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Behind Your Eyes

Castiel is an Angel of the Lord who helps out the Winchester brother's on their crusade the stop the Apocalypse. Upon his journey he stumbles across a girl like he's never seen before.

Alytha Morgan is a bartender, living a completely normal life or so it seems. That is until she serves an Angel in her bar. Unknown to her is that she is actually a Prophet of the Lord, a very special one at that.

Fate brings these two (and the Winchesters') together for a cause--to stop the end of days--but what happens when things between them begin to change and a bond forms?

One thing is certain, both Alytha and Castiel want to know:
What's Behind Your Eyes?


***Disclaimer: I do not own Supernatural or any of its characters mentioned in this story. I do, however, own all other characters and most of the plot. ***
  1. Angels and Alcohol
    So far, so good; 'Cause no one knows I'm drinking.
  2. Apocalyptic Dream Girl
    Put me to sleep, Evil Angel.....
  3. I Like my Coffee Black, Like my Demon's Eyes
    Demons they follow me, cause my insanity...