Sequel: In Unexpected Places

Against the Odds

Chapter Sixty Six Part Two

“So you want to go into town today?” Harry asked Alex as he took a sip of coffee. They had woken up to the first day of their honeymoon not long before and were enjoying a light breakfast on deck. The sun was shining, the water was beautiful and the city of Corfu was spread out before them like a stunning canvas painting.

“Mhmmm,” Alex nodded as she took a bit of her pastry. “If that’s okay with you. I’d love to go into some of the local shops. It really looks like a beautiful town.”

“Of course that’s okay with me,” He grinned wide. “I’m here to make you happy.”

“Well, you’re doing an excellent job so far…” Her lips curled up and she leaned in, her voice dropping low. “You made me happy what was it…two times last night?”

“Three,” he instantly corrected, chuckling at her playfulness.

“Of course, three,” she sighed into her chair. “How could I forget?”

“I’ll see what I can do to make sure you don’t forget next time.” His eyes danced over his coffee cup as he lifted it for another sip.

“Mmhmm…naughty,” she giggled as she popped the final bite of pastry in her mouth. She took a sip of her juice and then wiped her mouth with her napkin before she looked back up at him. “I wanted to ask you something, you can absolutely say no if you want.”

“Oh-kay,” he drawled, his eyebrows lifting in curiosity. “What’s up?”

“There is a place I wanted to see, it’s called Smuggler’s Cove,” she said with a smile. “But there will no doubt be tourists there. It’s one thing to go into these towns on the coast where the tourists aren’t so heavy…” She shrugged and then looked at him, feeling a little embarrassed about even asking to put them both in such a public place.

“Well…” Harry took a deep breath as he worked it over in his mind. He sat forward in his chair and pressed his hands together as he smiled across the table at her. “How about I have the security team do a little research on it? See what the busiest days are and if it would be low enough risk for us to go. And if they have no issues with it, I’d be more than happy to go.”

“Even if we may get photographed?”

Harry shrugged. “We knew that there was a chance that at any point on this honeymoon we could get photographed. If it is something you really want to see, I’m okay with that.”

“Yeah? Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” he nodded. “So a couple of tourists snap pictures? I’m not going to stress out over it. I’m way too happy to stress out about it.”

“You know, I love you,” Alex said softly, tilting her head to the side and smiling as she looked across the table at him.

“I love you too, Alexandra.” His smile was sweet; his eyes soft as they met and held hers for a long moment across the table.

“You know…” Alex finally drawled, her lips curling at the corners. “I’m going to need to shower before we head to the mainland.”

Harry’s eyebrows lifted and his lips pulled into a smirk. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Alex answered as she stood from her chair and looked down on him, her eyes wide with intent and that hint of innocence that drove him fucking crazy. “You could…I don’t know…join me? Let me make you…” She couldn’t help but grin before she continued. “Happy…”

Harry rose from his chair in an instant and Alex giggled, turned around quickly, and headed straight for their cabin down below with Harry hot on her heels.


Their afternoon spent in Corfu was relaxing and enjoyable. They spent time in the local shops, picking up a few things for people back home. They ate lunch at a small local café, enjoying the delicious homemade Greek fare and even a few drinks before they walked back to the marina, Alex’s arm tucked into Harry’s while they talked and laughed and made the most of their time together.

The next few days were similar, though not spent on land. They rose in the morning, ate breakfast and spent their time leisurely. They in the beautiful blue waters of the ocean or they lied out in the sun on the deck of the boat, soaking up the atmosphere. Truthfully the only time they spent inside was when they were tangled up in each other – which was a significant amount of time in itself.

It was their honeymoon after all.

It was day four when they arrived at Smuggler’s Cove. The security team – after suggesting they go on a Sunday when it was known to be significantly less busy – had cleared the excursion for them and Alex was incredibly excited when the beautiful beach tucked into high cliffs on three sides came into view.

And right in the middle of the beach was what appeared to be the remains of a shipwreck. It didn’t matter that its placement there wasn’t natural, that it had been put there by man simply for the tourists who flocked there; the effect was still unique and fun and both of them were excited to be there and to see it.

Though they were sure that they were recognized – after all it was less than a week before that they were married on television in front of a global audience – no one bothered them while they played in the water and explored the “shipwreck” on the beach. Though Alex did her best to convince Harry that she heard several people in the vicinity snicker about how her sandcastle making skills were clearly superior to his.

By the time they gathered their things and headed back to the yacht they both had wide smiles, sand all over themselves, and a bit of a sun burn as a souvenir of their fun day spent at Smuggler’s Cove.


“Feel refreshed?”

Harry turned towards his wife’s voice as he stepped out onto the deck of the boat later that evening, freshly showered and wearing shorts and a plain white t-shirt. He grinned and stepped over to where she sat at the table with her laptop. He thought she looked adorable in her light cotton camisole and shorts with her knees tucked up to her chest. Her hair had mostly air dried from her earlier shower and fell in soft waves down her back.

“Much better,” he chuckled as he leaned down to kiss her upturned lips. “You got some sun today,” he murmured, moving to kiss the tip of her pink nose.

“So did you,” she smiled up at him as he pressed his lips to hers once more and then moved to sit across from her at the table. The sun was setting on the horizon and his eyes traveled out to the picturesque scene before moving right back to her.

“Checking e-mails, love?”

“Emma sent us one,” she nodded. “She’s having a blast with Mimi and Poppy. Apparently Kate’s parents invited them out to Berkshire for a couple of days and they had a ton of fun. She also wanted to make sure we remembered to bring her a souvenir.”

“Ha! Of course,” he grinned, shaking his head with his laughter. “Like we would forget her.”

“Never,” Alex giggled. She reached for her wine and took a sip, her eyes moving back to the screen for a moment. She had just clicked from her email and her homepage had come back up where a news update that flashed across the screen caught her eye. “Shit,” she groaned, setting her wine glass back on the table and clicking the link before she could help herself.

“What?” Harry’s brows lifted and his lips turned down slightly as he watched her eyes moving fast across the page.

Her shoulders slumped and her lip pulled between her teeth. “There were photos snapped of us today at Smuggler’s Cove and it appears they’ve already been fucking sold.”

“Are you serious?” Harry groaned as his entire body sagged in disappointment. He ran his hands up over his face and into his hair and then took a deep breath, stood, moving over behind her to look. “Who is running them?”

“Some French magazine,” she murmured her reply.

“Fucking assholes,” Harry snapped. “Didn’t they learn after Will and Kate sued their asses off?”

“Didn’t anyone call you from London?” she asked, ignoring his outburst.

“Probably, but I haven’t checked my phone since we got back,” he shrugged. “And Charlotte knows not to try anything further to get in touch with me unless it’s an absolute emergency, which certainly isn’t this. I’m sure she’s handling it fine for us though.” He leaned in a bit further and squinted at the photos as Alex clicked through.

They weren’t bad, of course. Nothing revealing or risqué; just various shots of them walking on the beach, splashing and playing in the water, and one or two photos of quick kisses they had shared. Although it was annoying, it wasn’t anything that he knew they couldn’t shrug off so they could enjoy the rest of their honeymoon.

That was until they came to a photo that made Harry’s hackles rise instantly.

“What in the…” Alex breathed, her eyes flashing wide and her entire body stiffening as she took in the photo and the caption.

It was a zoomed in version of a previous picture that was centered over her stomach. There was a bright yellow arrow pointing to the small c-section scar that was right above the top of her bikini bottoms with a snarky caption that gleefully pointed out the perceived imperfection of Harry’s new duchess.

“What the actual fuck?!” Harry barked out, his cheeks going red and his fists clenching at the sides. In his anger he almost didn’t catch her in time, he almost missed Alex scrolling down the page, heading right towards the comments section. “No! No, Alex,” he said, reaching out to stop her. “Don’t read that stuff, love.” His voice was softer as he closed her laptop, pulling her eyes swinging up to his. “That’s not going to do anything but make you upset. You know those comments are always ridiculous crap anyway.”

“I know,” she sighed, her voice small as she leaned back into her chair. And she did know; she’d always stayed away from articles about her and she’d especially always stayed away from the comments sections on news sites, knowing that the public who commented on those things were often so jaded or biased that they failed to realize the person they were speaking of was a real person. “I know. But Jesus Harry, that picture? That’s so…demeaning. My c-section scar? That’s tabloid fodder?”

“I’m so sorry, Alex.” His voice was soft and sweet as he moved to sit in the chair next to hers. He reached out for her hand, pulling it into his. “It shouldn’t be. You know it’s not something to be ashamed of.”

“Of course I know that. But what do they expect? And the way that commentary was so…gleeful; like they were so smug with themselves for finding something to pick apart on my body. I mean, they could have picked at my cellulite or the way my right boob is slightly larger than my left, but they went with something that came as a result of my daughter. It’s so…”

“Hey…” he interrupted her, pulling his chair closer to her and bringing her hand to his lips. He took a deep breath and then his forehead scrunched together as a thought momentarily sidetracked him. “Hang on. Your right boob is not larger than your left.”

Alex snorted. “Yes it is. Not like…a full cup size bigger. But just a little bit.”

He peered at her and then shook his head. “How have I never...”

“Because usually your mental facilities aren’t on high alert when they’re out,” she quipped, her lips twisting in amusement.

Harry narrowed his eyes playfully and then shook his head. “That’s…fair. Anyway, before I got sidetracked I was going to say that that’s how they operate; the tabloids. It’s wrong and it’s mean but…you know that. Regardless, it’s an unbelievably shitty dig at you and I hate that it’s making you feel bad. I hate that those scum are making you feel bed.”

Alex’s eyes softened with her husband’s words and a small smile pulled at her lips. “I don’t feel bad. Just…stunned a bit for a moment I guess. I’ll be fine.”

Harry’s eyes searched hers for a long moment, hoping that she was actually as certain that she would be fine as she said she was. Finally he nodded and took a deep breath before smiling up at her. “Well if it makes you feel at all better, I love that little scar.”

“I know.” Her lips curled up even higher and some of the color she’d lost when she found the pictures flushed back into her cheeks.

“I love that Emma came into the world from there,” he continued as he brought her fingers to his lips once more, kissing them slowly. He watched as she softened a bit more with his words. “I love to kiss that spot on my way down that amazing body of yours.”

Alex bit her bottom lip as memories of him doing exactly that flashed through her head. “I know you’re trying to distract me.” She smirked as his lips moved down to the inside of her wrist.

“Is it working?” He grinned up at her.

“Doesn’t it always?”

He chuckled against her skin and then abandoned her wrist, leaning up to kiss her lips. “I love you so much, Alexandra. You’re so beautiful. You’re just…the most beautiful woman in the world.”

“Oh-kay,” she giggled against his lips. “Let’s not go that far.”

“I absolutely will,” he laughed. He pressed his lips to hers once more before pulling back to look at her. “Honestly, are you okay love? Is there anything that I can do besides…” He stopped and wiggled his eyebrows, making her laugh. “To take your mind from this?”

“Hmmm…” She tilted her head to the side. “Maybe…dinner? And wine?”

“Done,” he nodded. He kissed her once more and then moved to stand. “I’ll call down and have something made up. Want to eat on the deck tonight?”

“Mhhmm,” she nodded. “It’s a lovely night.”

“It absolutely is,” he winked.


After ending a quick phone call to Charlotte to get up to date on what was being done to handle the release of the pictures and the way they had treated his wife in the tabloid, Harry stepped from the deck and made his way down to their bedroom where Alex was waiting on him. When he pushed through the door and into the room, he wasn’t even a little bit surprised to find her curled up under the covers and fast asleep, her chest rising and falling slowly with her deep, even breaths.

A bit of relief washed through him, knowing that she had fallen asleep so easily. She had been quiet that evening and although there was every chance that she was simply exhausted from the incredibly fun but busy few days they’d had, he was a bit worried that the nasty dig that the tabloid magazine had taken at her was getting to her more than she was letting on. He hadn’t brought it up again or pushed her to tell him if it was still bothering her, wanting to let her process it without him pressing the issue and making it worse.

He moved through the room, divesting himself of his t-shirt and shorts before flipping off the beside light she’d left on and pulling back the covers to slide into bed with wife. He immediately reached for her and pulled her close, loving the feel of her there and smiling at the tiny noises she made in her sleep as he cuddled her close and drifted off to sleep with her.


It was immediately clear the next morning that Alex wasn’t handling the photos and the mean comments about her well at all.

She was quiet and withdrawn and she had insisted on eating breakfast inside, even though the day was beautiful. She had picked at her food and barely responded with more than a yes or no when Harry had tried to ask her questions.

And he’d let her wallow for a bit. He’d always hated when someone tried to poke and prod when he was clearly trying to process or come to terms with something the press had thrown at him. But after breakfast, when he’d suggested they go for a swim and her face had gone white as a sheet before she’d shaken her head and mumbled something about how she’d gotten too much sun the day before, he knew she was beyond processing. She had let it affect her in a way she’d always seem to be able to avoid with the press attention.

As he watched her move off from the table, sink into the couch, and flip on the large TV that they hadn’t even turned on for the entire trip, he knew that he couldn’t let her do this to herself. So he stepped from the room and quickly set about making some quick calls and arrangements; knowing exactly how he was going to try and help pull her from the low she’d dipped into.


“Alright Alexandra,” Harry announced as he walked into the living area where Alex was curled up watching a movie. “We’re going out.”

“Going out?” Her eyes flashed wide as she sat up to look at him. “But…”

“No buts, love,” he interrupted, though his tone wasn’t at all harsh. “You can’t hide in here all day.”

She shook her head and she felt heat flush her cheeks as her natural defenses rose. “I’m not hiding.”

“Alex…” Harry sighed as he moved in to sit next to her. “Yes you are. And listen, I’m not mad or upset with you…just concerned. You haven’t stepped outside today and you should have seen the blood drain from your face when I suggested going for a swim earlier.”

Alex’s breath hitched and she blinked at the tears that rose unexpectedly in her eyes. “I…I’m sorry. I know I’m being ridiculous.”

“Hey,” he breathed and reached for her instantly, pulling her into his arms. “You are not being ridiculous, baby. You aren’t. I’m not saying that at all. It’s completely normal to feel how you are feeling right now.” He pulled back slightly so he could look down at her. Her light blue eyes were wide and wet as they met his and his heart hurt for her. “I don’t want you to try to hide that it’s bothering you or act like it isn’t. Alex, let it bother you. Cry and yell and break something if it helps you to get it out. But don’t hide. If you hide, you let them win.”

“Break something?” she sniffed as her lips twitched up into a small smile. “On our rented yacht?”

“Or…” Harry chuckled as he narrowed his eyes playfully. “Let’s get off this boat and go enjoy our day in a way that won’t make you feel like you’re on display.”

“And what way would that be?”

“Did you bring jeans with you?” Harry asked, deliberately side stepping her question.

“Yes…” She drew out the word and her lips twisted as she peered at him. “Should I even bother trying to ask again what your plan is?”

“Nope,” Harry grinned. “Just trust me?”

“Oh see, when you say it like that with those puppy dog eyes…” She laughed lightly and rolled her eyes playfully. “Of course. I trust you.”

“Excellent,” Harry nodded. He leaned in to kiss her and then stood from the couch. “Can you be ready in an hour?” At her nod he grinned and clapped his hands together. “Okay, I’m going to go make sure the plans are all set and we’ll leave in an hour.”

“Aye aye, Captain,” she snickered as she rose from the couch and gave him a salute, bringing a shout of laughter from him as he watched her walk away and then moved off to finalize his plans for their day.


“A motorcycle?” Alex’s eyes widened as they walked toward the sleek black bike that was parked and waiting for them at the marina.

“If you want to,” he nodded. They stopped walking and he turned to her, his lips tilting into a soft smile as he pulled her hands into his. “It’s just…when I was younger and I’d let the press and the pressures and the unfairness of…” He trailed off and shrugged and she knew he was referring to his life, the life she was now a part of. “When I would let it get to me, taking out my bike would always help. The scenery, the fresh air, the wind…I don’t know why, but always put it into perspective a little bit. But if you’re not comfortable with it…”

“Yes!” Alex interrupted, excitement blooming in her eyes. “I want to go. I can’t think of a better way to see the coast and…yes, I want to go.”

“Yeah?” His eyebrows lifted and his smile pulled wide. “I was really hoping you would say that.” He bent forward to kiss her sweetly and then turned to his protection officer. “Mark, do you have the items I asked to be secured for us.”

“Of course, sir,” Mark nodded and looked to Patrick, Alex’s PO, who stepped forward with a bag in his hands. But instead of handing the bag over right away, his eyes moved to Alex and he shifted slightly on his feet before clearing his throat.

“Ma’am, are you sure you’re comfortable with this?”

Alex’s eyes flashed wide. “I’m sorry, what?”

Harry’s brows furrowed as he looked at Alex’s PO. “Are you new or something? You don’t need to be worried about Alex with me. Do you really see me as a threat right now?” His eyes flashed to Mark who nodded immediately, understanding with just a quick look that he was going to have to speak to Patrick about lines that they were never supposed to cross.

“No, of course not. I apologize, sir,” Patrick replied quickly. He stepped back and his eyes darted between Harry and Alex quickly. “It wasn’t my place to ask.”

“As long as you guys stay in the tail car behind us, we’re as safe as anyone else would be,” Harry replied, his stance softening just a bit.

“Yes, of course,” Patrick said quietly, nodded, and then turned towards the Range Rover they would be tailing the motorcycle in. Mark turned to follow, no doubt ready to offer Patrick an earful once they were in the car and tailing Harry and Alex on the bike.

“I’ve never seen a PO overstep their bounds like that,” Harry murmured, his brows still furrowed in surprise.

“That was rather…” She wrinkled her nose and then shrugged. “Interesting…for lack of a better word.”

He turned to her then, his eyes searching as they found hers. “You know I would never, ever put you in harm’s way, right?”

“Harry, of course I know that. You know I know that. He was out of line, you put him back in, and it’s over. I’m sure it won’t happen again. Now come on,” she smiled up at him and he couldn’t help but match her smile in return. “Take me on a motorcycle ride.”


Harry had been right; the motorcycle ride had been exactly what Alex had needed.

As the coast of Greece flew by them - the scenery, the water sparkling in the distance, the wind in her hair – it all worked to calm her, to clear her head; to take away the worry and the sting of the way that French magazine had come after her.

Because really, who cared? Who cared if they pointed out her c-section scar with barely disguised glee? She loved that little scar. It had come from bringing her daughter into the world and she would be damned if she was going to let anyone take that and make her ashamed of it. Because really, the only person who’s opinion mattered at all was hers and Harry’s. And she knew his opinion – he thought she was beautiful. Nothing about her was flawed to him, even the small things that she thought were. He simply saw it as part of her – and he loved her. Those magazines could be catty all they wanted. The truth was that in the end, she wouldn’t be thinking about them at all when her husband kissed that little scar on his way down her body.

So with lighter shoulders and an easier smile, Alex held on tight to Harry as he drove them down the coast.

By the time they stopped for lunch at a small place that had come highly recommended to Harry, he could tell from the moment she pulled off her helmet that she was going better. It seemed as if the ride had helped to clear her head that he had hoped it would.

“Look at that smile,” he said, his own lips pulling into a grin as he reached out to take her helmet from her.

“So smug,” Alex smirked as she moved to pull of her jacket so she could enjoy the sunshine.

“I’m not!” He laughed and held up his hands, his eyes going wide and honest. “I’m just incredibly happy to see that beautiful smile. And that the ride may have had something to do with that smile?” His eyebrows lifted with the question.

“The ride helped,” she nodded as she moved to wrap her arms around his waist. “That and the fact that my husband knew exactly what to do to shake me out of my funk.”

“Well, it was my pleasure. Do you think that your husband could buy you lunch now?”

“No.” Alex shook her head and tilted her lips up to his. “I’m going to buy you lunch now.”

“Fair enough, love.” He chuckled, kissed her once more, and then with a slap to her ass he moved from her arms, pulled her hand into his, and led her down the small path towards their lunch destination.


“Harry!” Alex shrieked as she turned her face from yet another splash that was coming her way courtesy of her husband.

They were out for another day at the beach – although this time they were alone. Charlotte’s father, it turned out, owned a private bit of coast in Greece near where their yacht was currently anchored. And when Harry had called her to get an update on what was happening in the press, she’d been quick to offer it up to them if they wanted to use it on one of their remaining days. It was very private and very secluded and though the possibility of being sighted was there, the press had been warned off of them and Charlotte said her contacts in the media told her they seemed to be taking the threat of legal action seriously.

In the end, there was simply no way that Harry and Alex could turn the opportunity of another beach day down and they took her up on her offer without hesitation.

And they were having a blast. They’d played and swam and when Alex had made fun of Harry’s sandcastle making skills once again, he had chased her from the beach back into the water, where the splash war they were currently involved in had begun.

When another wave of water came towards her from Harry’s direction, Alex let out another squeal and finally turned and dove into the surf, a smile on her lips even as she tried to escape his attack. But Harry had no intentions of letting her get away and before she could even get two full strokes of her arms in, she felt his fingers clamp firmly around her ankle. She came up sputtering but laughing, pushing her hair back from her face and wiping water away from her eyes as he pulled her slowly closer to him in the chest deep water by her ankle. “No more splashing! Truce!” she giggled, throwing him the best version of a stern face as she could in the moment.

Harry laughed and shook his head. “Now, I’m not sure you deserve a truce, Alexandra. You’re the one who started it.”

“I did not!” she shook her head frantically, though a wide, happy smile was on her face as he pulled her closer and closer.

“Lies,” he grinned as he pulled her the final bit of the way to him, moving her leg around his waist. She moved her other leg up and around him as well then and wrapped her arms loosely around his neck, loving this playful, silly side of him. “Fine,” his voice dropped and his smile turned slightly smug. “What do I get as an incentive to agree to this truce?”

Alex smirked. “You think this is a negotiation?”

His hands smoothed up her back, pressing her closer as they bobbed in the water with the gentle rocking of the waves. “Hmmm. You know what I think? I think you look incredibly sexy in this teeny tiny bikini.” His fingers moved to tap against the string of material across her back as if to accentuate his point.

Alex’s lips curled up at his words, at the way he changed the topic. “It’s not that teeny tiny.”

“Oh I disagree, Mrs. Sussex,” he smirked as he leaned forward and kissed her lips softly. “It’s very tiny and very, very sexy. In fact, I’m having the most terrible time keeping my hands off of you today.”

“That’s funny,” Alex laughed. “Because I’d say right now your hands are very much on me.”

“Fair point.” He grinned as he hands tightened on her, one sliding down her back to her ass and the other sliding up to her neck, cupping her head and pulling her lips to his again.

It was intended to be a soft, playful kiss – part of the flirty banter that had been going on between them since they’d gotten to the beach. But when her arms tightened around his neck and she pressed her chest tight against his, the feel of her in his arms and the friction of her wet skin against his instantly sent a wave of pure desire rolling through him. Harry groaned and his tongue tipped out, begging entry into her hot, sweet mouth. And when her lips opened under his and his tongue slid in to find hers, his hands began to move again. The one at her neck slid up into her hair, pulling her closer, keeping her lips to his; and the other curved down over her ass to the back of her thigh. His fingers slid up to tease along the edge of her bikini bottoms there and she gasped, her eyes sliding open to find his.

“Harry…” she warned, though her lips were still smiling and she made no effort to move away from him.

“Alex…” he breathed, his eyes dancing with something slightly wicked as he bit his lip and then – because he found her so sexy in that moment and he simply couldn’t fucking help himself – his fingers pushed under her bikini bottoms and slid in against her center. “Oh baby…” He grinned when he felt how hot and wet she was, as he watched her lips part and heard her breath suck in.

“What are you doing?” she asked softly, her lips curling up slowly and her eyes dancing as her hips arched out against his searching fingers.

His grin pulled wide and completely cheeky, his eyes dancing mischievously as he slid his thumb down into her wetness before moving back up to run a firm circle around her swollen clit. “Playing…”

“Oh my God,” Alex giggled into a moan. Her head tipped back only slightly before she pulled back up and her eyes found his. “You know I love when you do that.”

He chuckled, loving the playfulness and the easiness between them. “I do know that,” he murmured as he leaned in to kiss her again, catching her soft gasps and groans as his thumb continued its deliciously torturous pattern, circling and circling, firm and steady against her. His other hand left the back of her neck and moved under the water as well, only this time it wasn’t to her body but instead to his. His fingers were quick with the strings on his board shorts, undoing them just enough to pull himself from them. And then, his fingers moved from her clit and she whimpered, pulling her lips from his with a pout; a pout that was quickly replaced with a wide-eyed gasp when his fingers pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and he adjusted, pressing the tip of his length against her.

“Here?” she squeaked, making him laugh.

“Please?” he returned, sticking his lip out with an exaggerated pout of his own. He moved an arm up around her waist, pressing her closer, pushing the tip of his cock inside of her and making her moan and ache for more. “What do you say, Alexandra? Make love with me? Right here in the sea?”

Though she knew she should probably tell him no, that while they were on a private beach with no one in sight, it was very possible that someone could still see them without them knowing it. But the reality was that here was her sexy, sweet husband with his perfect, kissable lips and his gorgeous blue eyes and he wanted her; right there in the beautiful waters of Greece.

And there is simply no way she could have ever said no to that.

With a bite to her lip and her shoulders clutching at his in anticipation, she nodded her head slowly. His face immediately brightened but he didn’t waste any time being smug, he didn’t take the opportunity to tease her like he could have done. Instead, his arms circled around her waist, he pulled her closer, and then he pushed himself into her as far as he could, burying himself in one long, deep stroke that stole the breath right from her lungs.

“Jesus Alex…” he hissed, his fingers gripping into the skin of her waist. His eyes widened and he couldn’t help that his smiled pulled even wider when she clenched her muscles around him. “You feel fucking amazing.”

“So do you,” she said with a grin as she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed closer, nudging his nose with hers, their lips less than an inch apart. He lifted another stroke into her in response, his arms around her pulling her down hard against him as he did and bringing a soft cry from her lips. And then he stilled completely, his arms tight around her, holding himself all of the way inside of her. She gasped and tried to move, tried to rock her hips against his, desperate for more friction. “Just relax,” he chuckled softly. He moved one arm from around her and brought it to her face, pushing a lock of wet hair from her forehead as he gently kissed her lips.

“Jesus…” she groaned, her breath blowing out warm against his lips as she stilled, as she let the gentle rocking of the waves take over all motion for them.

And the sensation was so much more intense than she had thought it would be. Their bodies rose and fell with the slow, smooth waves that moved through the water. And because he was buried so deep inside of her, the rise and fall caused him to slowly rub against her most sensitive places over and over and over again, creating an amazing, intense sort of friction between their wet bodies.

“You love doing this to me,” Alex murmured, her eyes flashing wise and a small burst of air falling from her lips as a larger wave moved through them, raising them up and dropping them down, causing him to press in incredibly deep and sharp for a moment.

“Doing what?” His voice was low and his eyes dark as he moved both hands hotly down her sides. He gripped at her hips, tilted them slightly, and a smug grin pulled at his lips when she gasped as he hit somewhere different inside of her, a place that made her entire body tingle.

“Fuck. That,” she moaned out, her eyes closing briefly and a soft giggle leaving her lips. “Fucking me in that way you do that makes me want to just…beg for more.”

Harry chuckled low, even with the way his entire body pulsed at his words. “You’ve got me figured out.” He leaned in closer then, his lips kissing lightly down her jaw until he reached her ear. “Do you want to beg for more now?”

She laughed; a low, throaty, incredibly sexy sound that made his breath catch and then she nodded slowly, her head moving against his. “Yes…”

He groaned lightly and because he was just as worked up as she was, because in all honesty he wasn’t sure how much longer he could take it, his fingers gripped tighter at her hips and he began to move her against him.

“Oh God,” she gasped, every nerve in her body seeming to light up as his hands gripped her, pulling her hard to him over and over again. He was hitting hard and deep and sharp and it felt so good that she could hardly stand it. “Oh please…Harry…” She pulled back to look at him, her eyes filled with heat as they met his. “Please…please…”

He grinned at her words, at how adorable and sexy she looked all at the same time. “Please what?”

She smirked and wrapped her arms tight around his neck, pressing her chest tight against his as she leaned forward and kissed him; full and hot and deep. She pressed closer and closer, wishing that her bikini top wasn’t in the way, desperately wanting to be able to press her naked chest against his in that moment. She whimpered as she tried to press even closer once again, her body instinctively reacting to the craving it had, and he caught it instantly; sensing exactly what her urgency and frustration was about.

Her eyes flew open wide and her mouth pulled from his when he suddenly dipped them lower into the water, bringing it up so it covered them to their shoulders. He curved one arm all the way around her hips so he wouldn’t lose the rhythm he’d established with her, while his now free hand slid up and in between them to her chest. His fingers quickly pushed the material covering her breasts to the sides and she gasped as first the cool water hit her hard, tender nipples and then he pulled her tightly back against him, giving her exactly what she so desperately wanted.

“Yes,” she sighed, her lips curling up as she let it all wash over her; the way he was moving within her, the way it felt to be pressed up against him under the water, the delicious friction it created. Within moments she felt the burn begin deep in her belly, felt herself being pulled right to the edge.

Harry’s lips pulled into a smug smile as he watched her. He knew her so well; knew every single tell she had that meant she was close. Her eyes fell heavy and dark, her cheeks flushed, her lips parted, and her body tensed –readying itself for what was about to happen to her. Their gazes met – heat and lust flying between them as her breathed sucked in and he nodded.

“Yes, come on Alex…” he encouraged, a light groan leaving his lips as he felt the first tremors begin in her body. “You’re so sexy, so hot, so…fuck. Alexandra…come for me, baby…”

And she did. Her head fell forward, burying her face and muffling her cries in his neck as her body clenched furiously around his. And with a groan of his own and a bite to her shoulder, Harry pulled her hard and tight against him and flew right over the edge with her, pulsing heavily as he gave everything he had to the woman wrapped up in his arms.