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It's the End of the World

The Farm

It had been two weeks since I sound Sophia, and two weeks since we've been searching for her mama and the group that she was in. In those two weeks, I have shown Shopia how to defended herself and how to shoot and swing a mechete. At first, the girl wad a bit hesitant, but as time passed and I encouraged her, Sophia finally got a hang of it. For a girl so young, she picked things up pretty well. Reminded me of myself. Currently, we were in the forest, I was leaning against a tree as Sophia was in a bush beside it, doing her business. Coming out, Shophia smileed at me and I motioned with my head for we can get going. As we walked together, I smiled as I notied Sophia looking around.

"Wait," she said, stopping,"I remember this place. I know where we are!"

I smiled as I saw the excitment in her eyes.

"Lead the way, sweetheart," I said, gesturing with my hand.

Sophia giggled a bit and walked ahead of me.

As Sohpia walked us to a little pond, we walked right through it then started climbing up the steep hill. Walking for a little while more, we hit a railing. And where their is a railing, their is a road. Lo and behold, their was. With abandend cars and dead walkers around.

"We were here," Sophia said as she walked towards the cars. I looked around, gently shifting Carlie before looking over at Sophia. When I spotted her, I noticed that she stopped in front of a car. A note in her hand. Walking up towards her, I saw that it was adressed to her.

"They left this for me," she whispered as she looked up ar me.

Looking at the note, I saw that they gave her directios to the location that they were in.

"Wanna go?" I asked with a smile.

Nodding herbhead egarly, Shopia took off the back pack I had given her and placed the can food that was left of her inside. Closing and hoisting the pack back to her back, Sophia looked up at me and smiled while holding her hand out to me. Smiling, I took it in mine and we headed down the road.

"What's the first thing y'all gonna do when ya see ya mama?" I asked her after a moment of silence.

"Ima give her the biggest hug and never let go. And ima play with Carl."

"Ooh! Who is this Carl I hear ya speak of?" I said in a playful tone.

I saw Sophia blushing and her head tucked down.

"He's Rick and Lori son. He's lots of fun and my only friend. Other then you."

I awed and stopped for a bit and brought her into a light hug before continuing our was. As we hit the for on the road, we took the dirt road that the note said to take. The sun was already high in the sky, the heat making us sweat a bit. As we walked, I saw a sort of blurry figure in the distance. Rasing a hand to block the sun from my eyes, I realized that it was someone on a horse. The closer we got, the soonet I realized thay they were coming towards us.

"Don't be scared," I said as I looked down at Sophia.

Sophia nodded her head and squeezed my hand while her other hand squeezed the handle of her mechete. As the horse came towards us and us to it, I saw that it was an Asian fella with a baseball cap.

"So-Sophia?" The fella asked.

"Glenn!" Sophia exclaimed, smiled wide

The Glenn fella quickly got off the horse and rushed towards us. Reaching Sophia, he brought her into a tight hug before looking over her shoulder and towards me. I saw him tense and hia hold on her tighten. Pulling back, Sophia skipped towards me and pulled me over towards Glenn.

"Glenn, this is Dallas. She saved me from the walkers and took good care of me. She helped me looked for all of you."

As Sophia spoke, I saw that his once tense posture turned relaxed.

"Thank you. So much. We we're all looking for her. One of our group members got hurt while looking for her," he said.

"Who got hurt?"Sophia asked.

"Daryl,"Glenn said.

"Is he alright?" Sophia asked, sadness filling her voice.

"Why don't you come and see yourself,"Glenn said before turning to me and saying,"you can cone too. I'm sure everyone will thank you for what you did."

I nodded my hwad and watched as he hoisted himself back up on the horse and Sophia and I walking along side him. It really didn't take long before we reached the gate. I opened it and closed it back up before going back to Sophia's side. Glenn told us that he'll go ahead and telk everyone the good news. As I watched him go, I turned my gaze back to Sophia. I saw that she had tears in her eyes.

"Hey,"I said in a soft tone,"what's tha matter, honey?"

Sophia sniffed and said,"I'm just so happy to see everyone."

"Aww honey," I said as I brought her into a tight hug,"they'll be happy to see ua too. Now lets get going."

Sophia nodded her head and I stood up and took her hand. As we continued walking, I saw several people running towards us. Picking up our pace a little, I heard someone calling her name.

"Mama?" Sophia said, unsure.

We heard it again and saw a woman with short gray hair running towards us.

"Sophia!" She screamed.

"Mama!!" Sophia cried out. Letting go of my hand, Sophia ran over to her mother.

I watched with a smile and tears in my eyes as Sophia and her mother embraced. I continued my way over towards them and heard that they were talking. I heard my name being said and I saw the woman look up and fresh tears coated her eyes. Standing, the woman walked over to me and brought me into a tight hug.

"That you. Thank you si much for finding and keeping my little girl safe," she said.

I chuckled a bit and hugged the woman back and said,"that lil girl found me. But I took her with me and kept her safe."

"Thank you anyways. I'm Carol," she said, pulling back.

"Nice to meet ya. I'm Dallas," I said, smiling.

As we pulled away, I noticed that everyobe was where we were. Sophia was passed around, hugs going all around. I looked at the grouo and saw that they were looking at me with thankful eyes. Except for two. One had a shaved head with a big nose and ice cold brown eyes. The other was a man with blue eyes, like my own, brown hair that sort of covered his eyes and a crossbow in his hands.

"Thank you," one said, stealing my attention from the two. I looked to see that it was a man in a brown uniform and a sheriffs had on,"my name is Rick Grimes."

I placed my hand in hia out steached one and gave it a hardy shake.


"Can she stay. Please?" Sophia asked, walking over toward me and standing in front of me.

"I don't see why not. Seeing that she kept ya safe and all,"Rick aaid, smiling at the girl. He was about to say something more when the guy with the big nose spoke up.

"Hell no!" He said, storming over towards me,"she's just gonna be another mouth to fucking feed!"

"Shane, stop. She saved Sophia," Rick said the the big nosed.

"So what! She saved her and now she can get the fuck outta here!"

As this Shane guy kept yelling, I heard a small whimpering and a cry. Douche bag woke Carlie up.

"Hey! Big nose douche bag!" I yelled," shut rhe fuck up! Ya woke Carlie up!"

With that, I took the baby carrier and moved Carlie to my front. Taking her out, I put the carrier over my shoulder and craddled Carlie close to me.

"Great!! Fucking whore has a kid!"

"Shane! Stop now!" Said a very skinny woman,"she stays."

Shane looked over at her and I saw his posture change dramatically. His shoulders slumped and eyes grew soft. Huffing out, Shane stormed away from the group.

"Sorry about him," the woman said; walking towards us me,"I'm Lori."

"Dallas. This lil girl right here is Carlie."

Carlie looked around in her new surrounding and cooed at everyone.

"How old is ya lil girl?" I looked over to where the voice came from. I realized that it was the guy with the crossbow.

"She aint my lil girl. I found her and her mama. Her mama was bit. Begged me to take care of the lil girl. Shes about eleven months. Bout to be a year old, I believe."

The man nodded and walked over towards me and looked down at Carlie. Rick said to follow him so I can meet the rest of the caml and I nodded. Looking over at the man, I saw that he was still beside me.

"Darly," he said, looking at me.


He nodded hia head and we continued to walk. As we reached the top, I saw that their was a fairly big farm house. Their wad an elderly man with a white beard and thinning out. He looked familiar. Then, I saw someone who I knew. Make that two someone's.

"Maggy? Beth?" I called out.

They both looked over towards me and I saw their eyes grow wide. Running off the porch, they ran full speed towards me and literally tackled me to the floor. I laughed and held on tight to Carlie while pushing thw girls off.

"Oh my God! Dal! You're ok!" Maggy exciamed as we sat up and brought me into a hug. As she did so, she felt Carlie. Maggy looked down and her eyes grew wide and looked at me.,"is she yours?"

I shook my head, but then I stopped," I guess now she is. I found her and her mama begged me to keep her safe."

Maggy nodded and stood up. I struggled a bit to stand, but failed horrible as I fell back on my ass. Suddenly, I felt a pair of arms on my waist and lifted me up. Looking over my shoulder, I saw that it was Shane. Him being this close to me gave me the creeps. As he let go, I took a few steps away from him and nodded him a thanks before turning to Beth and hugging her tightly.

"C'mon. Daddy will be happy to see you," Beth said with a smile.

I smiled and nodded as I followed the girls up the porch. As I reached the top, Hershel smiled widely at me and broguht me into a hug. He looked down at the baby in my arms and gave me a look. I laughed a bit and shook my head and told him the story I have told the others. Hershal nodded and motioned for me into the house. As I looked out, I noticed Daryl looking at me. I smiled at him and saw his lip twitch, but no smike came. He just nodded. I chuckled and shook mt head

He reminded me of Uncle Merel.
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