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Chapter one

The air was chilly outside as I walked along the sidewalk on a mid September morning. Today was my last day in London before mum transferred me to a boarding school way up in Sheffield. I didn’t have a proper reaction to it but you can say I was a way. My previous school I went to was total hell for me. I was failing more than two classes and I got into trouble way too much. They didn’t expel me, mum just pulled me out and said I was going to go to an all boys boarding school. All my friends weren’t so cheery about the idea. After I told them, they sort of sat there with blank expressions for a moment or two.

“What?!” Matt blurted out. Hah, his expression was priceless, to be honest. We met way back when I was around 5 years old. It was a sunny afternoon during the summer and mum took me to the park for a bit after her shift ended. I was playing in the sandbox, building my own sand castle when I quirky little lad came over and started making his own castle, too. After that, we had play dates every Saturday afternoon until we finally decided to go to the same school when we were 10. That’s how I met Max, Dan, and Chris. All of us became a big group of lads and I’ve got to say, we were pretty unbreakable.

Now I’m going to a god for saken boarding school that’s all boys. I’ll admit, I’ve dated in the past but none of them ever felt “real”, y’know? Just stupid little partner times, maybe a few kisses here and there but that’s all. I’m 95% sure my exes hate my guts and want me to die since I kind of was a douche in all of them but they can suck it up for all I care. It’s in the past and I shouldn’t bother with it all.

I eventually came to the front door of my house. Am I really going to miss this place? This has been swimming around in my mind ever since I decided to go on a walk this morning. My suitcases were placed on top of the island in the kitchen. No one was home except me, no one. Not even my mum was here, she went out to get some stuff and hopefully she’ll be home in a few minutes. Not even my best friends were here. They’ve been at my side for 8 years, 13 years for Matt, and they’re not here to say goodbye?! Screw you guys, don’t be begging at my feet when I don’t answer your phone calls or text messages. I am Joshua James Alphonse Franceschi and I deserve to be treated like a king. What the hell am I saying, I hate myself.

Does my mum honestly need to drive me to Sheffield? I can probably take the train and be completely fine from then on. What? It’s England for Christ’s sake, everything here is fucked up. Besides, it’s not like I’m going to need her since I’m going to practically be living in a hell hole with a boy I’ve yet to meet. If he’s loud and obnoxious, I’m sleeping in the bathtub and no one is stopping me. Oh my god what if he falls in love with and kisses me and just no. No, I’m not going to school just to have sex with a boy. However, if he’s attractive, I’ll probably get him because I’m Josh Franceschi. I’m a flawless bitch. Bzzzp. My phone vibrated from my back pocket. Oh, it’s Matt! Hey, buddy, thanks for the goodbye text you’re sending me instead of an actual hug!

From - Matt -
I’m really sad you’re leaving, Josh! We’ve known eachother since we were 5 and it’s hard to say goodbye to you..

REALLY. REALLY. A FUCKING TWO SENTENCE TEXT SAYING THAT IT’S “HARD TO SAY GOODBYE”. NO. UNACCEPTABLE. BITCH GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND HUG THE LIFE OUT OF ME. Okay, mental rant is over with, time to act all nice to him since I could possibly never be mean to him.

I’m 100% lying, I’ve pushed him down a hill while he was in a trolley once and he crashed into a shrubbery and I lost my shit. Dan was once drunk off his ass and jumped over a rope that was around 91cm off the ground, caught his right foot in the rope, and fell flat on his face. That is why you never drink unless you’re legal. There I go, lying like a bitch.

To - Matt -
It’s been thirteen years since I met you! Trust me, our friendship isn’t going to end because of a silly boarding school. I’m bringing my laptop so we can video chat or something.

Sigh, this is actually making me sad. Leaving the lads was the last thing I wanted to do and I’m scared I won’t make any friends at the boarding school. Not going to lie, I am pretty pretentious but they were able to put up with it all for eight years and I’m surprised. If I ever meet someone like me, I’d probably knee him in the stomach or something. Luckily I’m only gone until the end of May and I am free from Sheffield and back to London. Mum probably won’t even let me in the house by then since I’ll be an “adult”. Hah, how about immature little twat? That best defines me when I think of myself. “Hi, I’m Josh Franceschi and I’m better than all of you so sit the fuck down and be quiet.” Yes, perfect. I should write a book called I am a king, bitch. Number one best author in the UK? I think YES. Wow I’m getting carried away with all this.

Eventually, mum pulled into the driveway and honked her car horn, signalling for me to get in. Thanks for the warm “come on”, mum! You’ve always been pretty lazy so not like it matters or anything. I grabbed my suitcase and ran out to the car. “Hurry up, Josh! I want to get to Sheffield quick and get this over with.”

Listen here, you little shit. No, I’m not going to snap back at her today, or for months, since you’re shipping me off to Sheffield because I’m a poor little twat. How have you not sent me to an orphanage already? Hell, I’d do that if my son was basically a clone of me. Wait a second....

The car pulled out of the driveway and we eventually made it to the highway. I wanted to get as much of London as a possibly could before it was all gone. Great, now I’m getting all soft-hearted and missing this city even though I’m still in it. Boarding school scared me and I didn’t want to go. Watch me make a lot of enemies rather than friends. I’m dead meat.


“You’re Joshua, correct?” the office lady asked me. Na, man, I’m just a random kid who wants to go here to be bullied into no tomorrow!

“Yes, ma'am, I am.” I kindly replied to her. She handed mum some papers and gave me my dorm key. Room 115 it read. How many dorms did this school have? Must be a lot. Mum and I had our little goodbye and hug moment before she stepped outside the door. I stared at the doors until I couldn’t see her anymore. All this “isolation” feeling just abruptly showered over my body and I just wanted to get into a corner and cry.

“Sir?” the office lady spoke up. I turned my body around to see what she needed to say, “Your flatmate isn’t here right now so Mr. Gaskarth is going to show you around.” A boy with fluffy brunette hair suddenly appeared right beside me, causing me to jump a little.

“‘Sup? My name’s Alexander Gaskarth but please, call me Alex,” he held out his hand to me. My body tensed up a little but I grew over it and shook his hand.

“I’m Josh Franceschi,” I replied to him. He nodded, taking my suitcase for me and started heading down the hallway. First day here and he seems like someone I want to hangout with during lunch.

We headed up a few stairs and all the way down the hallway before making it to my room. Alex stopped at the door, waiting for me to unlock it. I pulled my key and unlocked the door and stepped inside. The room wasn’t big, but wasn’t small. It kind of reminded me of a hotel room, not sure why. “Do you know which bed my flatmate sleeps in?” I asked Alex. Wait, how would he know?

“I’m going to be honest, I have no idea. But what I do know is that you have a good flatmate.” Was he referring to sex? No, I can’t be thinking about these things already. “He’s really sweet and really shy so don’t be outgoing to him.”

A shy boy? Aw, what a cutie. “W-What’s his name?” I stuttered a little. Shy kids have always been my weakness and now I’m more than eager to meet him.

“His name’s Oliver Sykes. I haven’t talked to him much so I can’t give my full opinion about him. But he’s in a few of my classes and he hardly ever speaks a word. Don’t worry, Oliver’s not a bother whatsoever so you’ll probably do fine.” Alex explained to me. I’ve not even met this “Oliver” person and he seems like someone I’d feel comfortable around.

I opened my suitcase up and started putting some one my bathroom supplies away. I’ll get back to my clothes later, I didn’t want to open the drawer and find Oliver’s clothes. He seriously made the room really neat and clean; it looked like no one even used this room.

Pretty much everything, aside from my clothes, were all put away. Alex and I were talking about why I’m here and stuff.

“Hello?” a small voice came from nowhere. I looked to my side and saw a boy standing in the doorway. He had the most adorable facial features on this planet. Jesus Christ, his fluffy hair made me want to play with it. Don’t get me started on his beautiful legs. “Who are you? I-I’m not trying to be rude.” What a cutie.

“Are you Oliver?” I asked. It’d be awkward if I introduced myself and said I was his flatmate and that wasn't the right person.

“Y-Yes, and you?” his stuttering literally made him 1000% cuter, oh my god.

“I’m Josh Franceschi, you’re new flatmate.” I got up and shook his hand. Wow, I haven’t known the kid for more than five minutes and I feel like I’m scaring him.

“Oh, hi, Josh,” the shyness. Please, you’re adorable.

“Well, I’m going to head out!” Alex said to avoid awkwardness. “Meet me at the lunchroom in 10 minutes?” I nodded as Alex stepped beside Oliver.

“’re my new flatmate?” he asked, shyly.

“Yea, and you’re mine.” I smiled. Damn, it’s hard for me to be friendly since I’m so used to torturing the lads back in London. “Come on, we have to meet up with Alex in the cafeteria.”

I took Oliver’s hand and closed the door and headed down to the lunch room.
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