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Terrible Things

2 - I Hear Your Voice And I Break In Two

Jack’s POV

I woke up for the second time in about 4 hours, and as I rolled over the clock read the delightful time of 8:30. Shit. Rian was going to be round here in half an hour, the house was a mess and the kids weren’t even aware I was going out.

I rolled off the side of the bed and shoved on my glasses as I made my way downstairs.

I almost jumped right out of my skin when I saw my son sat at the kitchen island helping himself to some Cookie Crisp right out of the packet. One of Leah’s pet hates.

“Morning Lee,” I greeted him as I took in the state of the kitchen. It was littered with empty packets, pots and plates were piled up in the sink. Fuck.

“Uncle Ri called to remind you that you’re going to visit Cass and Alex, and he’ll be here in like 15 minutes.” And with that my 6 year old was gone, trudging back up the stairs.

“Fuuccckk” I muttered as I looked around the rest of the downstairs, it was a pigsty to say the least. I began tidying up, picking up the rogue plates scattering the living room and placing them in the dishwasher, and straightening out the cushions on the couch.

15 minutes later I had pretty much cleaned the downstairs of the house to some sort of acceptable state. As I finished loading up the dishwasher and I was putting it on, the doorbell rang and I traipsed over to open it to reveal one of my best friends, Rian Dawson.

“Dude you look like shit,” he pointed out almost immediately, after looking me over in one glance.

“Evie was up crying at 4am this morning, so as I got up to sort her out, Isla also got up and started crying. It took me forever to get them back to sleep, especially Isla, she misses Leah so much.” I explained with a sigh.

“Well go get dressed, I’ll get the girls up and dressed and give them some breakfast. Cass and Alex are at my place, they really need to talk to you.”

“What do they even need to talk to me about anyway?” I questioned, although I had a pretty good idea what it was. I’d bet my life they were “just worried” me.

“I’m not gonna get into it now, go get dressed and leave before I kick your ass out of that door naked.” He replied.

10 minutes later I emerged from the bedroom dressed in a loose hoodie and black skinny jeans and looked sorta presentable, though it’s really not up to my usual standard. My hair wasn’t styled, I hadn’t shaved in a week and I had bags under my eyes for lack of sleep.
I made my way back downstairs and saw all three of my children sat watching TV, while eating some cereal. I smiled when I saw what they were watching, The Tweenies. It was a British TV show Leah had been set on getting them hooked on, Leo hated it but Isla and Evie loved watching it. Especially since Leah had died, they had all felt the need to watch it even more, as a way of sorta accessing her.

“I’m going out for a bit guys, Uncle Ri is here if you need anything and my number’s on the board in the kitchen if something happens, ok?” I addressed them, although I’m pretty sure none of them were actually listening.

I grabbed my keys and headed out the door, slamming it shut behind me. I slipped into my car and started the engine, immediately the radio came on and I instantly recognised the song as ‘Beam Me Up’ by P!nk. My heart shattered momentarily as I listened to her voice slip effortlessly across the notes, it was amazing. Leah had always had a “girl crush” on P!nk, because as she put it “the woman has a voice that melts butter and she can always put what I’m feeling into words.” She adored P!nk and absolutely loved this song.

It made me smile to think of how she would’ve turned the radio up to sing along at the top of her lungs, probably serenading me. If Alex or Cass had also been in the car then they would’ve gone for a full three part harmony, probably ending up collapsed in fits of laughter as Alex tried to hit the notes that only Cass and Leah could.

I missed her so much.
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