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More Than Just Baser Instincts.

No Control

Tiberius had not reared his head in three days, not until they came at me with that needle. Then, he was only there to hold me down as I screamed and tried to fend them off.

I didn't want to know. I just didn't want to know if...

But that had been hours ago, and he had disappeared soon after—right around the time when I sat by the window, holding myself. He had offered to stay, but he was the last person I wanted hanging around me.

So I just sat alone—only...maybe I wasn't alone.

Either way, I couldn't even enjoy the window, not when it was shut off with steel bars put in place after my last attempt to escape.

I was hurt, and I was scared. If the test was positive, a part of me was dead. But if the test was negative, Tiberius would repeat his performance as many times as necessary until another part of me was dead. And he would hurt Quince again. And again. And again. Until there was nothing left to take.

On top of the festering guilt, there was also this...anger that I didn't understand. It was misplaced, yet it surrounded me. I knew it was not my anger, as I just didn't have that kind of energy in me.

No, it was Quince. I could feel it, could almost hear him screaming at anyone that dared to move in his presence. This was his way of dealing with the pain that I forced him into. I should have taken Tiberius up on his offer to block Quince from this, to spare him. Some mate I was.


I turned slowly, not so willing to face this world that was now my own. My mother stepped carefully inside, glancing back in paranoia before shutting the door behind her. I turned back to my window with my knees pulled up to my chest.

"Sweetie, I... I know you'll be an excellent mother."

"Mom," I whimpered, scooting closer to the window, "I don't want this cub. At all. You may say that I'll change my mind, that when I see him I'll never want to let go." I rested my chin on my knees. "You know, my best friend Anne said that about Quince. She said I had no choice but to love him, but I fought it for so long. Because I like being in control. But now that I don't have him, that I've hurt him beyond apologies..."

"It wasn't your fault!"

"If you knew how upset he is, you'd know why..." I turned to her. "...why I want to die. I can't face him! Not with another's cub in my arms! I can't face him when he knows what I did! I've killed him. It's only fair that I should die as well."

"This was why I left, so you could stay far from this place," she murmured, stepping up to me. "I let you go because I love you."

"You were never in question. I thought you were dead."

She smiled grimly. "If only."

"Why does no one overthrow him? He's a monster! I know I'm not the only—"

"What about Quince? Is he not...?"

I looked down. No. Quince was not coming. I could feel it, that all he did was mope around and rip off people's heads. It didn't take eyes to see that he had given up.


"Mother, I want to be alone right now."

"I don't think you should—"

"Leave me alone, damn it!" I hissed, curling into a tighter ball. "Just go!"

I could feel her eyes burning holes into the back of my head, but I just rocked back and forth gently as I tried to hold myself together. My gaze was set firmly on my knees rather than the taunting scenes of the outside world—a place I would surely never experience again, if my father had his way.

And he would. He always did.

"Christine, can I have a moment with my mate?" Tiberius murmured, not at all flinching when he said the words. I flinched enough for the both of us.

"I... Be easy with her," she begged, but then she was gone.

"Have you come to do it again? Did you enjoy playing with a toy that's not yours?" I scoffed, resting my chin on my knees. "I'll bet my father commended you for a crime well done."

"Elaine, I'm here because I don't want to see you destroy yourself."

"You want cubs that badly, then?"

"Stop it," he growled, jerking me from the window and into his repulsive arms. I squirmed and protested, but he just held me even more tightly until I thought my lungs would burst. "I came here to tell you that your father is on his way. With the results."

"I don't want to see them," I hissed into his chest.

"Well, you're going to see them. And I'm going to be here with you whether you like it or not."

"Try 'not'."

He released me enough such that he could grab my chin and force me to look into those cold eyes.

"Elaine, I hope you won't talk like this to our cub. An innocent child doesn't deserve that torment."

"I hate you, Tiberius."

He sighed in my ear before pulling me close yet again. Into my ear, he mumbled, "Well, you're all I will ever have. So I accept that."

I would have torn him a new one, but the door was thrown carelessly open—slamming into the wall to reveal that bastard who strode in with haughty steps. His gaze was stern, and he held a piece of paper in his fist. It gave me hope. But it also killed me more.

Tiberius placed me beside him on the bed, but his arm wrapped firmly around my shoulders as he squished me against him. His thumb rubbed against my arm in a manner that seemed soothing, but his abrasive touch just made my stomach heave.

"I expect you'll be sharing this bed more in the future," my father growled, crushing the paper.

"Does that mean...?" I could not help the hope in my voice. For now, this was better. Until Tiberius provided an encore performance, this was the better news.

"You tell me."

He threw the wadded up sheet at me, and Tiberius caught it before uncurling it and holding it up for both of our eyes. My eyes scanned the paper, relief flooding my features.

"An excellent specimen indeed, Tiberius."

The blood ran from my face, and I choked on the heart lodged in my throat.

"My daughter," Gerald cooed with a grin, the disapproving look having faded, "a mommy."
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