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Not a Sound

Abram's Pursuit

But as soon as Ozzy and I step outside the office doors, I see Melissa Ryder.

My lungs seize and when her eyes lock on me I know she knows we were in her father's office. A tall, beefy boy stands by her side. Her boyfriend? What are you doing, bitch? she snarls.

I freeze. My mind goes wild. Ozzy takes a step in front of me, and I barely see his lips say, Things are going to change around here, Melissa.

As soon as he says that, I see something snap within her. All of the sudden her cool, arrogant exterior vanishes and the only thing that's left is a feral beast. I almost don't see her lunge at me. Things move too fast and Ozzy tries to block her, but the boy grabs his arm and flings him aside. The next thing I know is that my head has smacked against the door to the office and I'm seeing stars. I always thought seeing stars was a figure of speech. But lights have lit up before my eyes and when they clear I see Melissa's pink mouth stretched back and her perfect white teeth are bared. You whore! she shouts.

Then a blow comes to my face. I gasp and lash out and I strike her stomach, but she grabs me by the hair and yanks. A feel a scream come up my throat. I hate you! Melissa yells. You killed my mother! And you have the nerve to be like her!

I can't read what she says next because she jerks my head around. The bones in my neck crack with the sudden movement. I lose rationality. She's going to kill me. Melissa's going to kill me. And then the wildfire sparks and rages within me and I strike out with my fist.

It connects with her perfect, small nose with freckles splashed over it and I feel it crunch underneath my knuckles. She bucks off of me. I scramble away. The only thing I can think of is getting away. Ozzy is wrestling with the boy and he slams his trumpet case into the side of the guy's face. Then I feel a hand snap around my ankle. I jerk my head around to see Melissa's manicured nails sinking into my skin.

But then the office door flings open.

Melissa's father stares, wide-eyed.

And I realize a crowd has gathered around us.

Melissa's claws loosen around my ankle and I struggle to my feet. Instantly Ozzy's arms are wrapped around me. Everyone watches. Both Melissa and the boy have bloody noses. I don't know if it is silent or not. But I just press my face into Ozzy's chest and block the entire thing out.

Without seeing, I cannot hear, and I can just pretend I'm safe in Ozzy's arms.
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I'm multitasking and grinding on Pokemon Yellow. I just got a bulbasaur, got it to evolve, and a bellsprout's got it wrapped and it's the most annoying thing in my entire life.