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It's the End of the World

The Move

"So," I said as I walked into Hershal with my hands on my hips and a small smile on my lips," y'all ready to head out?"

Maggie looked over at me with a small smile and some tears in her eyes.

"Yeah," she said, willing away a stray tear," it's just gonna be hard to leave this place. I grew up here. Hell, I was born here. Mama said I was an inpatient one and wanted out right away."

Dallas couldn't help but smile at that.

Ever since she met Maggie at college, she knew the woman had the most determination she had ever seen. She liked that Maggie didn't need someone to do things for her, that she was capible of doing it on her own.

Dallas was brought out of her thoughts when she heard the shuffling of boots coming towards them. Turning around, Dallas saw Beth and Hershal coming into the living room with two suitcases in each hand. Jimmy, Beth's boyfriend, was right behind them with a couple more back that were filled with all the food that they had in stock. Patricia was out back, making sure that she collected the vegetables that they were going to take and saying her finally goodbye to Ottis. Dallas asked what had happened and Maggie informed her that he went down helping Shane get the medical supplies needed to help save Carl after he was shot.

"Ready?" Dallas asked looking at the older man.

"Ready as I'll ever be," Hershal smiled warmly at the young woman.

"Alright. Let's get going before it gets to dark.

With Dallas in front, the Greene family, along with Jimmy, followed her out. Closing the door behind them and walking down the porch steps, Dallas turned to see Hershal taking one last look at his home before taking a deep breath. Helping the family place their belonging in the RV, Dallas told them that she was going to make sure that everyone was ready to head out.

Walking around the now empty camp, Dallas saw that her dad threw his now taking down tent in the back of Rick's car before strapping his crossbow over his dufflebag and heading towards his motorcycle. Turning to her left, she saw Carol and Sophia placing their belongings, along with Lori's, in her Cherokee. Sophia saw Dallas looking at the and waved over at Dallas. Dallas smiled and waved back before looking over at Rick. He was telling Carl something before standing up. Carl looked up at his dad and smiles before getting into the car.

"Ya ready?" Dallas heard her daddy say.

Looking up at him, since he was a bit taller then her, Dallas smiled and nodded her head.

"Yeah, got my bag ready. Just making sure that y'all got everything before heading out."

"We got it," Daryl said, nodding his head slightly.

"Alright. Just let me do one thing and I'll come right back," Dallas said, looking over her dads shoulder.

Daryl nodded, knowing exactly what Dallas was referring to.

Giving her daddy a hug, Dallas quickly made her way towards Carlie's grave. Settling on her knees, Dallas looked at the small grave. She didn't say anything just looked at the grave with sad eyes.

"I'll miss you so much, baby," Dallas whispered.

She didn't hear the footsteps until someone placed their hand on her shoulder. Jumping, Dallas gasped before turning to look at who it was. Dallas sighed in relief when she saw that it was just Rick.

"We're all ready " he said, looking down at the woman.

"Yeah " Dallas said in a soft voice, making her way to her feet,"I have ta ask. What are we gonna do bout Shane?"

Dallas watched as Rick took a deep breath before running his left hand over his face.

"Went to go talk to him. He turned. Couldn't handle the loss of blood and his body went into shock. Had to put him down."

"He turned? How? He wasn't bitten was he?" Dallas asked in an low whisper.

"He wasn't bit. He turned cause," Rick began to say before trailing off.

"Cause why?" Dallas asked, looking at Rick with a raised brow.

"We went to the CDC before Carl was shot. A Dr.Jenner let us in, but the whole place was running out of fuel and it was bout to blow. The night before he trapped up in he told me that we were all infected. That it was airborne and that we all had it. It doesn't matter of you weren't bitten. If you get shot down or get your neck broken, whatever it is that is inside us will take effect and turn us."

Dallas looked at Rick, eyes wide open and mouth slightly open. They all had it? Hearing movement behind her, Dallas quickly turned before gasping.

Carlie was making her way out of her grave. Her arms and head was out. Dallas let out a painful sobbed and covered her mouth.

"Baby," Dallas couldn't help but say.

At the sound of her voice, the walker Carlie turned its head and groaned as it struggled to get out.

Sobbing a bit, Dallas took out her hunting knife and walked three steps towards Carlie. The walker looked up at Dallas and growled as Dallas got down on one knee.

"I will always love you, baby girl," Dallas said before quickly shoving the knife in the walkers head.

As soon as it was done, Dallas began digging the hole back up with her bare hands before laying her back down and placing the dirt back over her.

"Let's get going. We burning daylight," Dallas said as she looked at Rick.

Rick said nothing as he took a step towards her. Before Dallas knew it, she was brought into Ricks chest, his arms wrapping around her tightly. Dallas couldn't help but notice that Rick had muscles. And stirred something inside her. Rick kept her in his arms for a bit longer before pulling back.

"Let's get going," he said, making her nod.
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