opened again they were hazy; unfocused. “Harry…”

He scooted closer to her then and brought his mouth close to hers. Their breath mingled together as his fingers shifted in her shorts, moving downwards and just barely grazing the top of her sex. “Where do you want me to touch you love?”

Her big blue eyes flashed just the tiniest bit of the innocence he adored before her confidence returned; full force and then some. He saw it happen and he steeled himself for what he was certain she would say. He waited for her to say the words, to name the place she wanted him. But when Alex moved to action, it was nearly his undoing.

Gathering her wits and her strength, she slid a hand around his neck and pulled his face close to hers, so that their lips were almost touching. His eyes held hers steadily. They were so close that he could read every emotion in them and his heart thumped in his chest. Then, her other hand wrapped itself around his wrist and she very deliberately moved his hand, sliding his fingers over her sex.

“Henry. I am so incredibly, unbelievably wet for you right now. Feel baby…” Her voice was low and throaty as she moved him, shifting her hips so his fingers could move further down.

“Holy fuck, Alex…” he groaned as his fingers moved slid down over her. “You’re so wet.”

“Mmm…” She moaned, her hand resting over his. “You’re driving me mad, Henry.”

“So wet and warm…” He moved closer, fingers slipping further into the warm, wet center of her.

“I know I should be mad but…” Her hand pushed on his, wanting him closer; needing him closer.

“Mad?” His lips twitched into a smirk but his fingers remained in place; a second one slipping inside of her.

“First…you took my ice cream,” her eyes flashed wicked and for a split second, Harry was nervous and then her lips parted and she pushed his hand further into her and his nervousness was replaced by something else entirely.

“I did,” he nodded.

“And then…ohhhhh…” Her head fell back just a bit as his thumb found her clit and gave her just a taste of what she knew he had ready for her.

“And then?” He teased, moving his fingers deeper, making a small ‘come here’ motion. Alex moaned; her hand pressing him closer.

“And then…” She took a deep breath and pulled her head upright. “Then you made a mess.”

“You like the mess,” he held her eyes and pushed his fingers further; slipping in a third.

“I love the mess,” her voice was low and growly. Her hand slipped from her pants and reached for the bowl of ice cream, her hips arching against Harry’s movements. “Oh God….but…” She took a breath, trying for control. “I think…I would like it even more if…” And Harry watched, his own judgments clouded by the intense want he felt for her, as she pulled the spoon from the bowl and with a wicked grin he hadn’t seen from her in a long time, she ran the sticky, wet spoon down the middle of his chest. “If it were all over you.”

He groaned, his entire body pulsing with her actions, her words, with the unbelievable way her wanted her. He pressed his hand harder against her, bringing a moan from her smiling lips. “Alex…”

“I want to taste you, Harry…” She licked her lips and moved forward, rising up on her knees. The move forced Harry to move his hand from her and her breath caught as his fingers slid from her. She shook her head slowly when he tried to go back to her. Instead she scooted closer to him on her knees until she was only inches from him. “I do like this mess, Harry. I really like this mess…” And then she picked the spoon up from the bowl again and with a raised eyebrow she ran another line on him, this time all the way across his broad chest.

“Fuck,” Harry groaned as she quickly turned around and placed the bowl back on the stand. “You have me so turned on, Alexandra.”

“Yeah?” she asked as she turned back to him; her eyes bright, excited, lusty.

His hands flexed and moved to her hips, bringing her close to him. His eyes were hot and heavy as they met hers “Incredibly.” His voice was low.

“Do you think…” She raised an eyebrow and her eyes danced. “It would turn you on if I did this?” She leaned forward then and tipped her tongue out, running a long, wet, hot line across his chest.

“Jesus Christ,” he panted. His cock surged in his pants with every swipe of her tongue, with every low moan that pushed from her lips. “Yes…”

And Alex was instantly drunk with power. She pressed further.

“What about this, Baby? Does this turn you on?” She moved down this time, licking and sucking and biting her way down the first line of ice cream she had drawn on him. “You taste so good, Henry. So sweet and spicy…”

“Alex…” he growled in warning.

She was absolutely wrecking him. And she was moving torturously down his body, setting him on fire. He moved his hands into her hair, not knowing if he wanted to pull her closer or tug her away. And then when she reached his abdomen, when her tongue slid down under his belly button, when her hands came up to his belt buckle and slid it open with easy precision, Harry couldn’t take it anymore. With a groan he tugged on her hair, pulling her up, pulling her lips to his. She moved into him and just as his mouth closed over hers, just as his tongue slid along hers, she pressed her chest into his and they both gasped. They were both sticky and wet from the ice cream and the sensations it created were completely new and different in an amazing way.

“Wow…” Alex grinned against his lips.

Harry’s arms moved around her, pushing her sticky body against his. “You feel…” he trailed off, not being able to find the words. Instead he pushed what he couldn’t say into her mouth; letting his lips and tongue tell her everything he couldn’t say in that moment.

Her hands were still on his belt buckle, and although they had stalled when their bodies met, she went to work again. Unsnapping and unzipping quickly she slid her hand inside and had her hand wrapped around him before he had a chance to come to terms to what she was doing.

Harry’s arms tightened around her as a groan pushed from deep in his chest. Alex’s tongue pushed into his mouth, stroking against his tongue the way her hand was stroking against his length and he couldn’t get close enough to her.

“Harry…” She called to him and his opened; dark and heavy. “I want you inside of me.”

“Fuck. Alex.” She delivered two long, hard strokes to him; his hips jutting towards her.

“Yes,” her nod was firm, her grin naughty. “Please.” Turning to the ice cream, Alex dipped the tip of her finger into the last of the sweet stickiness and ran that finger along the side of his neck. Her mouth close behind, she licked up the sweet salty skin there and when she reached his ear, she breathed. “Come on baby…”

“Come on?” Harry breathed; heavy and deep. And then, just as quickly as she had taken him into her hand, she had released him; rising from the chair.

Harry spun around to watch her as she moved, as she strutted away from him. She glanced over her shoulder, tossing him a look of seduction that pulled at his gut, at his cock, and she quickly undid the button and zipper to her shorts.

“Harry…” She beckoned and, biting her lip between her teeth, she let her shorts drop to the ground at her feet.

“Jesus,” he shook his head, his fingers digging into the fabric of the lounger. When she turned to face him, Alex’s smile spread wide; sweet and happy and full of the kind of peace she felt in that moment, at her childhood home, with this man who meant everything. And then, taking a breath, her fingers slid into her panties and she pushed them down over her hips. Harry’s hand moved over his heart, pushing to his skin as though he were trying to keep the organ from bursting out of his chest. “Fuck. Alexandra, you’re killing me.”

“I think it’s time for us to wash off, don’t you?” With a flick of her heel, she kicked her panties in his direction and before he could respond she turned and dove straight into the heated pool. Harry glanced around him, momentarily so upended that he wasn’t sure what to do next. Lucky for him, Alex knew exactly what she was doing. “What are you waiting for Wales, an engraved invitation?” She swam to the edge and looked up at him, her hair slicked back from the water. “I’m wet and hot and…are you really going to sit there on the side of the pool while I swim naked by myself?”

“No,” he found his voice, his desires taking over. Shaking his head, he rose to his feet; tugging his shorts down from his hips. “No I am not fucking sitting here on the side of the pool.”

Alex grinned, her lips pulling wide in victory, in anticipation, in excitement. “Then come on in, Captain,” she tossed out as she pushed back from the wall, swimming backward while keeping her eyes trained on him. “The water’s mighty fine.”

And Harry wasted no more time. He walked straight to the side and dove in after her. Opening his eyes under the dark water, he spotted her silhouette and moved to her. Alex watched in anticipation as his dark form approached her under the water, but in the end she simply wasn’t prepared for when his skin met her skin. She wasn’t prepared for the way his hands wrapped around her calves and slid up the back of her thighs as he moved toward the surface of the water. She wasn’t prepared for the way the front of his body felt as it glided up the front of hers. And when Harry broke the surface of the water, she couldn’t help the shudder that moved through her body or the moan that left her lips.

“Oh God, Harry,” she whispered as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her slick body against his. Her eyes turned up to his and her hands moved from the water and up his arms to his neck, pulling his face to her. “Kiss me…” she whispered.

And Harry complied. His mouth closed over hers and he groaned as her lips immediately parted, her own tongue drawing his in. “Alex…” he groaned against her lips. His hands roamed her body, taking in her curves, re-tracing all of the places he already knew by memory. “Do you know what you’re doing to me?”

“Yes,” she whimpered softly as his hands circled her waist. He lifted her and she immediately followed, wrapping her legs around his waist. “Yes, Harry…” She could feel him, hard and hot under her and she was almost sure that she had never wanted anything more in her entire life that she wanted him right in that moment. “Baby…Henry…please…”

He moaned against her lips and nodded his head slowly and began moving her backwards through the water. Her lips and tongue were frantic on his and he wasn’t entirely sure that he would even make it to the finish with her; she had him so turned on. When they reached the wall he pushed her against it, pressing his body tight to hers. He pulled back to look at her and his breath left his lungs in a rush. She was naked and wet in his arms, her long hair spread out and floating in the water surrounding her. Her eyes were dark and wild and it was all for him. That knowledge, that this was all for him, surged him forward, pushed him into action. He shifted her, wrapping a strong arm around her waist and moving himself under her, poised right at the entrance of her body. His other hand moved up and he pushed a stray lock of wet hair from her face before he moved to cup her cheek, bring her eyes up to his. The heat between them surged even further, if that was even possible.

A low moan pushed from Alex’s lips. “Harry, I need you. I need you inside of me right now. Please…” she pleaded again. “If I don’t have you inside of me right now I’m going to…”

“Alex…” he groaned as her words slammed into him. He was done. He couldn’t hold out any longer. He wrapped his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her lips to his. Her mouth opened under his and he pushed his tongue into her mouth just as he pushed himself up in her hot, wet body; burying himself in one long, slow, deep stroke.

“Ohhhh…fuck,” she cried softly. She felt so full, so complete with him inside of her. He fit there perfectly, as if his body and her body were made for exactly this; to be joined like this with the other. “Harry…” she struggled to find the words, to find the ability to breathe; to think.

“Jesus, Alex. You are so fucking wet…I can’t…” He pulled out and pushed up into her again. It was slow and devastating and it made Alex’s toes curl and her heels dig into Harry’s back.

Alex’s lips found his and they kissed again; a deep, wet, thrusting kiss that seemed to last forever as Harry stayed buried deep inside of her. And then, just as she had slowed them back from the brink of their frenzied pace, Harry moved; in and out. His rhythm was slower, longer, and with every full motion in, Alex let out the tiniest of gasps; her fingers pressing into the wet skin of his shoulders. Harry’s hand tightened around her waist, pushing her to him with a groan.

“Oh my God…” Alex breathed, her jaw slack as her body rocked with every in and out motion Harry pressed to her. Her breasts were tight to his chest, rubbing against his skin with the most delicious friction. His eyes were trained on her, serious and undaunted, and it made her whole body arch to him.

“I love you Alex…” Harry groaned, taking a step closer to the side of the pool, pushing their bodies tighter together. One hand left her body, slapping against the concrete rim of the pool, holding tight for leverage and, capturing her mouth with his, he picked up speed.

“Oooooo…” The moan that rolled from Alex’s throat only spurred him on. And his hips moved faster. Her head tipped back against the side, her eyes fluttering closed, but he couldn’t have it that way—he couldn’t have her that way. Not this time.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded, his lips pressing hotly to her jaw. “Alex open your eyes and…fuck…” He groaned, too close to be mincing words. “…look at me…” And from where she summoned the ability to lift her eyelids, she would never ever know, but she did. And she met his eyes and her lips twitched up in a hazy, delirious smile.

“Mmm…” She smiled, encouraging him with her grin, with her gaze, with the way her hips thrust up to meet him.

And Harry pressed on. He was moving against her so deep, so wildly that he was nearly lifting her up and out of the water. And she was holding onto him so tightly, with so much need that she was certain she would leave prints on his skin.

“Alex,” he groaned, the waver in his voice telling her what he would never be able to articulate.

“Please,” she whispered, trying to adjust her hips, her angle. “Harry please…I’m so…” She gasped for breath. “I’m so close. Please…”

“Tell me,” he asked—he begged. “Fuck. Tell me Alex…You’re so fucking hot when you’re like this; putting my fingers inside of you…”


“Ordering me into the pool.”


“Tell me, my beautiful, sweet, sexy Alexandra…tell me what you want…” He pushed in deep and sharp. “Tell me right now.”

She whimpered, not sure if she could find the words.

The arm around her hips tightened and pulled her down on him hard, going impossibly deep. “Tell me, Alexandra. Whatever you want. I’ll give it to you right now…right this fucking second…”

“Oh GOD Harry…” she cried out as he hit bottom again and again. “Fuck! Make me come…I want to come all over your cock right now…”

“Holy shit…” Harry groaned. Her voice saying those words undid any ounce of self-control he had. Without losing any of his pace, any of the rhythm they had established, he shifted her hips and hammered himself into her, hitting that spot he knew from experience was there head on. She gasped and her eyes flashed to his. Her fingernails dug into his back and her entire body prepared itself for what was coming. “Yes…” he hissed. “Come on baby…come around my cock…”

And she did. She went, her entire body pulsing all at once with the intensity. His lips covered hers just as the first wave hit her, catching her cries in his mouth, wanting every single part of her orgasm for himself. She had begged him for this, said things to him she had never said before, loved him as she had never loved him before, and as she rode out the final waves of her orgasm around him, Harry couldn’t hold it back any longer. And as he felt his end coming, he groaned deep and low in a completely animalistic type of way against Alex’s mouth. His release slammed into him and burst forth from him with an intensity that he had never quite felt before, but wasn’t quite sure he knew how to handle. His entire body shuddered as he pressed her as tightly to him as he could and buried his face in her neck, giving her everything he had.

“Oh my God, Harry,” Alex breathed. Her eyes opened and she had to blink several time to focus. The pool water was still moving in waves around them and he was still breathing heavy around her, against her neck. “Are you okay?” she asked, a small giggle escaping her mouth.

He chuckled low and deep, pulling his face slowly back from her neck. “Am I okay? Fuck, Alexandra. I’m more than…God….” He loosed his grip on her then, knowing he had probably left bruises on her hip. He smoothed a hand there, where he had held her, and his other hand left the pool edge, moving to push her hair from her face. “I love you,” he breathed as they sank into the water a bit without the support of his hand on the edge of the pool. “You know no idea just how much I love you right now.”

Alex smiled wide, her eyes soft and teary, but happy. “Yeah?”

He leaned forward and kissed her gently. “Yeah.”

“I love you too, Henry.”

He grinned at her, holding her eyes for a moment before glancing around them. “We should probably clean up and go inside before someone decides to find us. We weren’t exactly discreet.”

“Ha!” Alex laughed. “No, not exactly.”

He shook his head at her and moved them towards the stairs. He pulled her from him then as he rushed out; covering his naked bits - much to Alex’s amusement - as he found two towels for them in the plastic bin Alex directed him to.

Wrapping one quickly around himself, he held the other out for her. He wrapped her up tight and pressed a kiss to the tip of her nose, loving the smile it brought to her face. He made quick work of scooping up their clothes and their bowls and then they snuck inside the house, being careful to be quiet as they washed the bowls and then went upstairs.

As they readied for bed, putting on their pajamas and brushing their teeth, they couldn’t help the way they smiled at each other, how giddy they felt. It felt almost like the beginning, when they were just realizing how they felt, when it was new. And in a way it was new. She had brought him home and into her world. She had shown him a side of herself that he had never been privy to and he adored it.

And when they crawled into bed at the end of their first day in Texas, Harry pulled Alex into his arms and they both knew that they had stepped over some line; some invisible line that signaled that they had moved to a deeper place in their relationship.