the reason i hold on

Her massive green eyes slowly fluttered open the next morning only to be met with his sleeping figure. She smiled softly, just looking at him for a moment. Grey light was shining in from the window, catching his face and lighting him to look almost like and angel. She blushed slightly, leaning forward to touch those perfect curls of his when his eyelids twitched.

Not wanting him to know she’d been watching him she quickly rolled over, looking out into the overcast sky. She pressed her lips together tightly, closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep as she heard him grumble beside her. The bed shifted slightly and she blushed as she felt his hand ghost over her arm. He then cleared his throat, quickly getting up and pulling on his boxers as she pretended to wake up.

She rolled over, looking at him as he pulled on a pair of jeans before turning to her. “Oh um… good morning.”

“Good morning.” She muttered. She pulled the sheets up to hide her chest as she looked at him, the emerald green of her gaze causing just as much of a fire in his stomach as they did last night.

“Do you want some breakfast? I can make some eggs or toast or...” She shook her head slowly, her long blonde hair catching in the light and causing him to catch his breath. He still couldn’t believe how beautiful she was as she looked at him, pressing her perfect lips together.

She stood, keeping the sheets wrapped around her petite frame as she padded across the floor. Finally she looked up, her eyes meeting his. “Where’s my dress?”

“You spilled wine on it last night, so I washed it after you fell asleep.”


“It shouldn’t be much longer.” He promised. “Just about an hour or so.” She nodded, turning to look at him and blushing.

“Do you have a shower? I feel kind of sweaty.” He chuckled weakly, rubbing the back of his neck as he looked at her. He was pretty sweaty himself after their night together, this girl whose name he didn’t even know.

“It’s not working right now, you have to use the bath. Sorry.” He said. She simply shrugged, keeping the white sheets wrapped tightly around her body as she followed him into the bathroom. He pulled out a few towels and a robe, setting them on the marble countertop of the vanity before nodding and leaving her.

She let the sheets pool on the floor as she walked over to the bathtub, turning on the water as she sat on the edge. She still couldn’t believe the beautiful man who had brought her to his home last night. His perfect curls and small cleft made him seem like some sort of Adonis. And the way they had so gently moved together in his bed was more like a honeymoon then two strangers. And as she had started to fall asleep he had pulled her into his arms, pressing a soft kiss to the top of her head and whispering goodnight.

The memory made her smile as she plugged the drain and moved to sit in the warm water. She pulled her legs against her chest, letting her head relax against the porcelain as her eyes slipped closed, thinking back to the first moment they’d seen each other.

She had by far been the most beautiful woman there, there was no doubt in his mind about that. Her dress was modest and loose, a white one with birds on it. He smiled softly as he held the same material in his hands, seeing if it was dry yet as it hung up. He closed his eyes, remembering her golden curls bringing out her green eyes even more. Both of them had been equally uncomfortable at the club, opting to sit at the bar as opposed to being pulled into the swarm of dancers. Several men had come up to her, asking her to dance, but she had turned down each and every one. And when her eyes had caught his, begging him to take her away from that place, he couldn’t resist. He had taken her hand, offering her a glass of wine and conversation back at his apartment and she’d accepted.

He hadn’t been planning on sleeping with her in all honesty. But when he accidently spilled wine on her dress he knew she must have had her suspicions. She had stood, looking at him sadly as she led his hand to the zipper, leading him to tug the dress down and off before he even learned her name.

She had been the first he’d slept with since Scarlett left him, and he still smiled as he remembered the way they had moved together, like his body had been made to fit with hers and hers with his. It was almost like he had been born just to save her from that club, to bring her here and take care of her as their two lonely souls untied in that one perfect night.

She had just been coming off of a bad breakup, the latest in a line of too many. Some were cheaters, some liked to make her feel self-conscious, but all of them left her feeling pathetic and weak. She when she had seen those perfect brown eyes, so warm and loving, promising to take care of her in a way no one else ever bothered to, she had been drawn like a moth to the flame.

She had needed contact, some sort of distraction from what a fuck up her life was. She needed a man who was willing to take her into his arms and love her until every horrible thought became a distant memory. She took in a deep breath before letting her face slip under the water, leaving only her green eyes as she thought about the perfect man.

Once her dress was dry he quickly grabbed it, making his way up to the bathroom and raising his hand to knock when she opened it, her hair down and quickly drying as a robe hid her skin from him. She blushed, both of them chuckling awkwardly as she reached out, taking the dress from him. As their hands touched both of them felt a spark and flushed, looking at the other. Finally he cleared his throat.

“I should let you get dressed.” He whispered.


All too soon she was dressed and he was walking her to the front door. Neither of them really wanted her to go, to be left alone, but they didn’t know what to say. She pulled on her jacket, giving him a small smile.

“Thanks for everything.” She murmured. She stood on her toes, giving him a small kiss as she reached for the door handle and opened the barrier that would soon keep them apart. As she was about to step outside she stopped, turning back to him.

“If you don’t mind me asking.” She whispered. “What’s your name?”

“John.” He whispered. “But my friends call me Mikky.” She smiled at that, her green eyes making his heart speed up.

“Lilly.” She said, offering her hand. “Thanks again Mikky.”

“You’re welcome Lilly.” He whispered. He stood in the doorway, watching her as she started down the hallway, and with each and every step he felt like part of him was walking away with her. He bit his lip, mustering up all his courage before he ran after her, setting a hand on her shoulder.

She smiled slightly as she turned back, biting her lower lip. “Yes?”

“Stay.” He whispered, taking her hands in his. “I mean… I would really enjoy it if you had breakfast with me.” She giggled at that and he couldn’t help but grin as she laced her fingers together with his.

“Breakfast sounds lovely.”
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