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It's the End of the World

The Looks

It has been a couple of days since I found out who my daddy is. Which also means I've stayed at the farm instead of going to my home. Life on thw farm felt better then living in my home becausr their actually people to talk to. In those few couple of days, the rest of the group found out that Daryl is my daddy. They all accepted that. All but Shane. He looked at me with disgust and hatred. But also hunger. Fucking creep looks at me like I'm a piece of meat. Daddy always stays neat or around me, he knew something was going on in that fucked up head of his. Currently, I was sitting on the steps of the porch, watching as little Carlie walked around and picked at grass and flowers. I giggled as Carlie fell on her little but. She looked a bit dazed and looked around before shaking her head and getting right back up.

"She's growing like a weed," I heard a deep voice say behind me.

Looking over my shoulder, I saw that it was Shane. He lookrd at me with cold eyes and a grin.

I nodded once before turning back to keep an eye on my girl. I heard shuffling and out of the corner of my eye I saw his boots before taking a seat beside me. I ignored him and kept my eyes on Carlie.

"So," Shane began,"y'all haven't done anything to help out around the camp and people are startin' ta talk-"

Before he said more, I cut him off,"if they startin' ta talk, they can come ta me. Bring them people who talkin' ta me, don't be putting' fuckin' words in evryones mouths for them."

Shane grunted and stayed quiet for a bit. It was silent between the two of us. I thought as soon as I said that, he go away. But luck was not on my side. I felt his big, heavy hand land on my shoulder. I shuttered in disgust and shifted away, but he didn't move.

"I feel ya shudderin' girl," he whispered near my ear,"ya want me."

I took hold of his hand amd stood. Shane stood as well, most likely thinking he would get lucky. As quickly as possible, I twisted his arm behind him and shoved him to the floor.

"Never put ya filthy, innocent blood covered hands on me ever again. Ya a piece of trash."

Shoving Shane away, I walked over to Carlie and placed her on my hip and walked away, leaving him in pain on the floor. I hadn't walked twenty feet from the porch when daddy came out from the woods surrounding Hershals property.

"Saw what happened, " he said as soon as he reaches me,"ya alright?"

I nodded at him and gave him a small smile.

"I'm good daddy. Didn't do me any harm."

"Saw what ya did. I'm proud that ya can protect ya self," he said, smirking softly at me.

"Thank you. Uncle Merel made me take self defenses classes. Said he wants me ta fight anyone off if I don't like em."

"He right. Dont want no one messin' with ma lil girl. What ya gonna do right now?"

I shugged and said,"might gon ta the stables and feed Nelly. She calm 'round Carlie."

"That's good. Keep away fron Shane, ya here?"

"I know daddy," I said with a giggle.

"Good. Ima be at the tent. Holler if ya need me,"

I nodded and quickly kissed his cheek before making my way toward the Nelly. Gettin some grain, I placed some in Carlies hands and made my way towards Nelly. Carlie went into a fit of giggles when she felt Nelly's lips grazing her small hand. It brought a smile to my face as I heard her giggle. In this fucked up world, a child's laughter can really bring anyone's spirit up. I kissed the top of her head and held her tight as we continued to feed Nelly. Carlie looked up at me and gave me a toothy smile and spoke the first word in her little life. A word that brought warm in my heart and tears to my eyes.

"Mama," Carlie said, looking up at he with her big green eyes.

I swallowed hard, feeling it hard to say a word.

"I'll alway be here for ya, babygirl," I whispered as I kissed her dark brown hair.

Carlie giggles and went back to look at Nelly. We stood their for a couple of minutes before turning and making my way out of the stables. I was thirty feet away from the stables when I felt a sharp pain on my left side. I looked down, seeing that my blood was flowing out. I whimpered, but then realized that Carlie was too quiet. Looking down at my babygirl, I gasped and screamed in horror. Carlie had a clear bullet hold through her chest.

"No.. no no no no no!" I cried out,"baby girl! Open ya eyes!"

No response.

I looked up and saw Shane with wide eyes and his gun hanging in his hand on his side. A clear, visible smoke coming out. Without thinking, I pulled my own gun that Rick gave me out, aimed it at him, a fired. The first shot went to his shoulder. I wanted him in pain. I shot again and this one landed on his knee cap. I heard the bullet go clear through his knee. Shane fell to the ground in pain. By now, everyone came running out, screaming why they heard shots.

"Baby please! Please be alright,"I said. By now, I was craddling her in my arms, gently patting her cheek,"Hershal!" I screamed, tears falling freely down my face.

I stumbled towards the crowd that surrounded Shane.

Daddy turned and I saw his eyes grow wide.

"Dallas!" He screames, which caused everyone to turn and look at me with eyes wide and filled with horror.

"My lil girl. He shot my lil girl!" I cried, falling to my knees.

I cried and rocked Carlie, moving her hair from her soft lil face. I knew she was gone, gone with her real mama, but I didn't want to believe it.

"Please wake up babygirl, please," I cried, holding her close to my chest.

I felt someone kneel next to me and I looked up to see that it was Hershal. He ran a hand down her small neck and left it their for a moment. He looked at me with sad eyes and shook his head. I cried and sobbed louder, my hold on Carlie tighten. I didn't want her to go. My baby can't leave me. I felt a pair of arms go around me and I knew that it was my daddy. He tighten his hold and let me sob on him.
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