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More Than Just Baser Instincts.

He blinked. “Well, sure. “When's your birthday?”

“July 29...” I paused, and (for God knows why) I added, “I'm a Leo.”

They both started laughing uproariously, as if it was the funniest thing I had ever said. I smiled, trying to fathom why that was at all amusing.

Elaine Porter didn't have the most orthodox childhood: her father's name was a curse that she dared not even ask about, her mother was described as a selfless angel, and she was raised by her Godmother Lucille -- her mother's best friend. To make matters worse, her looks (pale as snow, platinum hair, and striking silver eyes) made her stick out everywhere she went. Bored with her mediocre life and now unemployed, she decides to leave the suburbs of Chicago in pursuit of her dream job in Oregon.

Little did she know that her plane ride would bring her face-to-face with all of the things that Lucille had tried to hide from her--the very things that had destroyed Elaine's mother.

And it all started in an innocent town called Home.
  1. Four Years I'll Never Get Back
    These people were not something I would miss when I was fired at the end of the week.
  2. The Grand Tour
    It was almost like a sense of...instinctive camaraderie, and I was glad to have found her.
  3. Just this Once
    “I'd love to,” he breathed, a seductive smile forming on his lips.
  4. The Second Date
    By the time I got to the inn, the sun was hanging next to the middle of the sky and there were two hours for me to get ready for an important meeting.
  5. I'm a Leo
    “I just don't see'd even want to go back after being here,” Quince observed, almost sounding truly puzzled.
  6. Late Night Visitors
    This was crazy! Why would there be a lion in a village called Home, Oregon?
  7. Recommendations
    Never in my life had I had such a brief, straight-forward job interview where I was all but guaranteed the position; also, I hadn't been asked any real questions...
  8. Introductions
    “I’m Elaine,” I offered awkwardly, trying to disarm their gazes with a gentle smile.
  9. I Just Wanted the Choice
    “What do you think you’re doing with him? You said nothing was going on! What the hell, Elaine!”
  10. Holding My Breath
    “I need you, Elaine, more than I need my next breath. I’ll see you after work.”
  11. Our Business
    “I told her to stop talking to you about this, to leave it alone! But she couldn’t keep her damn nose out of it!”
  12. Chicago, Revisited
    “Why did you follow me all the way to Chicago!”
  13. (Dis)approval
    “All I needed to see was his eyes,” she whispered, staring past me and at Quince.
  14. Secrets
    “What do you mean she doesn’t know!”
  15. Superiority Complex
    “You cannot possibly think you can tell me what to do!”
  16. My New Life
    Then again, it was easier when I knew that I was leaving this behind to create something new with him.
  17. The Northern Sector
    The sooner he left, the better. He gave me a bad feeling.
  18. Marked
    “Why did you bite me?”
  19. Homecoming
    Then I had to look away, absolutely disgusted when that man raised his hand on her.
  20. All Part of the Pride
    “Quince,” I choked, “I’m ready to go home now!”
  21. Silly Trifles Called Love
    This man clearly did not believe in the sanctity of mates.
  22. A Perfect Pairing
    If it had not been for his obviously White lion characteristics, a fleeting glance would have led me to believe that Quince had come for me.
  23. Finding Strength
    "We're not a backwards people—our ruler is backwards."
  24. This Place Isn't Home
    "What names do you like?"
  25. Running
    My foot passed over the border, and my heart soared.
  26. No Control
    Until there was nothing left to take.
  27. Tiberius
    This man really wanted a family. But he couldn't have mine!
  28. Hanging On
    And I could not have him.
  29. Silver Eyes
    "Just let her see the cub, that'll jog her memory."
  30. The Inevitable Retreat
    "I'm sorry," I whimpered, clutching at his shirt. "I'm so, so sorry."
  31. The Silence
    She looked ready to crumble. "It's a mistake, right?"
  32. Not by Blood
    I had a feeling this was about me...
  33. This is Goodbye
    The forest suddenly became so incredibly lonely.
  34. Dad
    "Mine! Touch them and die!" Tiberius snapped, clutching me so tightly that my chest heaved desperately for air.
  35. Maela
    But the whole idea of ending a life... I didn't know that I could do it.
  36. Afraid to Even Blink
    And every time I closed my eyes, I had to face the image of him holding me, drenched in his own blood and begging to know why...
  37. The Deadliest Duet
    But he could have killed me so easily... He had hesitated for a fraction of a second.
  38. The Man and the Beast
    "You don't want to see her. She wouldn't want you to remember her like this."
  39. Superior
    Was it...blood? Surely enough, my body clenched as the smell filled the entire room.
  40. A Touch of Magic
    I didn't want to tell her that my head was literally on the line.
  41. Finally Home
    "Well, I missed you guys, too. Were you nice to your substitute teacher?"