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Terrible Things

7 - Love Is Not A Victory March, It's A Cold And It's A Broken Hallelujah

Jack’s POV

“I don’t wanna.”

“Isla please?”


“Isla, I’m going to lose my patience in a second.” I threatened. She just shook her head stubbornly.

I was currently trying to get my four year old daughter to co-operate and put on the god damn dress.

“But it’s boring and black. I wanna wear a pink one.” She pouted at me.

“Isla, you have to wear the black one.”

At that moment the doorbell rang, and I ran down the stairs to get it, chanting to myself “Please be Alex, please be Alex.” He was the only one that could get Isla change her mind; I swear she loves him more than me.

I pulled open the door, and there stood my best friend.

“Thank God!” I practically cried, pushing him in through the open door, and practically throwing him up the stairs.

“What’s going on? We need to be at the church in like 10 minutes.” he asked, confused, while trying to regain his balance after stumbling up the stairs.

“Go up and persuade your god daughter to put on the fucking dress; I give you permission to use force. I need to go dress Evie.” I replied. My patience was waning thin this morning and I think Alex could tell.

“OK, I’ve got Isla, you’ve got Evie. Where’s Leo?” he asked.

“He’s dressed, and ready to go. He’s in the lounge watching Spongebob.” I explained.

“What about you? Are you gonna get dressed?” he asked me, his eyebrow raised.

I looked down, and groaned. I was still in my basketball shorts and hoodie, luckily though I had got as far as shaving, and my hair was clearly in a good mood.

“Evie won’t take long, and then the suit’s ready. I just need to put it on and style my hair.” I told him quickly.

He walked away rather sceptically, but to sort out Isla nonetheless. I could hear protests coming from the room but eventually it sounded like she’d finally given in.

Twenty minutes later, and my family and Alex were finally ready to leave.

I ran a stressed hand through my hair, and grabbed my phone and keys, walking out to the kids who were sat in the car waiting.

“Dude what happened this morning?” Alex asked once I’d sat beside him in the passenger seat of his jeep.

“Isla was up until the early hours of this morning again, so I overslept.” I replied simply.

“You know if you want, me and Lisa can take the kids for a couple of nights; let you catch up on your sleep and stuff.” he suggested.

“I can’t just send them away like I don’t want them anymore Lex,” I sighed, “not so soon after their mom’s gone.”

“Well I can come and live with you guys for a couple of nights then. I’ll deal with the crying children while you catch up on your sleep.”

I had to admit it sounded like a fucking good idea. I was exhausted doing everything on my own. Alex’s help would be greatly received. Plus I liked the company.

“Sounds like a plan,” I agreed, sighing.

Ten minutes later, we pulled up to the church. I immediately spotted my parents, and my mom came over and pulled me into a hug. If my children weren’t stood right there, I probably would’ve burst into tears. There’s nothing better than a hug from your mom to really tug at the heart strings.

“Hey mom,” I mumbled into her shoulder.

“Oh Jacky, are you alright?” she replied.

“I’ve been better,” as I pulled away and gave her a half-hearted smile. Even I could tell it didn’t reach my eyes.

She just gave me a sympathetic smile, before turning towards Alex and my kids. I was so lucky that she loved and supported me in every decision I made, and in turn she had loved and supported Leah like her own daughter. Our children were my mother’s life and soul now; she adored them and spoilt them so much.

Cass came running up to me, a little bit panicked.

“Where have you been?” she looked at me slightly angry that we were 10 minutes late, as usual.

“Isla was up crying all night, so I overslept, which in made us late already. On top of that Isla refused to put on her fucking dress, and luckily Alex came over and made her put it on. So we’re late because none of us really want to be here.” I snapped at Cass.

I immediately felt bad; Cass had organised the entire funeral, and she was probably grieving just as much as I was. Her, Lisa and Leah had been best friends, so along with Lisa she was probably hurting as much as I was.


“It’s fine Jack, just go and get everyone seated.”

I sighed and turned around to my family. I took Evie from Alex’s arms and led them inside of the church. We sat down in the front pew, and I glanced over the rest of the church.

All around the church there were flowers, roses to be specific; Leah’s favourite flower. At the front there was a collage of pictures of her, before we met, after we met, during our marriage, when she was happy.

Before she died.

Finally my eyes found the coffin. It lay there at the front of the church, a simple black box.

Black the colour of death, the colour of despair.

The colour of the end.

I walked over and looked in, my wife laid there, eyes closed. She looked so peaceful, so happy. She was pale, and was wearing a simple white gown. She was still so beautiful.

I’d forgotten I was holding Evie until:


My fragile heart fell to the floor and shattered.
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