The End of My Story

School life


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’ll just write on the weekends, unless something comes up and I really need to get some shit out of my system.

So here we go.

School sucks, it is nothing, but a building filled with human beings who are all idiotic. Why does my school exist, because it sure as hell isn’t around to educate. The teachers don’t care about anyone they only show up in order to get their pay check. Students will talk the entire time while a teacher is attempting to teach and not once has a teacher tried to stop them.

It’s in every single class. Not one teacher gives a crap.

A famous quote from my English teacher, “I get paid whether you listen or not, I don’t care if you fail my class.”

That’s Mr. Brine for you.

I guess it’s not like that in all of the school, I could transfer to all AP classes I’ve been told by my guidance counselor that I’m smart enough, but I really don’t want to actually put effort into school.

My classes now are all regular and so for me I will get A’s and B’s without having to try very much, or listen to the teachers, not that I would be able to hear them if I needed to.

Well, this is filling up the whole page so I’ll stop here and continue on later tonight.