The Popstar and the Actor

Chapter 1

When Jillian's plane touched down, she breathed a sigh of relief. She hated to fly, hated it. She had been flying all over the world since she 15, when she first burst out onto the pop-rock stage, but she had never gotten used to it. If is wasn't for HIM, she wouldn't be on that flight at all either. But he had asked her to come and see him, to come and spend time with him, and she had melted. They had spent months together while they were filming their TV show together. They both lived in New York so when they got home, they had spent more time together, being careful of how they interacted with each other in public. He had left for Florida to film his new movie and had only been gone a week when he asked her to join him. She had planned on taking the time off from recording so she packed up her stuff and booked a flight that night.

She moved through the airport, smiling and waving at the people who were yelling for her and taking pictures of her. It had been happening to her for 17 years now. She grabbed her bags with help from airport security and got a cab. On the way to his hotel, she texted him, telling him she had landed and was on her way. He texted her, asking her to tell him when she was checked in. She had booked her own room so people won't get the idea that they were together. Everyone knew they were friends because of the show, but no one knew they were dating. Not their cast mates, managers, or friends. She had worried about what stress the media would put on their relationship so they had agreed to keep it quiet for a while. She just wanted time alone with him for a bit before she opened them up to the world.

Jillian texted him her room number as she rode the elevator up to her floor once in the hotel. He was on the same floor. They had planned on spending his free time in her or his room. They were going to order room service and locked themselves away. He had the next three days off. They were five months into their relationship and she was starting to think it was time to go public. She was going to use this time together to really make up her mind. At the end of the week, they were both scheduled to be on a show at the same time and she was thinking about maybe letting their secret be known. Jillian walked down the hall, texting him, telling him not to come yet. The bellboy was with her so she told him she would tell him when she was alone.

' Hurry up.' He sent, making her smile.

' You want me to run and push him down the hall?' She asked in her text.

' If you think that would be get rid of him faster than do it.' His text read.

' You're impatient.' She texted.

' Only when it comes to seeing you.' He texted, making her smile. ' Ive missed you, Baby.'

Jillian unlocked her room then opened the door for the bellboy. She was nicknamed Pop Princess by the media but that didn't mean she didn't have manners. In fact, she was one of the most down to Earth people he had ever met. That was one of the things that first attracted him to her. She seemed to not know what her status was, she didn't seem to understand what she was to the world. She was Britney times 10. She never understood why people reacted the way they did to her. She had been named Maxim Mag number 1 sexiest woman 3 years running and was shy about it. She was shy about her body sometimes and he loved that.

' All clear.' She texted.

' That took way too long.' He texted as he jumped off his bed.

' I'm sorry! He wanted to put my clothes away for me! So weird.' She texted.

' Baby, you didn't let him, did you?' He texted as he walked through his room.

' No!' She texted. He chuckled and smiled at his phone, running his hand through his hair then smoothing it down.

' He would have just stole a pair of your panties.' He answered.

' Like you won't.' She texted, making him smile again. He opened his door and walked out into the hallway.

' I don't have to steal a pair. I have a pair already.' He text as he waited for his door to close.

' I forgot.' She answered.

' I didn't.' He said. He started down the hallway with excitement in his stomach. He really liked her. He was completely taken by her and just couldn't wait to see her. The week apart had sucked bad for him. He was to used to seeing her every day, was used to going to sleep with her beside him and cuddling with her through the night. Being apart was hard.

' You didn't bring them, did you?' She asked.

' Of course I did. Wasn't sure if you'd agree to come and stay with me or not. I didn't know if you'd come now or wait for the show. I needed something of yours to get me through.' He said. He reached her door and took a deep breath to calm himself. ' Are you going to come and let me in?'

' You couldn't knock?' She asked. He smiled and brought his hand up to knock on her door when it opened. She leaned against it like a shy teenager, making him smile more.

" What are you doing here?" She asked. Norman put his hands in his pockets as he shrugged.

" I saw a bunch of reporters outside so I called the front desk and was told Jillian Winters, pop star, rock star was here. I was hoping to get an autograph." He said. She shook her head and rolled her eyes as she turned away from him. He grinned as he followed her into her room.

" I hate that nickname and do you really need a autograph? I mean, you just told me you have a pair of my panties." Norman quickly pushed the door closed then locked it.

" Yeah but if you sign them, I can sell them." He said as he started towards her. She collapsed onto the couch and put her hands under her head, smiling at him as they teased each other.

" If I had known you were just going to sell them I wouldn't have given them to you." She said. Norman bent over and picked up her legs. He sat down and set them on top of his lap. He smiled at her as he slipped his hands under her pant leg and started to rub her skin, anything to touch her before he exploded.

" You don't want to know what I do with them." Norman said, making her laugh.

" I know what you do with them. I have seen how you used them, remember?" Jillian said. He reached down and took a hold of her arm. She let him pull her up. She readjusted herself so she was sitting on his lap, facing him. He put his hands into her hair and kissed her. Long and deep. He just couldn't wait unlonger.

" You said you liked to watch." Norman whispered. " You said it was sexy and hot."

" It was sexy and hot. The look on your face when you came in them, gives me chills still." She whispered. He loved it when she talked so openly about sex with him. It had shocked him at first but he loved it now. It was sexy to him how open she could be with sex.

" I missed you." Norman said softly against her lips.

" You should. I'm fucking awesome and I rock your world." She whispered.

" You do rock my world." He said a second before he kissed her again.

She parted her lips right away, letting his tongue slip into her mouth and twist around hers as she tilted her head. His hands moved down her body to take a hold of her hips. Her hands came up to his neck as Norman started slowly rocking her against him. He wanted her and she could feel him, growing harder, longer, and stronger by the minute. It was sending chills of excitement through her. The first night, and many nights afterwards, he had spend in Florida, they had had phone sex for the first time in her life. She had taken dirty pictures of herself and sent them to him while they played. Now, she was ready for the real thing, needed the real thing.

" Your bedroom straight ahead?" He whispered as if he read her mind.

" Just through those double doors." She whispered as she opened her eyes. He grinned and wrapped his arms around her as he stood up. Her arms went his neck as she laughed. He was rushing towards her room.

" Don't laugh at me, Babe. I can't help it." He said. Norman grabbed her door knob and opened the door.

He dropped her on her bed quickly then turned and moved back to her door. He shut and locked it fast. He took his phone and wallet out of his pocket to set them on her dresser. She was kicking off her shoes when he faced her again. Norman smiled as she pulled her wife beater off and tossed it to the floor. He yanked his tee shirt off and slipped out of his shoes. He hadn't tied them when he put them on in his room. He knew he was just going to take them off when he reached her.

Norman laid down on top of her and sighed as he brought his mouth to her neck. Her legs parted to form a cradle for his waist. Her hands slipped up the back of his head and into his hair. He loved when she played with his hair. She seem to love it just as much because she always had her hands in it, even when they weren't having sex. Even when they had just been friends. She would flick it, ran her fingers through it, mess it up or yank it, anything to touch him and that was a need he understood. He had always wanted to touch her when they were friends. He opened his eyes and glanced at her as his hands moved down her sides. Her eyes were closed and she was biting the left side of her lip. Norman closed his eyes again and sucked in her skin.

She arched her back slightly to allow his hands to move under her. Norman brought his mouth to hers and they made out slowly as their hips thrust together. He found her bra and undid it quickly. He yanked it away from her and tossed it across the room. Norman stood up and they both started working on their own pants. He was frowning as he watched her undoing her button. He was breathing hard and biting the inside of his bottom lip. She had learned early on he frowned like that when he was concentrating. He didn't even know he was doing it unless she pointed it out to him.

As soon as her zipper was open, he abandoned his own pants to grab hers. He ripped them down her legs, making her laugh. He didn't break his frown as he dropped them to the floor. She pushed herself up so she was sitting. He let her hands take over the job of getting his pants undone. He watched her hands work on his belt then the button of his jeans. As soon as his zipper was down, he gently pushed her down to her bed. He pulled his pants and boxers down together.

At first he had been intimated by her, intimated by their age difference and her. He was ten years older than her and wasn't sure she'd agree to go out with him and considering how they first hooked up, it was a wonder she had agreed at all. He had been with girls her age, even some younger, but there was something about her that had always intimated him and made him nervous. Then there was their first time, how they slept together when they were drunk and in the morning he had paniced and left her trailor. She had helped him get over those feelings quickly though. She was fun and easy to get along with. And it helped that she was sexual and made his sex drive sky rocket.

She shimmed out of her panties quickly a second before he laid down on top of her. They were making out again, slowly their pace down. Norman didn't have to touch her to know she was ready. He could feel her wetness on his tip. Her hands were in his hair again, tugging and pulling it lightly. She was breathing heavy against his face as they kissed.

" What are you waiting for! Put him in!" She begged, making Norman smile.

" Just like that?" He asked.

" Please?" She asked, softer that time. He kissed his way down her face to her neck as he moved into her at the same time. Her moan moved through his lips and shot down his body. He groaned in reply as he started thrusting.

She tighten her hold on his hair as they moved together. Her breasts were against his chest and Norman's hands were touching her face. He loved the way her skin felt. It was soft, the softest he had ever felt. He felt her stomach tighten against his so he picked up his pace. She was reaching her end faster than he thought she was going to. Her hips quickly adjusted to his change, making him groan again. Yeah, he was reaching the end fast too.

" Close." He whispered across her neck. She loved to know when he was getting ready to cum. He had been shocked when she asked him to tell her the first time but now it turned him on.

" I'm there!" She almost squealed out. Her little body trembled and shook under his as she started to cum. She moaned loudly, turning him on more. Norman started hitting her harder. Her entire body was tight around his. Clutching and almost milking him as she rode through the pleasure. He loved it. He loved that he was making her feel that way, that he was the one giving her that orgasm.

" Oh God!" He groaned out, his movements froze briefly as he lost himself deep inside her. He spilled through her, once again amazed at good sex and orgasms were with her. She pulled the strongest orgasms through him that he had ever felt in his life.