Death Is Closing In and Catching Up

This story starts out with a young six year old girl named Harley Marie Carter. She has a mother who is suffering from breast cancer. Her father left her mother before Harley was born. The only clue she has of who her father is, is that he is the drummer of a punk band. Soon her father arrives for two short weeks with the rest of the band Green Day. After his return home, things get worse for Harley. Her mother passes away leaving her alone. This story is mostly centered around Harley and how she gets through the tragic loss of her mother. Also it is centered around Tre's fight to get his daughter back.

Rated PG because of language.
  1. Afraid of Losing You
    It's Harley's seventh birthday. She's afraid this will be the last birthday her mother is going to attend.
  2. Party Time
    Harley's party guest arrives. They go up in her room and listen to music. A familiar band comes on the radio. It's Green Day. Sandra walks in and stops dead in her tracks when she hears what's playing. After the song is over she runs into her room to
  3. Finding Out The Truth
    In this chapter it's centered around Tre the day after the phone call. He is upset about the fact that Sandra's dying. His bad mood is lifted when he receives a short phone call with his daughter Harley.
  4. Death Is Closing In
    Harley is almost eight now. She gets an early birthday surprise. The arrival of her dad and the rest of Green Day. They plan to stay with her while Sandra is out of the hospital. Sadly that doesn't last long. Almost a week after they arrive Sandra ge
  5. Memories Seep Through His Veins
    Billie can't take seeing Sandra in the state she's in. It reminds him of his father and what he went through. He hopes that Harley won't have to go through the same pain he did.
  6. One Last Week
    After their hospital visit, Tre follows Harley up to her room to tell her something. Something she doesn't want to hear.
  7. Little Schemes and Shredded Dreams
    Its that day. The day when Green Day makes their departure home. But before their flight leaves, things get a little hectic in the Carter household. Harley goes around hiding clothes and stealing car keys. She'll do anything to make her father stay,