Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Chapter Forty Part Two

“Harry?” Alex called as she stepped from the bathroom, fully dressed and ready for the evening to begin.

“Here, love,” he grinned as he stepped around the corner, a glass of champagne in each hand. However, his grin quickly fell away when she came into view and his mouth dropped. “Fuck…” he breathed as he took her in. Her dress was sparkly and very short and it seemed like there were miles of leg extending from the bottom down into tall, strappy heels. Her makeup was smoky and heavier than normal, but appropriate for the occasion and her hair was pulled into a simple up do, highlighting her heart shaped face to perfection.
A slow smile spread across Alex’s face and since he seemed to be frozen in his spot, she went to him, slinking across the room while he watched her. His eyes grew dark as she approached and his lips curved at the corners. “Cat got your tongue?” she smirked as she moved into him, sliding a glass of champagne from his fingers and bringing it to her lips while she held his eyes.

“Jesus Christ,” he chuckled with a shake of his head. He tipped his own glass to his mouth, drained it quickly, and then set it down on the table next to him before he stepped into her space, his hands finding home at her waist. “It seems to me, Alexandra Morgan,” he drawled, his voice low and husky. “That you are on a mission to drive me mad today.”

“You think so, Captain?” Her lips twisted in a smug smile she drained her own glass, set it to the side, then leaned into him, running her hands up the lapels of his linen coat. “If I were doing such a thing, would it happen to be working?” Her eyes flashed to his, a mixture of allure and innocence in their light blue depths that sent a flash of heat through Harry’s entire body.

With a groan he pulled her tighter again him and dipped his head, capturing her mouth with his. And even though he knew better, even though he knew they were expected on deck for dinner and that if he got wrapped up in her they were likely to never leave this room, he couldn’t help himself. He spun her around and backed her up against the table, rattling it and knocking the two empty champagne glasses over and sending them rolling them off of the table. He was incredibly turned on and quick and before Alex knew it, he had her lifted onto the table and was moving in between the gate of her hips, pressing against her. The feel of him there, already hard and ready pulled a gasp and low moan from her mouth and into his. Her hands slid from his chest to his shoulders and up around his neck, pulling him closer, wanting as much of him in that moment as she could.

“Alex…” Harry groaned into her mouth. “I want you…” His hands on her hips pulled her tighter to him. “So fucking bad right now.”

“Oh God…Harry,” she gasped, taking a deep breath, feeling like she needed to come up for air. “We…ohhh…” Her already weak protest died on her lips when his hot fingers slid down to her thighs and under the hem of her short dress, and not wasting any time, swiped over her sex.

“Fuck,” he growled. She was wet and hot through the thin lace of her panties and the fact that she wanted him just as badly as he wanted her right now was driving him further and further to the point of no return. His fingers pressed further, slipping under her panties and into the wetness there and he moved into her further, one hand moving to the table behind her as he tilted her back.

“Harry…” she groaned, tearing her mouth from his as his thumb moved to run a devastating circle around her clit. “We…we can’t…” Her hands moved into his hair and she tugged, pulling his attention to her. “I want to. Don’t think I don’t want you to pull off my panties and fuck me on this table because GOD, I want that. But if we do that…”

“We won’t leave this room,” he groaned. He leaned forward and pressed his forehead to hers as he took a deep breath. She was right. He wanted her in the way that he would take her to bed and not let her leave for hours; anything less than that wouldn’t be enough.

It was all or nothing.

It was a strange situation to find himself in. One that begged him to forgo his friends and his family and everything else in the world but her; but he couldn’t. She was right. They needed to go join the party, that was why they were there.

His fingers slipped from her and she moaned at the sensation and the loss. Harry shook his head and chuckled as he stepped back from her, adjusting himself and allowing her to slide from the table and do the same. When she had righted her dress and smoothed her hair he stepped forward again, but this time it was just to lay a soft hand to her cheek.

“You look beautiful tonight, Alex,” he said softly, his thumb rubbing the soft skin of her cheek.

“Thank you,” she murmured, turning her face in his hand to kiss the pad of his thumb. “You look mighty dashing yourself, Wales.”

“It’s the suit,” he grinned, moving back and adjusting his jacket over his shoulders.

“Ha!” Alex laughed. “So cocky.”

“I am,” he nodded in return. He stood straight then and offered her his arm. “Shall we?”

“We shall,” Alex grinned, slipping her arm into his and leaning up to kiss him once more before they left the room to join the party on deck.


The dinner that was served on deck was absolutely unbelievably. Some of the freshest, most succulent shellfish Alex had ever eaten in her life was on the menu, as well as many other savory, cooked to perfection items. The food was paired perfectly with a selection of wines and of course, Harry had made sure in advance that they had prepared a selection of white wines with each course for Alex, since red wine gave her migraines.

“Wait, wait, wait,” Kate called out when Alex was explaining to Eugenie why she couldn’t drink red wine. “Remember the first night I met you, when Harry brought you and Emma over for dinner?”

“Yes,” Alex nodded, her lips curving up at the sides with the memory.

“And Harry made me get up and get white wine when I brought out red because he was in the mood for white?” Kate lifted her eye brows and looked at both Harry and Alex in turn.

Alex immediately started laughing and Harry leaned back in his chair, an air of swagger about him that was topped with a smug smile. Alex winked at Harry and then turned back to Kate. “That was for me,” she confirmed. “He knew I didn’t want to be rude by not drinking what you served or by asking for something different.”

“Awww,” Kate sighed. “Harry, that’s so sweet.”

“What can I say,” Harry shrugged, bringing groans from the table. “What?” he asked, his eyes moving around the group.

“Such a regular romantic,” Will groaned, rolling his eyes.

“He is,” Alex nodded, choosing to ignore the sarcastic tone in Will’s voice. “And you know what, Will?”

“I can only imagine,” he responded with a dry chuckle.

“It gets him so laid.”

And this time it was Harry who almost spit out his wine while everyone else at the table burst into laughter.

“Jesus, Alex,” he laughed as he recovered, coughing a bit from taking some of his drink down the wrong pipe. “You’re quickly becoming the owner of the dirtiest mouth in the group.”

Alex snorted. “Okay Wales, like I could ever take that title from Charlotte.”

“True,” Eugenie nodded from next to Alex. “I don’t know how you deal with it all the time Matt.”

Matt grinned. “I rather like her dirty mouth.”

“Oh God,” Charlotte groaned, catching his double meaning with the rest of the table. “Of course you fucking do.”


Dinner lasted several hours and by the time they were finished everyone’s cheeks hurt from laughing and they were all more than a little bit tipsy. Their first countdown to midnight wasn’t far away and at Dave’s urging they all moved to the top deck of the yacht where they would ring in the New Year…twice.

No expense had been spared for their intimate little party. Dave had hired a DJ, who was set up and waiting for them, starting the music as soon as they arrived. There was a bar set up with two bartenders and the champagne was flowing freely. There were lights strung up everywhere and somehow, whoever had decorated had ingeniously managed to string a disco ball so it hung directly above the makeshift dance floor.

“This is so incredible,” Alex giggled as Harry brought her another glass of champagne. He grinned and was opening his mouth the respond when Bea came bounding over, butting right in between Alex and Harry.


“Beatrice!” Alex mimicked, giggling at her friend’s enthusiasm.

“Come with me,” Bea ordered cheerfully, grabbing Alex’s free hand and dragging her off.

“Bea…what in the world…” Alex laughed as she shuffled to keep up.

“Beatrice, where are you taking my girlfriend?” Harry called out with a chuckle as he trailed behind them.

Bea didn’t answer but she did halt to a stop in the middle of the dance floor, facing the rest of the group who had gathered around, seemingly waiting for something.

“Henry,” Bea called as she pointed to their friends. “Go stand over there.” Harry raised his eyebrows in question and Bea groaned and rolled her eyes. “Just go!”

“Okay, Okay,” Harry laughed, holding his hands up in surrender. “Alex,” he addressed her as he moved by. “Whatever is about to happen, I swear to you that I have no part in it.”

“Ooooookay,” Alex said, looking around the group somewhat nervously until her eyes fell on her brother, who couldn’t help the small smile that was twitching at his lips. She immediately crossed her arms over her chest. “Matthew Scott Emerson. What the hell did you do?”

“Ha!” Charlotte laughed, reaching over to slap Matt on the chest. “She full named you! You totally deserve it too.”

Alex’s eyes went wide. “Wait. What in the hell is going on?”

“Well,” Bea grinned, taking back the conversation. “We were asking Matt about how long he had been singing and playing the guitar…”

“Yeah?” Alex’s brow furrowed in confusion.

“And then Dave asked if you sang too…”

Alex felt the blood drain from her face. “Nooooooo…”

“And Matt said that you don’t sing, but that you have been known…”

“MATT!” Alex groaned. “Fuck.”

“Rap…” Beatrice finished off with a grin.

“What?!” Harry called out, completely thrown, his smile pulling wide. “How in the fuck did I not know about this?”

“Oh God,” Alex sighed. “Because Matt swore that it wasn’t something that he would bring up in public, ever.”

“I’m sorry, Alex,” Matt tried to plead his case. “Truly. I’m drunk and it slipped and…”

“I hate you so much right now,” Alex interrupted, although he knew she didn’t mean it. He could tell by the small smile she was fighting off.

“You have to do it, Alex!” Pippa called out and everyone joined in with their agreement and encouragement.

“I agree, Alex,” Charlotte called to her. “I really, really need to see this.”

“I haven’t done it in years,” Alex protested, already knowing that it was useless. They weren’t going to let her off.

“Come on…” Harry joined in, his smile sheepish as Alex’s head whipped to him, incredulous. “Sorry love, but I gotta see this.”

Alex kept Harry’s gaze for a long minute, hating that she loved that he was excited about this. And then finally, because she knew it was useless to fight it, she gave in.

“Okay, fine,” she sighed, changing into laughter when everyone cheered. “BUT…” she called out, her gaze falling to Matt. She pointed to her brother. “You’re doing it with me.”

Matt’s lips pulled into a wide smile, clearly not daunted at all and a little excited to be joining Alex in this. It had been forever since they had done this. “Done.”

“I cannot believe this,” Alex shook her head as Matt removed his suit coat and stepped over to her. “What song should we do?”

“You pick,” Matt grinned.

Alex thought for a few seconds and then she smirked. “Rapper’s Delight.”

“Perfect,” Matt nodded his approval. He turned and moved off to the DJ to grab two microphones and to give the DJ the song and then he was back, handing a mic off to Alex.

“You know I’m only doing this to show them how much better I am than you at this,” Alex teased Matt.

“Ah well, I guess you can have this one thing,” Matt smirked.

Alex laughed and shook her head and took a deep breath as the beat began to play out of over the speakers. She found Harry and met his eyes; saw his grin, his excitement.

And then Alex and Matt made everyone’s night by rapping out the entire fifteen minute version of Rapper’s Delight.

And even Alex had to admit, she had a blast doing so.


“Here,” Harry grinned, handing Alex a feathery tiara to put on her head for the countdown that they were to start any moment as the New Year approached.

Alex giggled and took the plastic and feather creation, placing it carefully on her head and then taking the glass of champagne that Harry offered her. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome…and I still can’t believe you,” he shook his head, leaning further into her. “Can I tell you a secret?”

“Well, you just saw me rap for fifteen minutes, so you better tell me a secret.”

Harry chuckled and leaned in, his lips close to her ear. “That turned me on…big time.”

Just then, the DJ came over the speakers and announced the countdown was beginning. The excitement in the group grew and Alex leaned into Harry, pressing her body against his.

“It did? Good thing you get to kiss me in about…eight seconds.”

“What if I want to kiss you now?”

“That would be completely against the rules, Wales. Don’t break the rules,” she grinned, loving the tease.


“Come on, Alexandra. Kiss me…”


“Not yet, baby…”


“You’re killing me…”


She tilted her head to his, their lips so close. “You’ll survive.”


“Fucking Finally!” Harry grinned.

“Happy New Year!”

Auld Lang Syne burst through the speakers just as Harry’s lips captured Alex’s and he pulled her tight against him, putting everything he had into that kiss, welcoming in the New Year in this amazing way, with his lips and tongue attached to hers like there was nothing else he needed in the world. But before he could really deepen the kiss, before he could make her groan into his mouth in that way she had, they heard gasps and squeals coming from around them and they both broke the kiss, looking around to see what was going on.

“Oh my God!” Alex cried out when she spotted the reason for everyone’s reaction. Her hand flew to her mouth and she felt Harry suck in a deep breath beside her.

There was Dave, in the middle of the dance floor with Bea, down on one knew with a ring in his hand.

He was proposing.

And before Alex could fully take in the situation Bea was nodding frantically and crying and saying “yes” over and over again. Dave rose and pulled her into his arms, kissing her over and over again and the group closed in on them, not even thinking about letting these two have their moment. And Alex was one of them, moving in with the others to see the ring, to hug and kiss Bea and Dave and to offer their congratulations.

It was a magical start to the New Year.


Hours later, after both of the countdowns had been completed and the celebrations had reached a peak, they were now fading out. Everyone was drunk, couples were moving off to their rooms, and the loud, thumping sounds that had rocked the boat for quite a while had quieted down.

“Okay. Alex,” Charlotte grinned from her spot on Matt’s lap. “I have a question.”

Alex giggled as she stretched her legs out on the bench in front of her, leaning back against Harry. “Ask away.”

“So tonight, we all found out you could rap, which was fucking fantastic by the way.”

“Thank you,” Alex lifted her champagne glass in a toast.

“Hey!” Matt interjected. “I was up there too!”

Charlotte clamped her hand over Matt’s mouth and shook her head. “Shhhh…”

Harry snorted with laughter and tossed back the last of his champagne.

“Anyway,” Charlotte continued. “What is your weird special talent?”

Alex’s nose scrunched up. “My what?”

Charlotte sighed, as if Alex should have understood her perfectly. “Weird special talent. Everyone has that weirdo thing they can do. What’s yours?”

Alex shouted her laughter as she understood the question. “Ha. I actually think that’s a question for Harry.”

Matt and Charlotte both groaned and Harry cracked up laughing behind her. “You really want an answer to that?” he asked with a smug smile.

“No. No,” Alex shook her head. “Okay. Seriously. You wanna know?”

Charlotte lifted an eyebrow. “Do I?”

“I do!” Harry tossed in.

“Oh God,” Matt groaned. “I already know. Jesus Alex.”

Alex grinned and then she held up her hand, balling it into a fist. “I can shove my whole fist in my mouth, wanna see?”

Matt immediately hung his head and shook it slowly. Charlotte fell into uncontrollable laughter, almost tilting herself off of Matt’s lap.

And Harry surprised her the most by getting up behind her and off the bench, standing up and moving in front of her.

“What?” she giggled.

“You’re done. We’re going to bed.”

“Are you serious…whoa!” Alex squealed as Harry leaned in and picked her up, tossing her over his shoulder. “Harry! Do not turn me around! My dress is short and I do not want to flash my brother!”

“Here,” Matt laughed, reaching for one of the cloth napkins that had been wrapped around a champagne bottle and handing it off to Harry.

“Thanks,” Harry grinned as he reached back to cover Alex’s ass with it. “Goodnight friends. And Happy New Year.”

“Such a fucking caveman,” Charlotte groaned as Harry spun them around and made the way off of the deck. “She says she can shove her entire fist in her mouth and Harry drags her off to bed.”


Alex was still giggling as Harry carried her through the door to their room. He made no move to put her down as he shut the door behind them with a soft click and threw the lock.

“Charlotte called you a caveman,” she teased as he walked them further into the room. She fully expected him to take her to the bed, to tip her backwards onto it and then move in on her, she was surprised and confused when they stopped, when she could see the bed from her position over his shoulder. “What are you…”

Her words halted as he moved to set her down, the front of her body sliding along his, bringing a warm, flirty grin to her face as her feet hit the floor. “I thought your first stop would be the bed, Caveman,” she teased.

Harry’s hands were firm at her hips as his head dipped, his lips moving in next to her ear, his breath hot against her skin. “Oh, we will get there…eventually.” He pulled back, pressed an almost too soft kiss to her lips and then he spun her around so that she found herself facing the dresser, a large mirror sitting above it. “But first, you’re going to watch me undress you.”

And the giggles and teased died on Alex’s lips and faded straight from her brain and she knew; he was about to take her down.

“Oh…” It was the only thing she could think of to say, no other words would come to her. The only thing in her brain was him, thoughts of what was to come, and the realization that whatever she thought might happen probably didn’t compare in the slightest to how the reality would play out.

“Oh?” he chucked as he took a step forward, forcing her to do the same and pressing her front to the wood dresser. “I’ve wanted you all fucking day.” His hands were smooth and light and sent sparks of electricity through her as they ran over her shoulders and down her arms before moving to rest on her hips. “And I’ve had to wait…” His eyes met hers in the mirror; they were dark and deep and intense and Alex felt her knees weaken, felt the warmth begin to pool at her center. “I don’t like to wait, Alexandra.”

“You don’t have to wait anymore Harry.” Her voice was low, throaty, and made his cock surge in his pants. With a smirk he pressed closer, letting her feel him, and she gasped, her mouth falling open a little at just how hard he already was.

“Oh, I don’t intend to,” he continued, his smile smug. His eyes held her for a moment, warm and firm, before he broke their gaze to trail his own gaze down her body. “You’re so beautiful,” he whispered as he took her in. “And you look so fucking sexy in this dress. Your body is just…” He leaned in and pressed a warm kiss to her shoulder and then nipped at her gently with his teeth. She jumped and his eyes immediately flashed to hers as his tongue moved out to soothe over her skin, bringing a low moan from her. He grinned against her skin and then moved lower, pressing kisses slowly down her back while his hands crept achingly down over her hips and thighs until his fingers reached the hem of her dress. His fingertips grazed the soft skin of her thighs as he gathered the material in his hands.

Alex groaned at the brush of his skin against hers, sending a jolt of electricity running through her. Her eyes slid closed and her head tilted back as lust washed over her in waves.

“No, Alexandra,” Harry called out, his fingers stalling. His voice was rough, commanding. “Open your eyes.” Alex moaned but complied, lifting her head up and somehow managing to pull her eyes open, meeting his in the mirror. “Keep them open, Alex,” he ordered, although his voice was softer this time, his eyes dancing as he stared into hers. She couldn’t help the smile that tilted her lips; a smile of love, of want, and of anticipation as she nodded her understanding of the rule he was handing to her.

Harry’s fingers resumed their actions, pulling the gathered material up higher over her thighs, his eyes holding hers, hot and heavy, in the mirror. “I want you to see what I see when I look at you,” he murmured as the material swished up over her hips, revealing her black lace panties. “I want you to understand what it does to me to undress you, to watch you as we make love, when I fuck you. I want you to see what happens when you come apart because of me.”

“Oh God…” Alex whimpered, his words doing as much to her as his hands, his mouth, or his amazing body was capable of. His hands continued their slow journey upward, baring her stomach and coming to stop right under her breasts.

“Lift your arms, baby,” he breathed and she immediately complied, following his directions as she watched him in the mirror. He pulled the dress from her and tossed it to the side without ceremony. “God…” Harry groaned as he took her in. She hadn’t been wearing a bra as her dress hadn’t allowed for one and so there she stood, his sweet, smart, beautiful girlfriend, in just tiny lace black panties and her high heels.

If Harry was honest with himself, he wasn’t sure how he didn’t rip those panties from her right that second and push himself into her, he wanted her so badly. But he held it together, he gathered the strength from somewhere deep down and pushed himself up against her, one hand sliding up her arm, over her neck, and to her face, cupping her cheek and turning her face to his. He had to kiss her right then, he had to feel her lips and her tongue against his and so he did, covering her mouth with his. He skipped passed the tease, pushing his tongue into her warm, wet mouth and finding her tongue instantly he ran hot, firm strokes against it.

“Harry…” Alex gasped into his mouth, completely overwhelmed by him, but wanting more, wanting everything. Her hands clenched at him, one at the arm at her waist and the other sliding into his red mess of hair, windblown and slightly sticky from the saltwater in the air and pulled him tighter.

“Your mouth…is…” Harry breathed as he lifted his lips from hers. “I could spend hours and hours at your mouth.”

Alex weakened, slumping back against him slightly. The look in his eyes, the fire, the absolute need she saw there was making her heart pound her muscles weak. She honestly wasn’t sure she was going to be able to hold up against the assault he was laying on her, but she knew that she was going to love trying.

“Look,” Harry whispered, his eyes searching hers before he took her chin between her fingers and turned her face back towards the mirror. “Look how swollen and pink your lips are; how flushed your cheeks are…from me.” He ran his fingers over them and dipped his thumb in between her lips. “I did that to you…”

“Yes,” Alex nodded as she kissed the pad of his thumb and then bit it lightly, bringing a groan from Harry. He moved into her further, pressing her between him and the dresser, not being able to help himself, needing the pressure; needing her against him.

His hands moved again, one sliding from her stomach and the other moving from her face, meeting in the middle over her breasts. He ran light touches over them, not fully holding them, just brushing his palms over her already pert, hard nipples.

“Oh please…” Alex cried out, arching and trying to get closer. He knew what this did to her, how much she loved when he paid attention to her breasts, how he could pull her into a bundle of want with his fingers or his mouth on her sensitive peaks. And she couldn’t help it, the light caresses were not enough and too much at the same time and every nerve in her body stood on end…and before she could stop herself, her eyes slid closed as she leaned back into him.

His hands fell away instantly.

“No!” her voice was louder than she intended, louder than she thought it would be. Her eyes snapped back open and she found his in the mirror, narrowing slightly. Her bottom lip pushed out just slightly and even though Harry thought it was the most fucking adorable thing in the world, he shook his head slightly, sticking to the rules he had laid out.

“You have to look Alex,” he said firmly, although his lip tugged up on one side. “I promise you that you want to watch. Do you trust me?”

“Damn it, Harry…” she panted, wanting nothing more than his hands back on her. His eyebrows lifted in question. “Yes,” she finally sighed, her moment of resistance to the rules fading. “I trust you.”

“Good.” The word was simple, accepting, and so fucking smug that Alex simultaneously wanted to rip his clothes off and slap the smirk off his face at the same time. But those thoughts faded quickly because then Harry’s hands were back, and this time they offered Alex a little bit of relief. He cupped her breasts in his hands and his thumbs moved back and forth, slow and steady, over her puckered nipples.

“Yes,” Alex hissed as she watched him touch her in the mirror. And fuck if he wasn’t right, if watching what he did to her didn’t turn her on even more.

“Give me your hands, Alex,” Harry said quietly and her eyes flashed to his.

“My hands?”

He almost chuckled. He was wrecking her and he knew it. He nodded slowly and his right hand left her breast and slid up her arm to the hand that was still firmly implanted in his hair. He pulled it from him and then back down to her breast, placing her hand where his had so recently been. He groaned loud in her ear when her fingers immediately picked up where his had left off, cupping her own breast and thumbing her nipple in the same rhythm that he had done. He hadn’t expected that, he had expected to have to ask her to do so.

“God I love you,” he murmured as he reached for her other hand and brought it up to her left breast and she took up the action there too. “Does that feel good, baby?”

“Yes,” she nodded, her voice barely above a whisper. “But not as good as when you do it…”

He chuckled and shook his head, his cheeks growing even more flushed at her words. “Nice try, but I’m leaving this part to you…for now.”

“Harry…” she groaned, drawing his name out. Heat flashed in her eyes and she pinched at her nipples in what he knew was a move deliberately designed to affect him in the most maddening way possible.

“You’re…” He stopped, taking a breath, trying to reign himself in. His voice was soft as his hands smoothed up over her shoulders and to her neck, his thumbs rubbing the soft skin right under her hairline. “I hope you know how sexy I find you right now; how much it turns me on to touch you and to watch you touch yourself.” His fingers moved up into her hair and very slowly, he began to remove the pins, pulling them out and leaning over to drop them on the dresser in front of her. “I’ve never in my life wanted someone like I want you, Alexandra.”

His words made her heart thump and her breathing became even more shallow, her chest rising and falling rapidly; and she didn’t even realize that his words were also making her stroke herself faster, making her pull the sensitive nubs under her fingers harder.

“There we go,” he breathed as the last of the pins came out, her hair tumbling down her back. He looked up at her, catching the image in the mirror and he downright almost lost it. There she was, his Alex, her hair down and wild about her shoulders, her face flushed, her eyes narrowed and dark with passion, her lips swollen, and she was touching herself for him, giving herself pleasure. “Fuck!” he growled deep as he wrapped a strong arm about her waist. His hips jutted forward, jostling her with the move. “God damn it, Alexandra…” He reached up and wrapped her hair in his fist and tugged, bringing her eyes to his in the mirror and a gasping sort of moan from her lips. “I’m so fucking hard right now.”

“I want it,” Alex breathed, her eyes going wide as she ground her ass back against him. She felt the intensity pick up, she felt him getting that much closer to losing it, and she couldn’t help but try to push him further along.

With a groan he pulled at one of her hands, bringing it quickly back around her and sliding it in between them and down over his strained erection in his pants, wrapping her fingers around it. Then, so quickly she barely had time to process it, his hand was moving back around her, pressing firm and hot on her stomach and then sliding lower and right under the thin lace of her panties.

“Oh…fuck…” Alex cried out as his fingers moved over her, as they dipped down into her wetness and she had to fight against every instinct she had, against every single nerve in her body not to close her eyes when he groaned in her ear at just how wet she was, when he offered a firm stroke at her core.

“Jesus Christ, Alex…” he croaked out. He pressed a hot open-mouthed kiss on her shoulder and then licked his way up the side of her neck to her ear, pulling the lobe between his teeth as his fingers began to move in slow circles at her center. Her hand squeezed at his cock in time with his strokes on her sensitive flesh and the entire time they maintained eye contact, never looking away, communicating with only looks and touches and small, pleasure induced sounds.

Alex could feel herself sinking lower and lower into the sexual abyss that he was pulling her into. His hand was slowly stroking her into madness and her own hand at her breasts was shooting the most delicious sparks through her. But she still wanted more. She wanted him. All of him. Every single, solitary, rock hard inch of him.

“Harry…” she called out, her voice hoarse from holding back, from fighting to stay sane with everything he had been doing to her. His eyes pulled to hers and he stroked faster and for a moment, a brief moment, she completely lost her entire thought process. Then, pulling it together she called to him again, “Harry…I want…” She took a deep breath and handed him the one thing she knew that would push him into faster action. “I want you fuck me.”

His eyes flashed and his breath caught and she was right; she knew him well and she was completely right. He didn’t say a single word in response to her but instead moved into action. He released the fist of hair in his hand and reached for her hand still teasing at her breast. Her eyes widened slightly in question as he took her hand and slid it down her stomach and inside her panties.

“Touch yourself,” he whispered, his eyes dark and intense as he replaced his hand with hers, sliding it down into her wetness. “I’m going to take these fucking panties off of you and then I’m going to watch you while I undress. And then…if you do that for me, I’ll fuck you, Alex.”

“Harry, I…” she gasped, surprised she didn’t burst into flames at his words. But before she could gather her wits enough to beg him to keep touching her his hands were gone and he was taking a step back from her. “Wait…” she called out, her eyes wild.

“Shhhh…” He pulled her hand from his erection and pulled it up to his lips, offering a kiss to her palm, bringing a bit of softness into the moment, letting her know that he was there with her, letting her know that he was still him even though this was new territory for them. And then, giving her the reassurance that he wasn’t going anywhere he leaned forward, placing her hand on the dresser in front of her as his sights settled on the hand in her panties and his hands settled at her hips.

And then he was moving lower, his fingers finding the band of her panties and pushing them down, lowering himself with them. He pulled them down over her thighs and down to her ankles. He pressed a firm kiss to her backside as she stepped from the panties and he pulled them from her, tossing them to the side.

He thought he had prepared himself for the sight of her, but when he trailed his hands back up her legs and stood, catching her in the mirror, she nearly took him down.

“Oh God…” he groaned. She was leaning forward, resting her one hand against the dresser and the other was still between her thighs, stroking slowly. His eyes snapped to hers and he saw her parted lips and her flushed cheeks and he knew…

She wasn’t just giving him a show.

She was pleasuring herself.

“Alex…you look…”

“I want to see you too,” she interrupted, an urgency in her voice. It was small, but Harry caught it. He blinked once and then realized that she was worked up and hot and…

“Are you close, Alex?” he asked as he stepped back and slipped his coat off, dropping it on the floor. His eyes held hers and he watched her and he knew without her telling him what the answer was. Knowing the answer didn’t stop his heart from slamming into his chest when she responded, her voice barely more than a whisper.


“Fuck,” Harry breathed as he watched her, as he watched her hand move at her center. He pulled his shirt from his pants and, his hands flew over the buttons, and when he was done he yanked it off and tossed it away.

“Harry…please…” she panted, a small moan slipping out between words. Her fingers were working faster and faster and she was so fucking close. She knew she could get herself there, even with Harry’s eyes boring into her as he pulled his pants and boxers off, his cock springing free from its confines, so incredibly hard. But she wanted him; she at least wanted him inside of her when she came apart. She needed him to fill her, to touch all of those spots inside that only he could reach.

“How close, Alex?” he murmured as he moved in behind her. He brushed her hair from her neck and leaned in, pressing his lips there as his hands found her hips, pulling her back slightly, adjusting her for him.

She shuddered, a harsh breath leaving her lips. “I can…I can go whenever you want me to…”

And Harry lost all control. Every single fucking bit of whatever he had held onto all night was gone and he knew what he had to do, what he was about to do to her was unfair, was going to look like he was being mean, but if he had any hope at all of lasting more than thirty seconds, he had to.

Reaching around her he pulled her hand from her core and pushed it to the dresser, pressing his hand on top of it.

“No no no no…” Alex shook her head, her hair moving back and forth. “Please Harry…”

And then his hand tightened on her hip and without warning he thrust, slamming himself into her, burying himself in her incredibly hot wetness in one long, hard stroke.

“Ohhhhhh,” Alex moaned, low and long and shuddering. Her eyes slid closed and her head hung forward and she didn’t care one bit that she was supposed to be watching, that she was supposed to keep her eyes open.

“Alex, I…fuck. I can’t…” Harry groaned, knowing his limits were well beyond pushed, that he wasn’t going to make it very far.

“God damn it, Harry…” she cried, her eyes pulling open and finding his in the mirror. They were both breathing heavy and looked beyond wild. “You said you were going to fuck me…”

“Oh God, Alexandra…come here…” He reached for her, pulling her up so her back was against her front. He took her hand and slid it back down to her center and then his fingers moved to her face, turning her head and looking in her eyes directly, without a mirror in between them. He searched her eyes and he saw the want, the need, the passion…and he saw the woman he loved.

His mouth crashed down on hers, his tongue pushing past her lips and into her mouth to duel with hers. With a groan he pulled back and pushed in, rough and deep. Alex gasped and moaned into his mouth as he held her there, not letting her go for anything as he pounded into her from behind. She stroked herself with her fingers, firm and steady and soon she was there again, teetering over the edge, the added sensation of him hitting so deep within her over and over again guaranteeing that when she went, it was likely going to take her down completely.

“Harry…GOD. Please…”

“Do you want to come, Alex?” He pulled back from her lips just slightly, just enough to meet her eyes.

“Ohhhh…yes. Fuck!”

Harry’s entire body readied for it, he was there; he had been there since the moment he had pressed into her. He could feel it coming in every single cell of his body. “Go baby…” he whispered, his teeth nipping at her lower lip.

And as if his words were everything she needed, she exploded around him, her body clenching and grinding and shaking against his. She screamed out his name, not caring if anyone could hear, not caring about anything except the pleasure that was slamming into her in waves. With a shout of relief and of intense pleasure Harry was right behind her, letting her ride her release out as long as possible before he pushed all the way into her, pushed her forward into the dresser, dropped his forehead to her shoulder and lost everything he had inside of her.

Alex’s chest rose up and down rapidly as she tried to catch her breath, as she tried to come back down to earth. Harry was stirring behind her, coming back to life as well. His hands moved softly over her sensitive skin and his lips brushed softly against her shoulder and her neck, causing goosebumps to rise on her damp skin.

She smiled softly when she opened her eyes, finding his right away in the mirror, already watching her. “Wow. That was…”

“Mmmm…” Harry nodded, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her. “Are you alright? I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what?” Alex laughed softly, raising an eyebrow. “Hurt me? Frighten me? Fuck me senseless?” She grinned. “You did one of those things Harry; I’ll let you figure out which one.”

“Ohhh…” Harry let out a laughing sort of groan and shook his head back and forth in the crook of her neck. “Come on,” he said, his smile wide as he pulled his face from her skin. “Let’s get you to bed.”

He pulled back from her and they both gasped as he slipped from her. Then, leaning forward he pressed one more kiss to her shoulder and then to her surprise he bent and lifted her in his arms, one arm wrapped around her back and one under her knees. He tossed a smug wink in her direction and she giggled. She was happy, sated, and possibly still a touch drunk from their New Year’s celebration.

He walked her over to the bed and set her down onto the soft mattress. Leaning forward, he cupped her cheeks in his hands and turned her face up to his, his eyes roaming her features for a moment before he leaned down and kissed her sweetly, his lips brushing back and forth over hers tenderly.

“Mmmm…” Her eyes kept contact with his while he kissed her and then when he pulled back she couldn’t help the sigh that drifted from her lips. “You know that I love you, right?”

“I do,” he nodded, his smile widening. “But I’ll never, ever get tired of hearing you tell me.”

“Good,” Alex nodded. “Because I never, ever will.”

He grinned wide and pressed one more kiss to her lips. Then his hands slid down to her feet where he quickly undid the straps on her shoes, sliding them off for her and tossing them to the side.

She sighed gratefully, stretching her toes out. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. I’m going to clean up and grab a bottle of water. Do you want one?”

“Yes,” she nodded as she scooted back on the bed and moved under the covers.

He was quick to clean up and then he was back to her, moving to shut the lights off in the room before he climbed into bed with her, handing off an ice cold bottle of water. She took a few large gulps from the bottle, quenching her thirst, and then she set it off to the side, yawning as she did so. She was suddenly exhausted; the time change, the partying, the drinking, and of course the amazing sex she just had with Harry catching up with her. Harry caught her yawn and because he was right there with her he set his own bottle to the side and then reached for her, pulling her close and then snuggling down under the covers.

“Harry?” she called out softly, just as his eyes were sliding closed.


“Do you know that it’s almost been a year since we met?”

His eyes opened and turned down to hers, blinking slowly against the sleep threatening to overtake him. “It has, hasn’t it? Middle of January, right?”

“Yeah,” she grinned, kissing his chest, letting the moment settle between them. “Harry?”

“Yes, Alex?” he chuckled, loving how adorable she was.

“It’s been the most amazing year of my life.”

He couldn’t help the lump that formed at her words. He swallowed it back and took a deep breath, his eyes turning sweet on her. “Mine too. Happy New Year, my love.”

She smiled wide and then settled against him. “Happy New Year, Harry.”