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Desperate for a new start, 19 year-old Taryn transfers to a new university in the hopes of pursuing her dream of becoming an author. For the first time, she's ready to live life for herself, damning all consequence to discover who she really is. She vows to never fall back into old habits and let her guard down.

Until she meets her fellow classmates at Brighton University.

Through a roller-coaster journey of a year, Taryn learns that she will never escape her past and who she truly is. But with her new friends right alongside of her, she learns to see life not merely as a struggle, but a beautiful one.

(Author's Note: Music is pretty important to me while writing, so I incorporated it into this story. Each chapter's title is from a song that inspired the writing in it...each song is listed in the author's notes after the chapter!)
  1. "Bets on Long Shots"
    Taryn moves into Room 401 of Radnor Hall and meets her roommate for the first time.
  2. "They'll Name a City After Us"
    Taryn meets Hallie's friends on a walk around campus.
  3. "You Know Where the City Is"
    Taryn meets her new floor-mates and begins her first day of classes.
  4. "If I Lose Myself"
    Taryn and her friends discuss plans for the upcoming weekend.
  5. "Let Me Show You a Few Things"
    Taryn experiences her first night out at Brighton.
  6. "She Thinks I'm Crazy"
    Taryn has a peculiar conversation with Shane and catches up with friends over lunch.
  7. "The Hours I've Spent Here"
    Taryn explores campus a bit further and starts an Ethics project.
  8. "Have You Ever Felt Like There Was More?"
    Taryn speaks with her mother and receives an interesting invitation.
  9. "Why Are You My Clarity?"
    Taryn attends a party at Shane's house.
  10. "I Lie Here Alone"
    Taryn wakes up with more than just a killer hangover.
  11. "My Head Is Spinning 'Cause of You"
    Taryn confides in her roommate and faces Shane.
  12. "Just Talk Yourself Up"
    Taryn returns to the clearing and hangs out with Alex.
  13. "That's the Way That Feelings Go"
    Taryn works on her Ethics project and Hallie confesses a secret.
  14. "Call Me Hopeless, But Not Romantic"
    Taryn helps Shane study and goes shopping with Maggie.
  15. "The Gents Are Gonna Try So Hard"
    Taryn has lunch with her family and parties with Parker.
  16. "I Know the Pain of a Heartbreak"
    Taryn makes an entry in her journal and hangs out with Hallie's parents.
  17. "This is Where Emotion Flares"
    Taryn takes part in Brighton's Homecoming festivities.
  18. "Getting Into You"
    Taryn goes to the skate park and attends an open-mic night.
  19. "I'm Not Crazy, I'm Just a Little Unwell"
    Taryn argues with Alex and returns to the clearing.
  20. "Nothing Goes As Planned"
    Taryn gets an unwanted phone call and gets stuck indoors.
  21. "Come Right Out and Say It"
    Alex arrives with grease and Taryn talks with Hallie.
  22. "Demons"
    Taryn battles her insecurities with Shane and returns to her journal.
  23. "Living Life in Fear"
    Taryn attempts to waste time before departing for Thanksgiving break.
  24. "Teenage Dirtbag"
    Taryn plays football on Thanksgiving.
  25. "I Will Always Want You"
    Taryn meets Kelly and loses track of time.
  26. "Explain It To Me"
    Taryn eats with Matt and talks to her father.
  27. "Girls Will Never Listen or Learn"
    Taryn flips the bird and goes on Facebook.
  28. "Blurred Lines"
    Taryn goes on a coffee date and gives relationship advice.
  29. "Sorry, Not Sorry"
    Taryn faces off with Shae.
  30. "Say Something"
    Taryn apologizes to Shae and goes shopping with Maggie.
  31. "You're So Worth All of This Torture"
    Taryn dines with her mother and finally says goodbye before winter break.
  32. "My Heart Will Ache Again, It Seems"
    Taryn says goodbye - for real - and gets food with Stacie.
  33. "Jesus Christ, That's a Pretty Face"
    Taryn has a seemingly uneventful New Year's Eve.
  34. "Do You Got Room For One More?"
    Taryn moves back in and grabs food with her friends.
  35. "I Was So Lost But I'm Back"
    Taryn catches up with Danielle and sees a familiar face.
  36. "Let's Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster"
    Taryn returns to a familiar place and is introduced to Bailey.
  37. "One Love, One House, No Shirt, No Blouse"
    Matt makes an attempt at re-earning Taryn's trust.
  38. "Tell Me What You Thought About When You Were Gone and So Alone."
    Taryn gets an intervention and makes a deal with Shae.
  39. "I Think I'm In Too Deep, It's Time to Pull the Cord"
    Taryn sees someone she'd rather not and grabs lunch with her brother.
  40. "I'm Fooling Myself, She'll Never Be Mine."
    Taryn blows off a study date and helps Parker with a new idea.
  41. "She's a Lady, and Ladies Shouldn't Be Messed With."
    Taryn has her most interesting Valentine's Day to date.
  42. "So Have You Been to a Place Like This?"
    Taryn eavesdrops on Alex and goes back to Shae's house.
  43. "I Did What I Did Because It Was Easy."
    Taryn confronts Alex and gets some conflicting news.
  44. "Am I Just Paranoid? Am I Just Stoned?"
    Taryn has a bad dream and ends Spring Break with a bang.
  45. "Don't Say a Word. Darling, Be Human."
    Taryn catches up with Shae and James drops a not-so-unexpected bomb.
  46. "When Will I Learn? I Push It Down"
    Taryn attends the wedding of James and Stacey.
  47. "That's Not the Only Lie I Told You, You Never Notice"
    Taryn tries to study and makes another journal entry.
  48. "I've Already Lost Everything That's Ever Made Any Kind of Sense"
    Taryn returns to the clearing and accumulates more bad news.
  49. "The Quiet of Compazine"
  50. "She Whispers To Me, 'I Was Meant To Be Free'"
    Taryn's friends attempt to plan a birthday party in her honor.
  51. "The Bridge Is All Crumbled, The Water Soaks Into Rocks."
    Taryn's friends host a not-so-successful surprise party.
  52. "With Your Angels We Will Fly"
    Shae and Hallie track down Taryn.
  53. "We Can Do Some Wrecking Here and Find Something to Love."
    Taryn wakes up and receives an unwanted diagnosis.
  54. "I Swim for Brighter Days, Despite the Absence of Sun."
    Taryn begins writing again and flies home for the holidays.
  55. Epilogue