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Not a Sound


After the movie, it's like no one saw the change had happened between Ozzy and I. It's like a secret only Ozzy and I shared, a fresh, bursting with life, secret brimming at our throats and making a glow shine through our smiles at each other. A change like speechless words only expressed through a simple brush of skin when shifting on the couch, or a demure aversion of eyes when our gazes would meet. Ozzy and I now share something no one else saw. A spark, a giddiness, a chance of something great.

Do you want me to give you a ride home? Ozzy asks when Jeena puts the CD in the case.

I nod and we share a smile.

Okay, I have to be home soon, so I hope that's not too bad. He takes a glance at Marko and Jeena, who shrug. Collin is curled up on the floor.

I think I ate too much, he says. His expression looks pained.

You won't be missing out on anything, Jeena says. Collin will probably throw up and that's it.

Okay. He looks at me. You ready?

I nod again, and he takes me to his car and then to home.

I'm surprised he remembers where I lived, but I guess I would as well if the memory was associated with something frantic. But the ride is calm. It's almost like the last car ride we had together; Ozzy drums on the steering wheel and nearly crushes my mailbox again. Oh geez, I have to be careful of that thing, he says. Well, we're here.

I exit the car and he walks me to the door. My mom's car isn't parked outside, but I remember that she's at a friend's house. Ozzy takes my hand. I'll see you soon. Did Jeena give you my number?

I shake my head. Ozzy smiles and I take my phone out and he punches his number in. There. Now you can text me whenever you want. Then he wraps me up in a soft hug. I embrace him back with a strange warm feeling welling up in my heart.

But then he flinches away.

The action is so sudden it's like a knife to the heart. What did I do wrong? What's going on? But his head is turned and I follow his gaze. The sight makes my heart sink into my gut.

It's Melissa and a group of her friends. She cups her hands around her mouth and looks like she's yelling. I can't read her lips with her hands covering them.

Ozzy's arm loops around my waist and he turns me away. I feel myself crumbling. I don't want to know what she's yelling and I do at the same time, but I know it's something bad. Don't look around, Ozzy signs. I don't and I wrestle out my house key from my pocket with shaking hands. I almost drop them and I miss the keyhole twice. Ozzy's grip around me tightens.

I open the door.

But something strikes me. Pain shoots into my cheek and I watch something whizz into my open house. A rock. She threw a rock at me.

Ozzy lets me go and whirls around. This time I turn with him and I see him shouting, his face red with rage, and Melissa and her friends are laughing. Something kindles within me along with my pain and embarrassment. That feeling intensifies into a wildfire when I see Melissa's pink mouth form the word whore.

I lift my hand and form her the one sign one didn't have to know sign language to understand.

I stick up my middle finger and then storm into the house.
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