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Not a Sound

Liturgical Dances

It's nice. The trumpet-boy, whose name I still don't know, and his friends are very nice. When we got there, the trumpet-boy had asked me what I wanted, and I pointed to the menu and motioned with my fingers. A number six? he asked. I nodded. Do you want a McFlurry too? I shook my head. Okey dokey. I'll go up and get it. I really want a Big Mac today. Then he went to order.

I sat with his friends and watched them converse as they waited for food and ate it when it came. They'd joke around a lot about the music they were playing, or their classes, and they'd try to include me in. It was just very nice. Even though sometimes I couldn't catch snippets of what they were saying because they'd talk to fast or at an angle, it was fun. Jeena was loud and obnoxious, and I didn't need to hear her to know that. Her hand motions and gestures were large and her expressions dramatized. Marko was the male version of her and they constantly butt heads, nearly literally at times. Jeena sat by me and Marko was across from her. She and him would throw fries at each other. Collin was the quiet and kind mediator between the two. He later told me that Jeena and Marko were twins.

Marko was a parasitic twin, Jeena says. I nearly died in the womb because of him.

Marko shrugs. It's true. Still can't quell my murderous streak out of the womb either. I killed and ate all of Jeena's ex-boyfriends.

Jeena kicks Marko from under the table.

Ouch! That was mean. He pouts.

I don't care.

Guys, please. Collin says.

The trumpet-boy returns with our food. Geez, the line was taking forever, he complains, but he flashes me a smile. At least it's here now.

I sign him a thank you. That he understands and nods. Anytime, he says.

Suddenly, something bumps into my chair and freezing liquid pours down my back. I feel a shriek come out my throat and I snap my head around. My heart stops. It's exactly who I don't want to see.

Melissa Ryder.

Oops. Her frosted pink lips curve into a sneer. She carries a now empty tray in her hands. I think you owe me a new soda. Your fat butt was in my way.

I feel my face burn and my limbs weaken. I know I shouldn't look at her anymore, but my eyes are glued to her sneering pink mouth and her pearly white teeth spitting silent words of hate. If I turned, I wouldn't see her anymore. I could look away. But I can't. A slamming vibration on the table startles me out of the trance though.

I whip my head around to see Jeena standing, a snarl on her face, her fingernails almost stabbing into the wood of the table with the force of her hands. You can get the fuck out, she says. Leave her alone.

But instead of turning to see Melissa's reply, I get up and leave through the back door.
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I don't know why, but Melissa is one of my least favorite names, along with Priscilla and Petula. Sorry if that's your name, I'm sure you're wonderful people!

You know, my friend's girlfriend's name is Shirlana. I always thought that was the most ridiculous name, but I kind of got used to it. She's a really nice person.