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It's the End of the World

Hearing The Screams

I heard the screams and cries for help before seeing it. Turning in a full circle, I raised my crossbow, ready for any walker to burst through the trees. Not a second later, something crashed through the brush. I was shocked to see that it was a little girl, no older then eleven or twelve with short blond hair, some jeans and a purple shirt with flowers that was covered in dirt. I also noticed that she was clutching onto a what looked like a home made doll. I heard her whimper and sniff and quickly came to her feet. She turned and gasped and screamed when she saw me.

"Are ya alright?" I asked her soft voice.

The little girl gripped her doll tighter to her body and nodded slowly.

"Its alright, lil girl. I ain't gonna hurt ya," I said as I took off my bandana fron my face, letting her know that I won't bring her any harm,"what's ya name, sweetheart?"

The little girl was quiet for a few seconds before speaking softly," my name is Sophia."

I smiled softly at her and said,"Well ain't that a purty name. My name is Dallas and this here, is little Carlie."

As I said this, I turned to my side to show her the little baby girl that was in a baby holder on my back. I heard Sofia gasp.

"Is she your baby?" Sofia asked.

I laughed a bit before shaking my head,"she ain't mine. I found her mama bleedin out and her mama shoved her lil baby and begged me to take care of her. I promised her I will. How old are ye?"

"I'm twelve. How old are you?"

"I'm sixteen, bout to turn seventeen in a couple of weeks. Wheres your mama?"I asked her.

Sophia looklooked at me with watery eyes before saying," a hord of walker walked towards our group and we all hid under cars. A walker heard me and wad crawling under the car to get me so I moved out and ran into the woods. Rick, our leader, found me and told ne to stay put, but I heard one of them and I got really scared so I ran where Rick said the others wrre; but I got lost. A couple of walker were following me."

As soon as she said that, I heard the distand rustling and groans of the walkers.

"We have ta go," I said in a whisper.

Sofia whimpered anf nodded her head. Sticking my hand out to her, I waited for a couple of seconds before she slipped hers into mine and we both took off running. I gently pulled her around trees and bushes. Before long, we came to a little clearing where stood a two story home. Their were huge windows and off to the side were concrete like slides that would cover the windows with just a push of a button. The whole thing was made out of concrete the perimeter was covered with titanium steel barbwire and titanium steel poles to keep everything in place. Opening the gare,I quickly ushered Sophia inside. Getting inside myself, I closed and locked the gate before smiling at Sophia.

"What is this place?" She askd as she looked at the home withbeyes wide open.

"This is my home," I said

"You built it?" She asked in awe.

I smiled down at her and nodded my head before we walked toward my home and walked I side. Sophia looked around and looked at every little this that was around. Putting my crossbow my the door, I closed and set the alarm and motion sensors before taking the baby off my back and taking her out.

"Would you like to take a bath, Sophia? I asked as I walked up tp her.

Sophia looked over at me, eyes wide with excitment.

"A bath? You have running water?" She asked.

I smiled and nodded my head before showing her to the bathroom. Turning the tap on, I told her where the shampoo and conditioner were at and the towels. Telling her that I will get her a fresh pair of clothing, I walked out and headed to the basement. Getting her some little girl jeans, a dark blue shirt with fresh socks and underwear. Going a little further in, I grabbed. Pair of kids boots before heading back towards her bathroom.

"Your clothes are on the counter, Sophia," I said as I walked in and placed the clothes down.

"Thank you," she called out from the inside of the shower.

I said you're welcome and said to head to the kitchen when she was done before picking up her dirty clothes and threw them in the washer. Placing Carlie in her little high chair, I began cooking the deer that I hunted the day before. I hummed as I stirred the beans annd flipped the deer meat. About twenty minutes later, I heard Sophia coming out of thr bathroom and towards the kitchen.

"Thank you for the clothing and the shoes," she said shyly as she took a seat on the table.

"Ya welcome, sweetheart," I said with a smile," they yours now. So don't think of giving em back."

Sophia giggled and nodded her head before looking around.

"Where's my doll?" She asked, tone nervous.

"Don't worry, girly," I said as I placed a plate of food in front of her,"she's taking her own bath."

Sophia smiled a bit before digging into her meal. Taking some for myself, I ate as I fed lil Carlie. We were both in comfortable silent as we ate.

"Can we look for my mama?" Sophia asked, looking at me with her bit light brown eyes.

I chewed my food for a bit before speaking,"of course, lil one. Lets just rest today, and we start tomorrow. That sound good?"

Sophia nodded her head and smiled before finishing her meal. As the day went on, I played with the lil girls for a while and before long, the sun was setting and Sophia was starting to fall asleep. Laying Sophia and Carlie down in the same room, I kissed their foreheads before heading down and letting the concrete slides go over the windows and before long, after making sure that everything was secure, I layed myself down to sleep.
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