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Not a Sound


I join Ozzy and his friends for lunch then on.

We go to a new fast food restaurant every day. School has an open campus and many stores are nearby, we walk or sometimes drive to places to get food. My mother allows me money where I previously had to eat the free school food. I didn't ask why, but I have a feeling it had to do with my new-found friends.

I learn much about them. It turns out Ozzy is their Band Council President, and Collin is Vice President. Marko and Jeena are section leaders and Collin and Ozzy are co-section leaders. I didn't know what that meant until they explained it to me. In marching band, they take leadership positions to help teach new marchers. Ozzy and Collin share a position because they have eleven trumpets in the section to take care of, not including themselves. Marko and Jeena both have five. Band Council happens all year round, and the band votes on their leaders. I didn't know that the band program had such responsibilities.

Not a lot of people know how hard we work and how student-oriented it is, Collin says.

The football team makes fun of us, but truthfully we work harder than them, Marko says. We do all this planning and stuff before the season even begins, practice, teach, and then every band camp, we march and rehearse twelve hours a day.

Really? I sign to Ozzy.

He nods. Really.

I feel a strange sense of security. These kids are goofballs, but they are strong. Ozzy links an arm around mine as we walk and I feel absolutely protected. Even if we see Melissa, I'm sure these four can help me.

Aria, Jeena says, do you want to come over to my house over the weekend? We're all having a little Sound of Music party.

The words strike me and I can't help smiling. I'd never seen it, but the thought that she cared made me feel better.

That looks like a yes to me, she says and grins widely. I'll give you our address once we get back to school.
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My high school's marching band was really small; we barely have 60 people, but we're strong. We practice during band camp 9 hours a day and we've placed first and second in our division all the years I've been there. My band is different than the one I described here. Ozzy's band is probably a 100 piece band that's got a lot of funding. They probably do really well in competitions; usually the bigger bands do.

In college I'm going into a 200 piece band and that's going to be a big change. :P