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Not a Sound

Gaelic Rhapsody

On the weekend I go over to Jeena's and Marko's house. Ozzy is already there, but Collin hasn't arrived. Collin's always late, Jeena says. He follows some sort of time in an alternate universe. All his clocks are right, though.

Ozzy gestures to the seat next to him on the couch. I smile and sit next to him. His grin is bright and his eyes are happy. What makes me blush is that his smile is at me, like it's for me.

Hey, he signs.

Hey, I sign back.

Marko plops down on the other side of Ozzy. Since when did you learn sign language? he teases.

Since when I needed to, Ozzy replies.

Marko pushes him playfully and then leans in to say something in Ozzy's ear. Ozzy blushes. I'd never seen Ozzy blush like that. It's starts at his nose and then blooms out like a solar flare and he lightly shoves Marko back. Maybe, he says.

I give him a questioning look.

I'm giving him a hard time, Marko says and grins toothily. The two begin to tussle and Marko pulls Ozzy off the couch. Jeena jumps back when the trumpet-boy lands near her. Really, Marko!? she cries.

Marko ignores her and the two boys roll along the floor and play-fight.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see the front door fly open. A disheveled Collin bursts in. I'm sorry I'm late! he pants. Wait, what's going on here?

You got here when the party just began! Marko says, and he pulls Collin into the tussle as well.
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Any of y'all see the super moon? My family and my boyfriend went up to a butte to see it, but lo-and-behold Oregon weather, it was too cloudy to see.